12/02/2018 - karenkee

G4 MSL Home Learning on Feb 12 -14

Dear G4 students,

With the practices from last week, do you gain more confidence in establishing a weather report in Chinese? How about today’s weather? This week, we will work on the new phrases of Lesson 5 “Tornado”. Please keep self-studying and make sure you can complete the assignments on the “Google Classroom”.

  1. Preview the new phrases of Lesson 5 and self study it using Quizlet.
  • Try the “Test” Function of Quizlet and “Screenshot” your final score and drop it in this Folder.

2. Review all the new phrases and try to write a mini story assigned by Google Classroom (G4 MSL HWOO Home Learning Mini Story Writing )using the new phrases. Don’t forget to Turn In after you have completed the writing.

Wish you all a great Chinese New year break! Try some celebrations related with this festival. As the celebration will go on for 15 days, we’d like to share your great experience after the break.

If you like Chinese Food a lot, you can have a look of the following documentary about Chinese New Year Food “A bite of China”


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