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G6 MSL Year End Notes

Congratulations to all of you who have graduated from the PYP, lower school. I wish you all another smooth and fruitful journey ahead as you commence your MYP in Grade 7.

If you are starting to prepare for your learning ahead, there are a few suggestions for revision (as requested by some of you):

1. Review PYP Chinese learned contents, using the following resources:

a. G6 MSL PYP Review Booklet (already distributed)

  •  Review the literacy knowledge for further enhancement: Pinyin, Structures, Radicals, Phrases, Sentence patterns.
  • Practice to answer the questions set on p. 19~23

b. Language B  Quizlet study sets (link)

  • You may create an account of your own and make copies of the sets to keep for your own learning and reference.
  • modify the quizlet contents for revision and practice, e.g.:
    • Chinese word – Pinyin+English meaning
    • Chinese word – a sentence

2. Writing (by hand-writing or typing on google doc) with learned phrases and sentence patterns.

a. G6 Study Guides (link)

  • a. Make meaningful sentences with details
  • b. Choose 3 to 4 of your preference phrases and sentence structures  each time and write a short paragraph which is meaningful.

3. Reading practice

  • Online accounts of the following website and APP which support the in-school reading program materials could be purchased based on individual needs and preferences at your own discretion.

a. WaWaYaYa (APP on tablets or mobile phones)







b. Mandarin Matrix

Chinese Readers


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