G1-G6 MSL/MFL eBook Registration and Course Enrolments

Dear ALL G1-6 MSL/MFL Parents,

The Chinese Department requests ALL parents to register for our Chinese eBook Programme. If you registered in previous years, you still need to re-register for the new school year for new sets of resources for your child’s current school year.

The Chinese eBooks provide an invaluable resource for learning at home in an interactive, fun way that enhances and extends what your child learns in Chinese class at school. With an Apple device, such as an iPad, iPhone, eBooks are able to be downloaded for easy access at home.

Procedures for Registration and course enrolment:

  1. Go to the Chinese library site to complete the eBook registration and make sure all the steps are done.
  2. eBooks will be available for downloading according to the teacher’s instructions in the new school year.
  3. If there are problems with the eBook Registration, parents are welcome to contact Chinese teachers, Chinese EAs or visit One Door on the 7/F.


Yours In Education, 

CDNIS Lower School Chinese Studies Department

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