ENGLISH 9: Irony, Tone and Satiric Intent in TKAM

by Karen Carmen on January 9, 2012

Choose ONE of the following prompts and answer in paragraph form.  Be sure to include a strong topic sentence, specific examples and in-text citations, as well as a powerful concluding sentence.

A.  In Chapters 23-25, the author is attacking and ridiculing the mindset of a group of people.  However, Harper Lee doesn’t have Scout say that these individuals are stupid, prejudiced or hypocritical; Scout simply repeats what they say, and, from the context of the whole story, the reader knows that the narrator is speaking with an ironic tone.

Who is being ridiculed and what specific quality is being satirized?

B.  Considering the comment Miss Gates made to Miss Stephanie Crawford in Chapter 26, what is ironic about Miss Gates’ comments on Hitler?  What type of irony do you think this is?

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