If Poetry Competition Deadline – This Wednesday!

by Karen Carmen on December 14, 2010

The Sarah Brennan If Poetry Competition ends this Wednesday, December 15th! Here are a few examples of If poems that have been inspired by our current unit of inquiry – How We Organize Ourselves.

If I Were a Floating Plastic Bag

If I were a floating plastic bag in the sea,
I’d be sailing the ocean with no one but me.
I’d be weeping for I’d know what I’d done,
I’d break into pieces in the rays of the sun,
Then I’d kill all those innocent creatures,
By masking their faces in my ugly features,
I’d be sailing the ocean with no one but me,
So only I’d know what I’d done to the sea.

~ Chance

If I Were Plastic

If I were plastic,
I’d be quite useful,
With bags to bottles to toys to phones,
People use me, but be careful!
Choking the animals,
Does sound quite criminal,
So use of me,
Should go down to minimal.

~ Sophia


If If I were an incinerator
And you were some trash,
I’d keep burning,
‘Til you turned to ash.

If you were a landfill
And I were a town,
Please don’t pollute us,
Or you’ll be renowned.

~ Audrey

If I Were Solid Waste

If I were a solid waste,
I have a bad taste.
I’d get dumped in the sea,
And I would be free.
I’d stay there day and night,
All cold and with fright,
And I’d just lay there,
With no one to care.


One day left to get those submissions in!  Good luck!

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