Getting the year started

Grade One’s have been discovering how their body works, through playing the Blood and Muscle game.

Muscles are waiting for their Oxygenated Blood

 Here comes the Blood, but there are some obstacles making it difficult for the blood to get to the muscles.

Here we have our Oxygenated Blood being delivered to the Muscles.

In Prep classes we have been focusing on “STAYING SAFE IN PE”

Look where your going while playing Spaceships and Aliens!

Home Learning….:)

Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,

Please find time to do 20-30mins of vigorous PLAY per day.  This could be anything that increases your heart rate, makes you sweat, or breathe heavy.  Go out and enjoy yourself, throw, catch, run, skip, chase, swim, climb, play, play, play.

See after Chinese New Year.

Great First Week Back

Everyone seemed rested and energised after our Christmas break.

This week in PE we took some time to re-visit our PE essential agreements:

Be Nice

Be Safe

Try your best

In preparation for grade 5-6 sports day, classes have been prepping for some of the events.  Always keeping in mind that a successful Sports Day will be accomplished when we keep our essential agreements in mind.

Next week Grade 1 will begin their Dance unit with Ms. Saunders.

Grade 6 will not have PE next week as they will be working with the Young Americans.