How to help your child read at home

How can I help my child at home?


Tip 1

Talk and Sing!

Talk to your child in English; oral language is the foundation for reading.  Listening and speaking are a child’s first introduction to a language.  Talking and singing teach your child the sounds of a language, making it easier for him/her to learn how to read.


Tip 2

Make Reading Fun!

ü  Read stories to your child and read with drama and excitement. Re-read your child’s favorite stories as many times as they want to hear it and choose stories and authors your child enjoys.

ü  Read stories that have repetitive parts and have your child join in

ü  Point to words as you read them.  This will make a connection between the words and what your child hears.

ü  Read a variety of material to your child – stories, magazines, comics etc.

ü   Give your child books for gifts and encourage others to do the same.

ü  Subscribe to a magazine for your child – kids love receiving their own mail!


Tip 3

Read Every Day

Children love routine and reading is something that you and your child can look forward to every day.  Taking the time to read shows your child that reading is important and fun to do and helps build a strong healthy relationship.

Start reading when your child is very young.


Tip 4

Set an Example

You are your child’s most important role model.  If your child sees you reading, especially for pleasure or information, he or she will understand that reading is a worthwhile activity.


Tip 5

Talk about Books

Talking about the books you read is just as important as reading them.  Discussing the story helps your child understand it and connects it to his/her own experiences of life.  It also enriches their life with new vocabulary words and helps them comprehend what they have read.


Tip 6

Listen to Your Child Read

Listen to your child read allowed.  This improves their reading skills and confidence.  Be enthusiastic and be specific when praising their efforts.

Ask questions and talk about the story afterwards.






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