Author: joannesandul


Believe it or not!

Influenced by the Cottingley Fairies story, Grade 5 students made their own critters and photographed themselves as if they are real…do they look believable? Here are a few of the favourites that Grade 3...


Grade 3 Spotlight!

Students in Grade 3 are busy creating the stage dressings for their Spotlight performance on Friday March 8th. The stage will feature 2 long quilts inspired by Canadian heritage quilts, a long banner with...


Handcrafting Workshop with Grade 5

Today students signed up for a variety of workshops to acquire skills for creating accessories for their fashion show. My group specialized in finger knitting, making pom-poms and making twisted string. We had so...


The Future is HERE!

Grade 5 have started the process of planning their outfits for their fashion show March 15th. The theme is Futurism and students are required to work in a small group to create accessories that...


Grade 6 Inventors!

This week Grade 6 students became inventors! Combining two different items, they created an invention that serves a purpose. Students picked 2 items from a possible 8 and used them in their creations…table and...

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