Thursday 7 Dec

Today students created a poem using percentages and they need to complete them tonight if they were not done during class time. Don’t forget to work on Mathletics assigned work to get caught up on what we are doing in class.

We read newspaper articles that the students created last night, and shared the articles that they found in newspapers that exemplify an issue that is prevalent in Hong Kong. We added these to our ISSUE BOARD.

Tomorrow Mr Larson will come to class to have students complete the Responsible User Agreement for their computers, and we will attend an assembly last period (5E).

Students received a rubric for their newspaper article they are creating for our unit summative task. In groups, students are preparing a newspaper from the era they are inquiring into, and will write a news article independently for assessment. The rubric states the success criteria they need to follow.

Book Club tomorrow so come prepared!!

The newspaper is due next Tuesday.

The class will have a Christmas Party next Tuesday period 7/8. Tomorrow we will finalize the the details.

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