Tuesday 14 Nov.

Today students took notes about the meaning of GDP, Human Capital, Capital Goods, Entrepreneurship and Natural Resources and how they are all important to an economy. They were given a challenge to create an item that could be bartered or traded tomorrow when we present them in class. For tonight, write a pitch in your journal to persuade your classmates that your product is the best and students should invest in your company that produces it.

In math, we explored all the possibilities for answering the math homework and came up with some amazing and creative answers. Students had a lesson with their field trip group to prepare them for the first trip on Friday. Ms Tan will contact all the parent volunteers to let them know the details of their trip.

Tomorrow students will have a math summative on the content we have been working on for the past weeks; specifically, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, ordering and rounding decimals.





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