Friday 19 May

Today students had a full day of various activities from putting their bags into a time capsule, to experimenting with sewing! We had our first Body Science lesson with Ms Williams and will continue this series next Friday with another double lesson. Four students presented the speeches that wrote to the class, and all students submitted their speeches. One speech will be chosen from all of Grade 6 students, to be read at the Grade 6 Celebration.

Next week Mr Lobo will join us to see the amazing quilt the students are making with recycled T-shirts. Hopefully it will be completed soon so that we can display it in the hallway.

We will continue with Algebra next week, and will have a special presentation next Friday by the A Team (Anika, Adrian and Ayden), who will show the class the research they have been working on for the past while. Next Friday is a pay DDD with the theme to be determined.

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