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Monday 20 Feb

Today students started working on their summative task for How the World Works. We worked with a partner to reinforce understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages, and will have a quiz on percentages tomorrow....

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Friday 17 Feb.

Today students completed a math test to demonstrate their understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages, and also to show their comprehension of word problems. We had our last coding class with Ms Fung, and reviewed...

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The importance of sleep

This PPT was presented to parents last Thursday at CDNIS. The speaker has given us permission to share it on our blogs.

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Thursday 16 Feb

Today students finished their stop motion videos that demonstrated a change from one state of matter to another. At home, decide if it is a chemical or physical change. We will view these videos...

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Wednesday 15 Feb

Today students had a fun time with their reading buddies (Reception B)! We continued with the inquiry assignment involving changing states of matter, and had an introduction into Adobe Illustrator with Mr Larson during...

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Camp BizSmart Workshops

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Workshops Named by CNN Money as one of the five most unique camps in the US, Camp BizSmart has strategic partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Alibaba, and educational...

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Tuesday 14 February

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Today students went on a field trip to observe areas in our community that could be improved. They learnt how to map these on a Google map and installed photos of...

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Monday 13 Feb

I hope everyone had an amazing time at the Young Americans Show last Friday! The students were all AMAZING!!! I am so proud of all the 6D students, they certainly rise to challenges and...

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Friday 10 Feb

Tonight’s the night!!! Come out and see the performance by the Young Americans and the Grade 6 students!! Show starts at 6pm til 7:30, busses leave at 8pm. Doors open at 5:45 so get...

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Thursday 9 Feb

Day 2 of the Young Americans! Another amazing day today!!! Tomorrow students will spend the entire day at school and will have dinner in the cafeteria (dinner is provided for students). They will change...

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Wednesday 8 Feb

The first day of the Young Americans! Check out the photos in the 6D photos folder in the top tab! Thank you to parents for bringing in snacks for the Young Americans and the...

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Tuesday 7 Feb

Are you ready for tomorrow? Wear your PE and be ready to have fun with the Young Americans! Come to class as usual and we will go together to the LLAC theatre. You will...

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Thursday 26 January

Happy Chinese New Year! Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends! Classes start Tuesday Feb 7 and Young Americans are here working with all Grade 6 students from Wed 8 Feb. – Friday...

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Wednesday 25 January

What a wonderful Chinese New Year Celebration!! Photos from the Flower Fair yesterday are below. The pictures from the concert are in the 6D folder so you can check them out! For tomorrow…finish the...

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Tuesday 24 January

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year concert in the LLAC at 1pm. There is NO PE tomorrow and swimming starts on Thursday. We are still looking for parents to help out with snacks for...

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Monday 23 January

Parents are welcome to attend the CNY Concert Dress Rehearsal for CDNIS parents at 14:45 – 15:45 on Tuesday 24 January. Tomorrow is the Flower Fair! Bring your tokens to spend on souvenirs, food and...

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Friday 20 January

MESSAGE FROM MR FIELD: Dear Parents Today or Monday your Son / Daughter will be bringing home a copy of their results from the ‘International Schools’ Assessment’ (ISA) tests that they completed in September....

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Thursday 19 January

Today students completed their second science experiment using Borax and boiling water. They came up with questions, a hypothesis and decided on one variable to change. We will see the results tomorrow! We will...

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Wednesday 18 January

SPORTS DAY! Today was Sports Day and the weather couldn’t have been any better! Congratulations to all the participants for making the day so much fun!! Tomorrow – have your hypothesis ready and know...

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Tuesday 17 January

SPORTS DAY TOMORROW!! For Sports Day, students must bring a water bottle, their packed lunches, appropriate clothing and  they need to notify me as to whether or not they are getting to the sports ground on...

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Monday 16 Jan

Gr 6 transition to Gr 7 Parents Information Evening Moving into the Upper School marks an exciting time in your child’s academic life. Grade 6 parents are invited to an information night on Thursday, January...

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Friday 13 January

Warning sign of Internet Addition Internet is a vital part of our world and an important tool in education. Research shows that, students are spending an average 44.5 hours per week online. Nearly 23%...

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Thursday 12 January

WEAR YOUR HOUSE SHIRT TOMORROW!! MESSAGES FROM ADMIN: Looking at Progress Reports Through a Learning Lens If you missed Ms Heinrich’s presentation on Monday about framing conversations about learning with your child around the...

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Flower Fair Tokens

Pre-order your child’s 2017 CNY Flower Fair Tokens online Jan 6 – 19 Online Token Reservation LINK

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