Grade 3 - 6 Visual Arts Blog


Grade 3 Spotlight!

Students in Grade 3 are busy creating the stage dressings for their Spotlight performance on Friday March 8th. The stage will feature 2 long quilts inspired by Canadian heritage quilts, a long banner with...


Handcrafting Workshop with Grade 5

Today students signed up for a variety of workshops to acquire skills for creating accessories for their fashion show. My group specialized in finger knitting, making pom-poms and making twisted string. We had so...


The Future is HERE!

Grade 5 have started the process of planning their outfits for their fashion show March 15th. The theme is Futurism and students are required to work in a small group to create accessories that...


Grade 6 Inventors!

This week Grade 6 students became inventors! Combining two different items, they created an invention that serves a purpose. Students picked 2 items from a possible 8 and used them in their creations…table and...


Grade 3 HKG Skyline!!

Yesterday the Grade 3 students created the Hong Kong skyline! They were each assigned one of the major buildings and then created it on coloured paper. They cut them out and glued them in...


Grade 4 Data Sculptures

This week and next, Grade 4 are creating 3D data sculptures that represent their personal information…for example, 3 beads = 3 children in their family, red = favourite colour etc. Students can choose any...

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