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The students in Grade 4 are expected to complete 40 minutes of homework each evening from Monday to Thursday. This work will vary depending on the individual needs of students and the types of projects they are involved with throughout the school year. It is expected that students will read daily, regardless of their assigned homework. We encourage our students to strive for a balance in the their academic, artistic and athletic pursuits; we do not assign homework for the weekends. To assist with this balance, students in Grade 4 will work on completing tasks in a bi-weekly home learning grid. The grids will be recorded here for your reference along with any other additional homework.

Click here for the Problem of the Week

Monday 29 April:

  • Plan when you will complete activities from the new Home Learning Grid
  • Remember – Section 5 for Book Club is due tomorrow
  • If you want to arrange a date for Zindzi to visit your home, go to this Google Doc.

Tuesday 9 April:

There will be no Home Learning Grid until the end of April due to our final investigations into Sharing the Planet, our Spotlight performance preparation, a new book club (to start on Friday) and the upcoming SLLRs. For the next three weeks students may require homework time to be spent working on these activities. They are encouraged to continue practicing the mathematics as we discussed in class and they have recorded in their homework diaries.

Monday 11 March:

  • Plan for new Home Learning Grid
  • Finish Google Form with problems if you have not already done so

Wednesday 6 March:

  • Add words to our Prefix Challenge on the Google Doc (optional)
  • Bring in all materials for your Genius Hour investigation
  • Remember – you should be practicing your math skills on either Mathletics, Khan Academy, Study Ladder or another site that you enjoy, every evening.

Monday 4 March:

  • Complete the word web for ‘sect’
  • Continue to practice in preparation for World Math Day on Wednesday

Think about the reflection questions discussed today in preparation for tomorrow. The following are the questions we put stars next to:

  • Why is media so powerful?
  • How does media have power?
  • How does media change people’s perspectives?
  • How does media work?
  • How do you know media is pervasive?
  • How can media be persuasive enough to influence someone to make a decision?
  • Why does media influence some people and not others?

Tuesday 26 February:

Monday 25 February:

  • Plan when new Home Learning Grid items will be completed (in diary)
  • If you have not yet selected a Genius Hour notebook / journal, please do so.
  • Continue to add to the 10 things… pages in your Genius Hour journal (click here to go to the page with the presentation from today)
  • Return your camp permission form and cheque

Thursday 21 February:

  • Bring in an ‘Ideas’ notebook for Genius Hour (will need it on Monday 25 February)
  • Design our classroom (optional task!) How would you like to arrange our class? Prepare a floor plan to share with the class by Monday. It can be drawn or you may use this online tool. (Please note – this is to be a realistic proposal. You can only use the furniture that we have and our existing space.)

Wednesday 20 Febraury:

  • Finish floor plan (this is for students who were away and unable to finish before the break)
  • A new Home Learning Grid will be sent home on Monday 25 February
  • Continue to practice math facts with Mathletics or online flash cards (You may use other methods as well – homemade flashcards, play ‘snap’)

Thursday 07 February:

  • Extra practice for area and perimeter
  • First draft of book review (use graphic organizer created in class with Book Club) Click here for the points to include in your review.

Wednesday 30 January:

  • Section 2 of book for tomorrow’s Book Club discussion
  • Multiplication strategies – practice (sent home today)

Monday 21 January:

  • Plan new Home Learning Grid
  • Return last HLG
  • Complete the Persuasion is all around you task (due tomorrow)
  • Begin reading new Book Club book (Only the first few pages or as decided with your group. Groups will finalize sections tomorrow. Section one must be read for Thursday. )

Monday 14 January:

  • Practice on Khan Academy – you decide the area to practice
  • Continue to complete your HLG activities – remember to bring in newspaper articles

Monday 7 January:

  • Plan when you will work on the tasks from the new Home Learning Grid and record this in your homework diary
  • Share your spelling list with your parents and practice spelling these word using one of the online games or activities from our class blog
  • Return your last learning grid if you have not already done so.
  • Collect examples of media for our new unit investigations

Thursday 6 December:

  • Home Learning Grid for the next 2 weeks – due Wednesday 18 December (Please note the date is incorrect on the hard copy brought home by students.)
  • Practice Math Facts using Mathletics ( a goal for many 4D students)
  • Return signed goal sheet – we need it for tomorrow’s reflection

Tuesday 27 November:

  • Have goal sheet signed and bring back to school tomorrow
  • Show parents skating field trip letter (money due on December 10)
  • Practice math facts

Monday 26 November:

  • Take photo or video for Flat Classroom Project
  • Return Community Walks permission slip if you have not already done so
  • Practice math facts on Mathletics – 10 minutes

Monday 5 November:

Due to the early dismissal day, the Home Learning Grid will be distributed tomorrow. I have asked the students to continue collecting information for their personal inquiries using either the websites shared in class or the books from the library. If the students are using the internet, I strongly advise that they use the links on the class blog, our Grade’s Netvibe page or the CDNIS library data base (students will need to log in to access these resources).

Thursday 1 November:

  • Teach your parents or other family members how to play, Oh, No! 99!
  • If you have access to the internet at home, continue your pre-investigation reading on your selected event or time period.

Tuesday 30 October:

  • Problem Solving Challenges – Please note there is a tying error in the first problem. There should be 1 ghost and 1 goblin, not 2 ghosts. Sorry for any confusion.

Monday 29 October: (Please note – there will not be a Home Learning Grid this week)

  • Collect any additional information for personal history (if needed)
  • Complete personal history flow chart cards
  • Give parents the information letter/permission form for the after school Skype session
  • Bring in any Halloween decorations (optional!)

Monday 15 October:

  • Continue to work on Home Learning Grid – due on Friday
  • Complete interview with parents – due by Thursday
  • Complete unit mind map – due by Friday
  • See the new POW

Monday 8 October:

  • New Home Learning Grid shared today – due Friday 19 October

Home Learning Grid 12.10.08

Monday 24 September:

  • Continue to work on the Home Learning Grid this week – due Wednesday 3 October
  • A new problem of the week has been posted
  • Share information letter about A Week in the Life project and have photo release form signed
  • Share Edmodo page with parents

Monday 17 September:

  • Please plan which activities you will complete from the Home Learning Grid this week.
  • Problem of the Week introduced

4D Home Learning Grid 12.17.03

Monday 3 September:

  • Please plan which activities you will complete from the Home Learning Grid this week.

4D Home Learning Grid 12.09.03

Tuesday 21 August:

  • In addition to the Home Learning Grid, please complete the short reflection about the reading centres in your process journal.
  • Return form (green) if you have not already done so.

4D Home Learning Grid August 20_2012 (due Monday 3rd September)

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