Rec Week 25-30 Chinese Learning Update



地球的生態環境和我們的生活息息相關,我們先以看世界地圖開始link ,讓學生對地球上可飲用的水源有一個大概的了解。一個《分享水》link 的視頻讓學生明白水的重要性,動植物和人類都需要乾淨的水源;《小雨沙沙沙》 link 和《泉水叮咚》兩首歌不但讓孩子們知道水的來源,也讓他們了解到陽光、土壤和水源對植物的重要性。然後我們從故事《樹真好》link 中帶出了樹的重要性。新的兒歌《小松樹》 link也成了孩子的最愛。


接著我們談到動物居住的環境,讓孩子們了解不同的動物的居住環境。我們給孩子們看了《北極熊的請求》的視頻 link,讓他們知道因為我們人類浪費能源,導致北極熊的家園漸漸消失,我們應該怎樣做才能幫助屬於動物和人類的地球呢?






中文學習站:在中文學習站裡,我們一起用幾何彩色紙做動物,玩中文tinytap 遊戲link;我們還一起建造野生動物園、骰子遊戲、設計動物的家link  ;在另一個學習站中,我們除了玩記憶配對的卡片遊戲和塗復活蛋,還學習使用iPad app QR reader 來scan 卡拉OK QR code link。玩得開心極了!

四角遊戲 :動物住在哪兒 link

對話練習: 動物住在哪兒 link

唱唱跳跳:蝴蝶真美麗 link

漢字遊戲:找朋友 link

天氣和日期: link

有趣的漢字: link










Dear parents,

These weeks we mainly focus on our environment and environmental protection.

Our living is highly related to our ecological system. We started with looking at the World Map letting the children have an idea about the sources of our drinking water link. Together we watched a video about sharing water and we talked about the importance of sharing water link; how to share water; who needs water. The two new songs《小雨沙沙沙》Drizzle Drizzle) 和《泉水叮咚》(Spring Water)made them understand the importance of water, sun and soil to the plants. Talking about environment we cannot forget trees. We shared a story《樹真好》(Tree is really good!) and a song 《小松樹》(Little Pine Tree).


Also we have talked about different animals’ living environments/preferences. We shared a movie called 《北極熊的請求》(A Request from Polar Bears). The children have learned that the polar bears are losing their lands because the temperature of the earth is raising, due to the energy wasting from our daily lives.  We had a discussion about what we could do to help them and help ourselves.

Later we went together to beautiful Aberdeen Reservoir for a field trip, where they saw beautiful butterflies, flowers and trees. This precious experience helped them build up knowledge of environment sharing and how to keep the environment clean. Link

To enhance their literacy skill, we designed activities to help them express animals’ living environment link. We let them choose which dance they wanted to learn and they chose 《卡加布列島》(Cacha-bread Island). In this island, which is like a paradise, animals, plants and us live together happily. Of course they sometimes would still want to dance 《小蘋果》(Little Apple) and《妖怪手錶》(Watchi-chi)

We have learned new characters and practiced recognition. In our Chinese Center Time, we combined colorful paper in geometric shapes to make animals; We played Chinese tinytap game on Ipad link ;We built animal safari together, and played dice game link;  We played memory card game and colored Easter Eggs; We also had our Karaoke station using QR code scanner to sing with Ipad link. We had loads of fun!

Stories we shared: 《我們學校有條龍》(There is a Dragon in my School)《三隻小綿羊》( 3 Little Sheep)

Characters we learned: 天 (sky)、水 (water)、土 (dirt)、雨 (rain)、花 (flower)、草 (grass)、左 (left)、右(right)

Songs we learned:

《小松樹》(Little Pine Tree),

《泉水叮咚》(Spring Water),

《小雨沙沙沙》(Drizzle, drizzle)

Movies we watched:


(Request from the Polar Bears);



4Corners Game :Where do animals live? link

Speaking Practice:Where do animals live? link

Dance:蝴蝶真美麗 (Butterflies are so Pretty)  link

Characters Game:Look for Friends  link

Weather and Dates: link

New Characters: link