• Remind and encourage your child to read at home each evening and record the date and book title into their reading log.
  • After reading stories together, discuss the perspectives of different characters. Encourage your child to use more descriptive language to describe the feelings of the characters (frustrated vs. mad or disappointed vs. sad). Make connections with the story together; ask your child if (s)he has ever had similar feelings/thoughts or been in a similar situation and share your connections too.
  • Encourage your child to use Raz-Kids.
  • Look, say, cover, write and check. Look at your word and spell it aloud. Then cover it with you hand and write it on another piece of paper. Check that you have spelled it correctly. Do the same with all of your words.
  • Look, say, cover, write and check on the computer. Use the following website to type in your own words in the spaces provided:   LOOK, COVER, WRITE/TYPE CHECK!
  • Type your words on the computer. Try using different fonts.
  • Make your words.  You could use clay, Scrabble tiles, magnetic letters, paint or paper.  Be creative!
  • Words you can eat – use carrot sticks, raisins, pasta, or anything else you can think of to make your words!
  • Dictation – Ask a family member to read out your word study words, one at a time.  Close your eyes and try to picture each one.  Can you see the different word chunks and patterns?  Spell your words aloud.  If you have trouble with any, write them on a scrap of paper.  Then try again!
  • Sing and Spell – sing out the spelling of each word.
  • Flashlight Words – Use a flashlight to write your words on a darkened wall.  Say the letters out loud as you write them.
  • Dusty Words – Write your spelling words in the sand or spread some salt or sugar on a baking sheet and trace your words there.
  • Record your words – spell your words aloud and record yourself.  Play it back to check that you have spelled each word correctly.  If you misspelled any words, try them again!
  • Look and Spell – Look at your spelling words, one at a time.  Then close your eyes and spell each word out loud.  Have someone check you while you are spelling. If you make a mistake, write the word down and then try again.
  • Magazine words – you can cut letters out of newspapers or magazines to make your words.
  • Create your own way of practicing your spelling words! Feel free to share your ideas with me via e-mail!
  • Practise the sight words using this website.

Apps for Spelling:

Other Literacy Sites…

Starfall – Phonics, Books and Games

BBC Words & Pictures –  games, games, games!

BBC Bitesize – This website is about learning sounds and small words.


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