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Our learning doesn’t stop when we walk out of the school doors.  So where do you want to continue growing?  What interests you? How can you build on what you already know?  Check out some of the websites below for lessons, games and interactive fun for learning!

DIY – Gain skills and earn badges by completing projects (Mobile App also available)
Murderous Math – Excellent math resource for challenging your child. There are books, word problems, games and much more
Try Science! – Virtual field trips, games and experiments!
National Geographic for Kids – Great videos, photographs, articles and games!
Optical Illusions – Are your eyes ready to be tricked?
Bill Nye the Science Guy – Check out these home demo experiments! The episodes are also highly entertaining albeit slightly advanced.
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet – Find out interesting facts about some of nature’s yuck and play games about yucky things!

Feel Electric – Improve your social emotional skills, good if you want to work on relationships
Math Squared –  Improve your logic and reasoning with this challenging math app
Puppet Pals – Practice your strategies for building relationship through make-believe with puppets
Barefoot World Atlas – Learn about people, resources and animals all over this interactive globe

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