Values, Part-Part-Whole, Making Mistakes and Xmas Breakfast

by jackierendina on December 1, 2017

2A had the most wonderful fancy breakfast this morning! Thank you to all of the parents who helped out and who came along to celebrate with us.  It was a beautiful gathering filled with tasty food, joyful conversation, Christmas karoke, gifts of kind words and a surprise dance extravaganza.  Check out some more photos on our Google Photos Page by clicking any of the photos here.
This week students had the opportunity to think deeply about what is valuable to them.  Children brought in special or valuable objects and shared their stories with the class.  Later in the week, we worked in small groups to sort pictures and come to a consensus about what things in life are more valuable.  There were a wide variety of opinions and we talked about why people have different perspectives.  We also used some of our reasoning skills to give facts or evidence to support our ideas in discussions.  This is a great philosophical discussion to carry on over the dinner table.
Students expanded their understanding of part-part-whole thinking this week.  As we advance further into our study of addition and subtraction, students are beginning to view them as more than just plus and minus calculations.  Addition and subtraction are big concepts that are directly related to one another.  By modelling this with a whole and two parts, students are able to discover the relationship and deepen understanding about adding and subtracting.  Take a moment to ask your child to explain part-part-whole thinking to you.  2A students used this thinking to successfully make up their own story problems this week and I’m sure they would love to make up some tricky problems for you as well.
New research out this year argues that students will benefit by making mistakes (and correcting them) rather than avoiding them at all costs.  I think great teachers have long known this and we work daily to build a classroom culture that appreciates mistakes and failures as opportunities for growth.  For more information about embracing mistakes, and how this can help your child, check out the following article: Why We Should Embrace Mistakes in School, from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine.
Link to presentation on Kelso’s Choices and Importance of Resilience
Thank you for attending the workshop on ‘Importance of Resilience’ and the two programmes we use in Lower School to build the skills- Kelso’s Choices and Zones of Regulation. Here is the link to slides from the presentation.

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