A New Unit, Sharing Opinions and Gratitude

by jackierendina on November 24, 2017

2A dove into a new unit this week and spent some time exploring the concept of opinion and persuasion.  We will be learning about how to give our opinion and support it with evidence or reason, particularly through our writing.  We will be looking at persuasive texts during this unit.  For more information about our new unit and tips on how to extend learning at home, check out the Parent Overview below.

As this week saw the passing of American Thanksgiving I thought I would share some news about helping your child to become more grateful.  Gratitude is highly correlated with happiness in life, and what parent doesn’t wish their child happiness? New research shows that there are four distinct parts of gratitude and that parents can teach them explicitly to their children, helping them to be more grateful in their lives.  The four parts include: Notice, Think, Feel and Do. With children who are as privileged as ours, gratitude is key to building a more grounded character.  To read more about the four parts and how to help your child learn them, check out the links below.
What Parents Neglect to Teach about Gratitude
Seven Ways to Foster Gratitude in Kids

Students completed an open-ended task to assess understanding so far with 2D shapes.  Students were asked to choose a shape, either pentagon, octagon, hexagon or quadrilateral.  They were then asked to draw 5 examples of that shape and the examples all needed to look a LOT different from one another.  Many students found this challenging as they possess one set way that a hexagon looks.  Being open-minded about shapes and taking risks will help learners to expand their understanding of shape.  Students also had a go at measuring correctly using standard units of measure, specifically centimeters.  Many young learners make mistakes when using rulers as they do not begin measuring from 0; this is an important learning goal for them.  Finally, students continued to refine their skills with representational drawing in order to show understanding of tricky story problems.  Beginning next week we will attempt to write our own story problems.  Please be sure to help your child with a small home learning task (Price Tags) in preparation for this learning next week.  For more information about what will be coming up in mathematics, keep a lookout for our new Maths Memo next week.

“Let’s Talk About Mindfulness” a presentation on Tuesday, November 28 from 8am-9:30am in the LLAC by Cathy Ziengs MBSR Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator. Learn why mindfulness concepts and practices are being introduced to enhance well-being for students and teachers, and how can parents engage too. Please wear something comfortable. RSVP here.

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