March 20th – 24th 2017

by jackierendina on March 24, 2017

Tuesday MARCH 28 – 2A returns to swimming
Thursday MARCH 30 – Lower Primary Book Swap
Friday MARCH 31 – 2A Assembly (9:30 – Alan Dick Forum)
Tuesday APRIL 4 – No School Public Holiday
APRIL 10 – 18 – No school – Spring Break
Friday APRIL 28 – Student Led Learning Reviews

It has been a very exciting week in 2A as students began rehearsing for the class assembly on March 31st.  The children are putting in lots of effort to make it a great show and we look forward to seeing you all there!  On Wednesday 2A had a very special guest lesson with Ms. Kim Campbell where they were challenged to create something which would be a contribution to the class.  Students solidified their understanding of the term “contribution” and had a blast engineering their creations!

This week we had a focus on rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and we also tried using our problem solving skills to solve some of the toughest math problems yet! Check out some samples here. Students were able to solve these problems by using their understanding of part-part-whole and by focusing a lot of effort on the R-read and U-understand of the RUCSAC method.

In both reading and writing students continued to work on their individual goals and strategies for reaching those goals.  This week saw a particular focus on recount writing and especially how to plan and organize our ideas.  Students are continuing to dig deeper into what makes significant people significant.  We read a book about Rosa Parks and the students were very interested in learning more.  This could be a good platform to begin discussions or independent research at home.  Today students worked with partners to organize a timeline, complete research and present about a significant person from history.  Ask your child to tell you about the person he/she researched today.

The Book Swap for Pre Rec-Grade 2 will be Thursday, March 30th before school in the 12th floor cafeteria! Students can bring in books to swap one-for-one. If they don’t have any books to exchange, they can pay $10 for a used book. Kids can also use their leftover Flower Fair tokens at a rate of 2 tokens for 1 book. There will also be a selection of brand new books at reduced prices. So many easy, affordable ways to get “new-to-you” books! So please come to the 12th floor cafeteria before school on Thursday 30th March for the Pre Rec-Grade 2 Book Swap!
I read a great article this week published by Common Sense Media that gives an insight into HOW kids learn from movies and which movies are the best at each age for promoting social emotional growth, positive character traits and life skills.  It’s a very short read and gets straight to the point.  Check it out HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 7.40.18 PM

Grade 2 will return to weekly swimming lessons beginning the week of March 27th and continuing until the last week of school.  2A have swimming on Tuesdays, please make sure your child comes prepared.  For more information read the SWIM LETTER HERE.



A Note from the Lower School Admin Team

by jackierendina on March 24, 2017

Dear Lower School Parents,

We would like to share a few gentle reminders to parents for when they visit our school. While we strongly encourage and value parent involvement in our classrooms and at the school, there area few things we’d like parents to keep in mind in order to facilitate an optimal learning environment for students during the school day.

  • The 9/F playground is a huge hit with students, and it is becoming an increasingly popular place for parents to watch their kids. We ask that parents please observe their children from the 9/F foyer and not from the playground itself. The 11/F playground is also not a place to observe your children.

  • Students are not allowed to use the lift/elevator. Please remind your children the lifts are for adults only (parents and helpers welcome), unless the student has a lift pass or is being accompanied to the nurse. This “adults only in the lifts” rule also applies when children are late, not feeling well and when with their parents/helper.

  • In line with our school’s policies and procedures, please refrain from disciplining other people’s children. If parents witness a disagreement or misunderstanding between children at school, please inform a teacher, EA or Vice Principal. Also in accordance with our Parent Code of Conduct, please respect confidentiality by not speaking or messaging about other children, and instead reporting any concerns to a teacher or administrator.

  • The 8/F, 9/F and 10/F hallways are learning spaces; please wait for your children in the 9/F foyer and not in these other hallways or elevator areas.

  • All parents love taking pictures/videos of their children and capturing the special moments at school. Be it during a Spotlight performance, weekly assembly, on the sports pitch, our parents love to catch their child in action and sometimes share the pictures/videos they have taken on social media or with various WhatsApp groups. But please be mindful when snapping pictures of your child that other parents may not wish to have their child photographed/videotaped and their image shared around the world. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Thank you for your consideration and respect of the learning environment in these matters. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to touch base with a Lower School Vice Principal.

Lower School Admin Team


March 13th – 17th, 2017

by jackierendina on March 17, 2017

This week we deepened our understanding of subtraction with regrouping.  Students worked in pairs to create their own stop motion animation video demonstrating regrouping in subtraction.  There is a sample below and if you would like to see your child’s work, check out his/her iFolio.  Students have also completed a self reflection and would benefit from having your feedback which you can give via the comments section under his/her post.

As we continued our inquiry into significant people, 2A students evaluated the impact and significance of characters in some of the books we are reading.  In particular we spent a few lessons focusing on Peter Reynold’s book The Dot.  Students identified the art teacher as significant to the life of the main character Vashti.  The teacher was significant because she showed an interest in Vashti and believed in her, which helped Vashti to be a risk taker and see herself as an artist.  The Dot is a simple book with very rich content.  It is full of big feelings, attitudes and big ideas.  You can enjoy this story with your child and start your own meaningful discussions.

Today we began to look at significant people in history.  We read a book about Alfred Nobel and discussed his legacy, the Nobel Peace Prize.  We briefly talked about how a person can be significant to another individual (like in The Dot) or a person can be significant to a wider audience (Nobel is significant for humanity). At home students can continue learning about significant people and their legacies using BrainPop Jr and PebbleGo.
Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 3.20.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 3.21.12 PM

This week groups sorted pictures of prominent figures and through discussion with their peers, decided what is the difference between significant and famous. (See one group’s sort below)
Friday MARCH 31 – 2A Assembly (9:30 – Alan Dick Forum)
Tuesday APRIL 4 – No School Public Holiday
APRIL 10 – 18 – No school – Spring Break


March 6th – 10th

by jackierendina on March 10, 2017

To challenge ourselves in math this week students worked on solving very tricky story problems using the RUCSAC method.  Students were encouraged to take a lot of time with the first two parts R-read and U-understand.  Students learned to demonstrate their understanding of the story problem by drawing a model representing the Part-Part-Whole.  For more information about part-part-whole please see the post from February 20th.  To see how your child is doing with his/her understanding of solving story problems and using the part-part-whole you can watch him/her solve a tricky problem in a video posted to the student iFolios yesterday.  Your child would appreciate and benefit from your feedback.

Over the past 6 weeks grade 2 students have been continually improving their writing skills with a particular focus on persuasive writing.  This week students published an iBook demonstrating their entire learning journey from first attempt to final published work.  The learning that happened in between can also be viewed, such as planning, drafting, revising, editing and learning about ways to make our writing more persuasive.  Finally, you can view the final checklist to understand expectations and see how your child is doing.  To access this learning journey simply visit your child’s iFolio.  It would be a great idea to sit with your child and go through their journey together.

We began our unit of inquiry this week by sorting some names of people we think are significant and then completing a thinking routine called “Think, Puzzle, Explore”(See photo below.)  The class shared ideas about what makes a person significant, asked questions that came to mind and brainstormed ways of finding out more.  Some students have already begun discussions at home with many family members to gather your ideas about what makes someone significant.  For more information about the current unit, see our WWAIPT page.
FullSizeRender 6

Friday MARCH 31 – 2A Assembly (9:30 – Alan Dick Forum)
Tuesday APRIL 4 – No School Public Holiday
APRIL 10 – 18 – No school – Spring Break


WWAIPT – New Unit Begins this Week

by jackierendina on March 6, 2017

This week we begin our new unit! The central idea is: Significant people have made contributions to society and changed lives.  Read the detailed learning outcomes below as well as ways to support your child at home.

To download a PDF version CLICK HERE


Feb 27th – Mar 3rd 2017

March 3, 2017

To view all photos from this week CLICK HERE STANLEY MARKET This week’s fieldtrip to Stanley Market was an unforgettable experience for the 2A students.  A big thank you to all of the parent volunteers who made the experience possible.  The scavenger hunt activity really stretched our students in their creativity, perseverance and bargaining skills. […]

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February 20th – 24th 2017

February 24, 2017

RESOURCE MARKET SUCCESS The Grade 2 resource market was a huge success this week.  Thanks to all of the parent volunteers who made it possible.  If your child hasn’t already explained to you what the resource market was, you should definitely ask them! It is a great opportunity for oral language practice as kids have […]

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February 13th – 17th

February 17, 2017

ADDITION STRATEGIES AND OPEN-MINDEDNESS IN MATH Grade 2 students appear at a wide variety of levels when it comes to knowledge and skills in math.  This week we asked students to focus on being open-minded in math.  We asked students to have a go with different ways of solving addition problems, even IF they already […]

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Sleep Management and Your Child

February 13, 2017

Parent Coffee Morning Please join us on Thursday, Feb 16 from 8am -9:30am in the LLAC Lobby for a talk on one of the most challenging parenting tasks – sleep management with  Dr. Minna Chau. In this talk, Dr. Minna Chau will share the latest research on the function of sleep and practical strategies for […]

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February 7th – 10th

February 10, 2017

Click here to view ALL photos from this week WRITING GOALS + PERSUASIVE WRITING We started out this week by reviewing our individual writing goals.  Each student has their own area for improvement.  Some students are working on organizing their writing into paragraphs while others are working on using punctuation appropriately.  Ask your child about […]

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