Pre Reception A News 12-5-2017

Dear Parents,

In inquiry we continued with planting seeds.  We have been very responsible, checking our pots daily and making sure they have enough water!!  We found out that as well as water, plants also need food from soil, and sunshine to make them grow. Some of our plants are beginning to sprout.

In literacy we made cards for someone very special!!! We also practised our fine motor skills as we made beautiful gifts too.

Some of us came home very dirty this week, but that is OK as we had lots of fun! We made edible mud. We poured it, wrote in it, drew in it, and even tasted it !!!

The making centre continues to be very popular.

Kyle showed his creative side and made his very own sunglasses.  He tested them in the sunshine and found they really do work!! He proudly showed his creation to Mr. G and Mr. MacPherson.

After building a huge train track, Brendan named it Stevens Track. Cedar made the traffic lights to keep the traffic running smoothly.

Music and movement this week was fun as we went to the LLAC for a celebration of creativity through visual and performing arts. There was lots of hands-on, interactive activities for the children to join and explore.

Please note the A.M. Year End Party date has changed back to Wednesday 31st June. This will be held at the swimming pool at 101 Repulse Bay. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

P.M. class party venue has now been confirmed. We will go to the Park View Club in the play room.

Class parents will contact you with finer details. Field trip forms will be sent home on Monday

To all our mummies, enjoy your day on Sunday,

Kind Regards,

Gill, Val and Karen