Pre Reception News 17-3-2017

Dear Parents,

We began the week celebrating the TimberWolves fabulous achievement as champions of the Jiny Ying football tournament.

As we introduced the STP UOI this week, we discussed ways in which People have a responsibility to the world we live in.

We were very impressed with their ideas.  To provoke interest we took a trip to the park across the road and posed the question “What do we share the world with?” 

We now have many ideas to inquire into.  After we finished exploring we needed some play time. Unfortunately there wasn’t any toys so we had to think of  ways to play without toys. We thought of running races, tag, and hide and seek. Thank you to Tihana, Amanda, Vivian and Winnie for joining us.

We practised our cutting and gluing skills as we made “the world we live in.’

The A.M. class made an ocean with the blue table and the PM class made the Earth with the green table.  Henry, Brandon and Lucas made mountains and caves.  This became a great sorting activity, although we decided some animals do fit into both categories.  We went outside and collected rocks and sticks and Hwan and Rowan made grass made water for the earth table.

Mr. G brought Stanley and Hank to explain that some friends had been to their pond and dumped their rubbish!! We are becoming very responsible and great thinkers as Andrew thought we should make a sign asking people to put their rubbish in the bins, Cedar suggested we should put the signs up in our home buildings!! Brendan would like to make a sign to stop hunters killing animals.

We were treated to many great puppet shows this week!

We learnt letter Tt and met Tillie the Turtle. She also had some sad news!!! Maybe your child could explain it to you.  Next week we will learn letter Uu.

There were two fire drill practices, we were very proud of the students as they walked out of the school quickly and quietly.

We are in need of magazines (preferably geographic) for an art activity, please send any you may have to school next week.

Please return the field trip permission form.  We will need 10 parent volunteers to accompany us.  Please check the form for more details, and if you are able to volunteer, please let us know via email.

Have a great weekend,

Kind Regards,

Gill, Val and Karen