Pre Reception A News 17-2-2017

Dear Parents,

We revisited the Celebrations unit by celebrating Valentines Day.  Thank you to all the parents that came to celebrate with us and made the day special.  The children made lots of  crafts and cards for family and friends. We read Clifford’s Valentine and discussed ways we can express how much we care for people. Making our own Valentines treats for snack was the most popular activity.

We continued to explore patterns using various art materials. We also made patterns in the classroom – lining up boy, girl and action patterns clap, stamp etc.

We went on a picnic and counted the cheerios in our basket!

A popular activity these past few weeks has been Nursery Rhyme jig saw puzzles, which has led us to read lots of Nursery Rhymes during circle time. We introduced and listened for rhyming words (or words that sound the same.) This is another important pre reading skill as it also helps us to learn to play with words.

We have had fun with letters this past few weeks.

We learnt letter Pp and met Peppa Pig. Next week is letter Qq.

In inquiry we listened to I am The Music Man and brainstormed different instruments we could use in a band. This will help us greatly when we make musical instruments next week.

As we listened to different types of music, we drew pictures and spoke about how each piece of music made us feel.  We decided music made us feel tickley, happy bored, excited and sad!

We are struggling to keep up with uploading videos and photographs of the students taking risks and their accomplishments.  As we do place a lot of value on these, please upload them to the Taking Action page on the blog and take the time to show them to your child ( instructions are on the page).

Portfolios come home Friday, please send a carrier bag to school to help your child carry it home.

Friday 24th is DDD (no theme as yet).

Please read the link below for more information on Dr Chau’s talk on sleep and learning.
Sleep and Learning


Have a good weekend,

Kind regards,

Gill, Val and Karen