Pre Reception A News 17-2-2017

Dear Parents,

We revisited the Celebrations unit by celebrating Valentines Day.  Thank you to all the parents that came to celebrate with us and made the day special.  The children made lots of  crafts and cards for family and friends. We read Clifford’s Valentine and discussed ways we can express how much we care for people. Making our own Valentines treats for snack was the most popular activity.

We continued to explore patterns using various art materials. We also made patterns in the classroom – lining up boy, girl and action patterns clap, stamp etc.

We went on a picnic and counted the cheerios in our basket!

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Pre Reception A News 10-2-2017


Happy New Year of the Rooster.

It’s great to be back!!! (Gill)

We enjoyed hearing all about your holidays, the children enjoyed sharing photographs of their adventures we then scribed their stories.

We explored patterns using different manipulatives.

Cam and Emma T extended their play by taking themselves to Uncle William and asking for boxes to make a tunnel for the cars.

Eva, Siwoo, Emma T and Piper drew a house, a garden and a pathway for the Fat Controller by the train station.

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Pre Reception News 26-1-2017

Dear Parents,

Gong Xi Fa Cai

A very short post this week!!!

It has been a very busy week with Chinese New Year Celebrations, the Flower Fair and the Chinese New Year Assembly were both a great success. All the children looked amazing in their Chinese costumes.

In literacy we learned letter Oo and met Ollie the Octopus. We will not learn a letter after the break and review all letters learned so so far.

A little homework, please send a photograph of something you did over the holiday. This will help us with a literacy activity the first week we are back.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful New Year of the Rooster,

Kind Regards,

Gill, Val and Karen

Pre Reception News 20-1-2017

Dear Parents,

CNY is well underway this week with lots happening in Pre Reception A.

Thank you to all the parents that came in to lead the CNY celebrations.  We listened to CNY stories and Ria read her 3 favourite Mandarin poems!

A.M. class made spring rolls and P.M. class made sweet dumplings.

The students were very excited as they played with their Chinese dragons. They continued to play with the lion head and danced to music. Read more

Pre Reception A News 13-1-2017

Dear Parents,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to accompany your child to the theatre.  I am sure you will agree, it was an excellent show and a great experience for the children.

This week we continued making paper cup dragons, incorporating gluing, cutting, painting and tracing.

As Chinese New Year approaches we used eye droppers to create firework paintings, – a good activity for strengthening the fingers.

On Friday we attended a Lion Dance workshop in the LLAC.  The children were very excited as they joined the Lion Dance.

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Pre Reception A News 6-1-2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome back and may we wish you a very Happy New Year.

The children returned looking very well and were happy to see all their friends again.

We would first like to welcome Amber Leung to our PM class, as Nathan left Hong Kong and returned to the USA.

In literacy, the children were invited to share their holiday adventures with the class. Thank you for the photographs, we used these as prompts to scribe their stories.

We learned letter Ll and met Lennie The Lion.  Next week is letter Mm.

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Pre Reception A 16-12-2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to join the party and sing along on Monday. It was lovely to see everybody and the children had such a fun time. Thank you Sam (A.M.) for taking and sending photographs to us. Would anyone in the P.M. class have any photographs to share?

On Thursday we went to the LLAC for a Lower School Christmas sing along. Lots of singing and dancing in Pre Reception A!!!

P.M. Class
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Pre Reception A News 9-12-2016

Dear Parents,

We are getting a little excited in Pre Reception A as we look forward to our party and special visitor on Monday. We have been counting down the days (sleeps) using the magnetic numbers.

We hope to see all of you for the party as we have been busy rehearsing for the ‘festive sing along’ with Ms Salvador in Music and Movement.

It would be helpful if  your child could sleep early on Sunday so they will be well rested for a very busy and exciting day!

A huge thank you to Ryan, Marissa and  and Vivian for co-ordinating with parents and organizing the party and gifts.

As the children will receive gifts from Santa, we thought the children should also learn about giving at this time of year.   We would like to ask each child to bring one food item to put under the tree for the needy in Hong Kong.  If you would like to donate an item, please  send before the 14th December. Read more

Pre Reception A News 2-12-2016

Dear Parents,

It’s December, the classroom now looks and feels like Christmas!!

A big thank you to all the parents who came to help make the Christmas decorations on Tuesday. Pre Reception A is now feeling very festive!! There were so many fine motor skills practiced as they traced, cut, glued and threaded Xmas crafts.

This week we introduced the next UOI. We began by discussing the central idea ‘people express themselves through music and movement’.  We decided music helps us to express our feelings as it makes us happy, sad, angry, mad, surprised, scared and sleepy. This lead us to sing If You’re Happy And You Know It, choosing different actions for each emotion. We then decided to shake up the classroom by introducing real instruments such as drums, a ukulele, tambourines, recorders, kazoos, xylophones, and rythym sticks.  They had lots of fun playing the instruments which allowed them to explore different ways of making sounds. Hopefully the weather will continue to be kind to us as this centre will definitely be moved outside next week!!! Read more

Pre Reception A News 25-11-2016

Dear Parents

A very creative week!!

We completed the firetruck and police car.  The children have had lots of fun role playing, climbing ladders, putting out fires and catching bad guys. We have also had some very sick patients!

We took the step of opening up the real toolbox and allowed the children to use the scalpel to help make the castle.  A few risk takers proved they were very responsible as they cut through the cardboard.

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