Reception A Adventureres News 15-9-2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to Nero’s and Sara’s mummies for starting the Mystery Reader programme.

The Essentail Agreement has finally been signed by all.

This week we focused on listening and following instructions.  We went to the 11th floor gym to play some fun games which reinforced this.

Ms Chutke (Lower School Councillor) came to introduce herself and the Kelso and Lily programme.

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Reception A Adventureres News 8-9-2017

Dear Parents,

The parent overview for WWA UOI is posted on the progamme overview page.

This week has certainly been an adventure, the highlight being the buddies. We read the story A Box Can Be Many Things by Dana Meachen. We then invited our buddies to help us find out if this is true.  We hope you enjoyed the finished product as much as we enjoyed creating it!! We were responsible as we used scaples, adult scissors and tough tape!

We had lots of fun exploring open ended materials, building dens, prisons, cannons and a restaurant.

This led to a fun literacy  activity.

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Reception A News 1-9-2017

Dear Parents,

The first full week of school and, wow, it has certainly been busy!

Val and I met with Catherine (a.m.) and Shy (p.m.) class to discuss the year ahead together. You will be hearing from them soon with ways that you can be involved in the classroom.  Involving yourself in the classroom will allow you to get a peek into your child’s school life.

We had a full school fire drill practice. We were very responsible as we walked very quickly and quietly out of the school. We followed this with a class discussion on the importance of staying safe.

We met our grade 5 learning buddies. They will join us once a fortnight for some inquiry and fun activities. They were risk takers as they showed their buddy their classroom and playground.

Mrs Kipfer came to introduce herself and read a story.

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Reception A Adventureres 25-8-2017

Dear Parents,

What a busy week.  It has been lovely to have the whole class together.

The children have had a very good second week of school, they are all growing in confidence, entering the classroom happily, finding a friend and something to play with.  They are all beginning to carry out the arrival and dismissal routine with more independence.

As part of the unit of inquiry ‘Who We Are’ the students were asked to draw a self-portrait using a mirror for observation.  They communicated their observations through their drawings. The self-portrait demonstrates how much the student observes and understands their physical appearance.  We will repeat this activity throughout the year to monitor development of form, content and detail.

We had some great learning experiences in Reception A this week, aeroplanes, robots and castles were designed and built.

We will continue and extend our learning journey next week.

Please keep a spare set of clothes in the schoolbag as getting wet is part of our learning!!!

It has been pleasing to hear the children begin to address their new friends by name. We have placed a class photo in your child’s folder to help you learn their new friends faces too.

Have a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Gill and Val







Information Day

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at our information day!

AM classes

8:00am – 8:15am – Welcome – Parents to meet in Alan Dick Forum

8:20am – 9:00am – Classroom presentation (basic intro to homeroom teacher, class routine, play based learning)

PM classes

12:00pm – 12:15pm -Welcome -Parents to meet in Alan Dick Forum

12:20pm – 1:00pm  – Classroom presentation (basic intro to homeroom teacher, class routine, play based learning)

If you are unable to make tomorrow morning please be sure to read the information I will share on the blog tomorrow afternoon.

Kind Regards,

Gill and Val

Reception A First Day News

Dear Parents,

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to the Canadian International School and to Reception A.

Our first day together was a huge success.  The staggered entry system has worked very well, allowing us to get to know the children a little. They are all settling very nicely and seem to be excited to be at school.  The students came into the classroom very happily, quickly settling and finding toys to play with.  We are all learning our new friends names.  We hope to forward a class list and photographs to help you learn their names too. These will be helpful for making playdates .

We have spent this time establishing our relationships, daily routines and class rules.  Of course, this will take a while, but so far, they are doing amazingly well. They have met some of their specialist teachers too.

Please take note that there are no students this Friday August 18th.

Pre Rec & Rec’s Curriculum Day Schedule – Friday, August 18
The Pre Reception and Reception Curriculum Day will take place on Friday, August 18. There will be no school for students of those grades on this day. The Curriculum Day will be split into two sessions – 8am to 9:10am for AM parents, and 12pm to 1:10pm for PM parents. A single shuttle bus service will depart from the 9/F at 1:15pm for Wong Chuk Hang MTR, Golden Dragon (Causeway Bay), Admiralty and the Central GPO. Seats are on a first come first serve basis.

We look forward to meeting you all again on Friday,

Kind Regards,

Gill and Val



Welcome to Reception A

Dear Reception Adventurers,

It’s almost time to come to school and we are so excited to see you!

We are going to have a great time together. We will sing, read stories, build structures, explore, discover and learn so many new things. There will be lots of new friends who will be waiting to play with you too.

Our classroom is all set up with exciting things to do. We know that the fun will not begin until you are here so we will be waiting for you to arrive to begin a wonderful Reception year together!

From Ms. Gill, Ms. Val and Watermelon