Pre Reception A News 26-5-2017

Dear Parents,

We had another fire drill this week, fortunately it was a false alarm.  The A.M. students were amazing as we had to exit the school from the 10th floor for the first time. There were many questions to be answered.

We had our first practise on the stage, unfortunately we got a little stage fright!!! We are really looking forward to our performance on the 5th June,  hopefully on the day we will sing our hearts out.

The grade 1 buddies helped us to make headbands for the Show.

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Pre Reception A News 12-5-2017

Dear Parents,

In inquiry we continued with planting seeds.  We have been very responsible, checking our pots daily and making sure they have enough water!!  We found out that as well as water, plants also need food from soil, and sunshine to make them grow. Some of our plants are beginning to sprout.

In literacy we made cards for someone very special!!! We also practised our fine motor skills as we made beautiful gifts too.

Some of us came home very dirty this week, but that is OK as we had lots of fun! We made edible mud. We poured it, wrote in it, drew in it, and even tasted it !!!

The making centre continues to be very popular. Read more

Pre Reception A News 5-5-2017

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend, it was good to hear about your adventures once again!

Sadly, we said goodbye to Zain for the summer today as his family are moving to Canada for the birth of their daughter. We will all miss Zain but look forward to seeing him again in August along with his sister.   They certainly had a great send off, (check out the video) as we also celebrated Zain’s early 4th birthday with homemade rockets.

The P.M. class were very fortunate to have Cedar’s mummy come to teach us yoga and some breathing mindfulness exercises.  She does 5 minute relaxation meditation exercises with Cedar at night to help with sleep. If you are interested please contact Wendy directly.

The Grade 1 buddies joined us again on Tuesday, extending and enriching our play!!

We introduced sinking and floating. It was interesting to listen to predictions  students made with their buddies.

In the sensory table we played and practised pouring and measuring snow!!!  We need more practise as lots ended up on the floor!!!  We heard lots of new vocabulary being used to describe it!! Read more

A Message From Administration

CIS/WASC Parent Survey

Thank you to all of the parents that have already completed the Endicott Survey. This 15 minute online survey is a valuable way for parents to share their perspective on many different aspects of our school. Your feedback provides an opportunity to identify areas that are strengths of CDNIS and where we can improve. While both parents are welcome to take the survey, we ask that at least one parent per household participate in the survey which will be open until Wednesday, May 3. You may find the survey at  and the code is CNP2017205. For more information, please see the letter sent by Jon Adams last week. If you have any questions about the CIS/WASC Accreditation process, please email Jon Adams.

Pre Reception A News 27-4-2017

Dear Parents,

Another short but very busy week!

Sadly, we said goodbye to Lochlan (P.M. class) as his family relocates to Canada.  We will all miss Lochlan and wish him and his family all the very best.

Thank you for attending the SLLR with your child.  We hope you now have a clearer insight into the everyday learning of your child.

We began to inquire into seeds and plants. We have been busy planting and watering seeds from fruits and vegetables students have brought to school. Read more

Pre Reception A News 21-4-2017

Dear Parents,

A short but busy week!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter Holiday. We started our week by sharing our adventures both here and and abroad.

The highlight of the week was the special visitors from Dr. Dog. They taught us 4 very important rules we should follow when meeting strange dogs. Hopefully your child will be able to explain these to you.

We now have class pets, cute guinea pigs Skippy and M and M.  Thank you Anabelle and Sophie for volunteering to take care of them at home this weekend.  We need volunteers for next week, starting on Wednesday. Please let us know if you would be willing to help.

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Pre Reception News 7-4-2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all the parents for making the Easter Celebration so special. The children had a wonderful time making their Easter crafts, the egg hunt was definitely their favourite activity.

We continued discussing and researching ways to be responsible for the earth and also our responsibilities at school.  Over the Easter break we would like to ask for photographs of your child taking responsibiltiy at home.  This may be cooking with an adult, household chores, recycling etc.

Brendan shared his sorrow with the actions of hunters/poachers in Africa. With the help of some of his friends, we researched some information and decided to make a sign asking hunters “not to kill animals’.  They enthusiastically shared their concern around the school!!!

Camryn asked the question Do we share the Earth with dinosaurs?” ,  we used the Pebblego app to answer this question.

We looked at maps and atlas’ that children brought to school.  Some children chose to make their own map of Ocean Park, detailing their favourite places.

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Pre Reception News 31-3-2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you to the parents for accompanying us to Aberdeen Reservior.  The very responsible Pre Reception students showed their commitment to a cleaner Earth as they collected bags of litter and placed them into the rubbish bins.  We collected some nature items for the table too!

We took action and made posters.

We read the stories The Water Hole and Guess Where I Live which led us into some interesting discussions and sorting activities. Read more