“Let’s Talk About Mindfulness”

“Let’s Talk About Mindfulness” on 28 Nov,8am-9:30 am at LLAC with Cathy Ziengs, MBSR Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator.
What? How? Why? are mindfulness concepts and practices being introduced into school communities to enhance well-being for the students, the teachers and how can parents engage in this learning space too?Please wear something comfortable, Cathy will have you do some practices  – lots of fun, lots of access to the learning.


Shelter Drill Procedure


Dear Parents,

This week we will be practising our shelter drill. We will be explaining to the children that just as we sometimes practice fire drills so that we’ll know what to do in case there is a fire, we are now going to practice staying inside to protect us from any trouble outside the classroom. Should questions arise about why we would need to do this, we will make sure we use age appropriate responses.

When the announcement is made that the shelter drill is in place we will ask the children to come and sit down in a corner of the room whilst we read a story very quietly. When we are informed via the PA system that the drill is over, we will return to our session as normal.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding this.


Ms. Fiona


Importance of Building Resilience, Kelso’s choices and Zones of Regulation Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop- Pre Rec- Prep

Please join  Ms Lisa Kipfer, LS Vice principal and Ms Shelly Chutke, LS Counselor for a talk on Student support and coping strategies: Importance of Building Resilience, Kelso’s choices and Zones of Regulation.

Kelso’s Choices is a program based on the premise that all children are capable of being peacemakers and solving their small problems independently.

Come learn the vocabulary we use in school to solve problems so these strategies can be continued to be used at home.

When:  Nov 21  8:00 am – 9:00 am

Where:  LLAC Lobby

Who: Anyone involved in raising your child… including helpers.

Please RSVP

Shelly Chutke

Lower School Guidance Counsellor

Bilingualism in Children: Separating Fact from Fiction

 Join us at LLAC for a presentation that focuses on the nature of bilingual development; ESL & language delay; the benefits of bilingualism; and common myths & misconceptions. On 24thOctober (Tuesday) at 8:00-10:00 am with Arthur Fang, a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist.

Register here.

Shelly Chutke

Lower School Guidance Counsellor

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Parent Observations


Dear Parents,

Thank you for signing up for a session to observe your child’s engagement in our programme. A parent observation checklist will be provided to help guide you in your observations. If you would like to have a look at this prior to your observation session, it can be found here: 20172018 Reception Observation Sheet We will use this checklist as a starting point for our learning conversations that will take place in early November.

Due to classroom space as well as distractions to the children, we request that only one parent per family attend these sessions. The sessions will last 45 minutes.

Kind regards,

Ms. Fiona

Reception Observation Sign-Up

October 9 , 2017

Dear Parents,

Assessment is an integral part of the Early Years Teaching and Learning Programme and feedback is continuous. Reporting on student progress includes: portfolios (Seesaw), anecdotal notes, informal conversations and more formal conferences.

We recognise the importance of maintaining our partnership with you, the parents, in order to communicate effectively regarding your individual child’s development and learning.

In order to facilitate this, during the month of October you are invited to attend an observation session here at school, during which you will have the opportunity to observe your child’s engagement in the programme and take some notes. Due to classroom space as well as distractions to the children, we request that only one parent per family attend these sessions. A parent observation checklist will be provided to help guide you in your observations.

Please find below the google form for sign-up. Please sign up at your earliest convenience and contact your class teacher if you are experiencing any difficulty.

Reception B A.M.

Reception B P.M.

Following on from the observations, our Learning Conversations (parent/teacher conferences) will be scheduled for 3rd and 6th November. Please note: there will be no classes on these days and students do not attend this conference. This is a time for parents and teachers to discuss our observations of your child’s learning and development. More details regarding the sign-up process for these conversations will follow shortly.

We look forward to seeing you at school soon.

Kind regards,

Pre-Reception and Reception Team


Pirate Inquiry, Dress Down Day and Last Blog Post.


What a wonderful week we have had in reception B with some fantastic inquiries. Here is a quick round up of some of the learning that has taken place.

Pirate Ship Inquiry

The children researched what we would need in order to transform our loft into a pirate ship. We visited the library and then looked through the books to compile a list of what we needed. Our 4A buddies from the PM class helped us paint the wooden ship. Now the ship is constructed, I am seeing many of the children demonstrating the IB attitude of  cooperation through roleplaying pirates.

If you have any pirate themed items at home that you would like to donate/lend us we would be very thankful as this inquiry is still going strong.

Handbag Designers

This week the children showed a real interest in designing handbags after one of our morning friends made one out of paper and string in our maker centre. After exploring how to make a bag that could hold something, many of the children had a go at sewing. This was an incredibly difficult task and needed perseverance to complete the bag. The children demonstrated being risk-takers – showing a willingness to trying something new that was tricky!

Please note, items that can be recycled in our maker centre (cups, boxes, bottle lids, etc.) are always gratefully received.

Dress Down Day

On Friday some of us chose to dress as our favourite book character (or in our favourite clothes). This coincided with our weekly library visit. This week Ms. Jenny read two fantastic books. One was a book with no pictures and the other was a book with no words!

Last blog post

We are looking forward to welcoming parents to our Seesaw Workshop on Wednesday and sharing with you how you will be able to keep track of your children’s learning throughout the year. This more personalised method of communication will allow for you to keep up to date with what is happening in the classroom and will mean that the Friday weekly updates on the blog will no longer take place.

We will be using Remind to keep in touch with upcoming events.

Early Years Moves from Paper to Online Portfolio with Seesaw

Pre-Reception, Reception and Prep classes are using Seesaw this year to document their learning journey. Seesaw gives children a platform to capture and reflect on their learning – in real time. Seesaw will give parents a window into classrooms/learning spaces and into your children’s learning process. It will form an integral part of the way in which we assess, record and report on your child’s growth and development over the year.

We invite all Early Years parents to a parent workshop on Wednesday, 27 September, 2017 from 8:00-9:10AM at the school’s LLAC lobby.  At the workshop, we will present about the purpose of portfolios, the role of parents and how they can access their children’s online portfolio.   Please use this linkto sign up for the workshop.

Seesaw for Family links: https://web.seesaw.me/platforms-parents/

Reminders and dates for your diary:

Pancake and Pyjama Day- Wednesday 27th September. Please send your child to school dressed in their Pj’s!
No School – Just a reminder that students do not come to school during the following days: Mid Term Break (October 2-6) and Monday, October 9, which is another PDD for staff. Please mark these dates on your calendar.