le 18, avril 2012

by elizabethlum on April 18, 2012

Grade 5 – Le French May

Did you know that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the French May in Hong Kong?  This is a city-wide festival of French culture, cinema, performances, music and art.  In recognition of this event, the grade 5s will collectively hold an exhibition displaying a variety of French food, fashion, culture, music, art and much more.  How to proceed you ask?   Working in small groups of 2, 3, or 4, you will chose an area (ex. gastronomie, art, music, fashion, touristic monuments in France, French cities, restaurants etc.) where you want to find out more.  Narrow your topic. (ex. music – Yannick Noah, Mylene Farmer, MC Solaar).  Investigate.  Sort out your findings.  Going further, what else can you share?  Is there something you could compare your finding to?  Brainstorm how you could present this information to attract and engage your audience.  Exhibition date: Friday May 18.  Level 6 Cantine.  9h45 to 10h45.  Invite your teachers.  Invite your parents.  Invite your friends.  C’est le French May!

Grade 6 – French culture and art

Also in celebration of the French May, students in grade 6 will work individually on exploring a topic of their choice sharing their findings in a Keynote presentation.  Oral presentations will start April 26.  Areas for finding out include but not limited to: French music, art, fashion, architecture, literature, theater and film.  Over the week, students will also read a variety of literature by  (short texts, poems, articles) from various French writers.


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