Week 4

Dear 3A Friends,

We had a lot of fun this week learning about the history of hockey and the Stanley Cup. It was a pretty awesome experience for the children and were able to get a few class photos with the cup!


We had our first team challenge this week. We had to construct a tower that would be able to hold a basketball as high in the air as possible. It was a great introduction to cooperation and structural design. The children can’t wait to get another shot at it.

We have been looking at patterns and place value for numbers up to 1000. We modelled large numbers with base ten blocks, sorted, counted, and estimated large groups of numbers, and extended patterns well beyond 100.

One of our literacy activities this week was a menu where students can choose what to work on. The menu is used throughout the unit so sooner or later all items are completed. We do a lot of word work and vocabulary, reading and comprehension, and writing and reflecting on new learning.

Week 4 Photo Album 

Important Dates
DDD – Friday September 21 (wear a white top and coloured pants for Peace Day. A donation of $20 is appreciated) 
3WLR – September 27th & 28th (no school on these two days)
National Day of PRC (No School) – October 1
3A Assembly – December 7th
Sports Day – 24th Jan Grades 3 and 4
Camp – March 20-22
Spotlight – March 4-8

Have a safe weekend everybody!

Warm Regards,


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