Week 3

Dear 3A Friends,

We had such an exciting week! We were lucky to have Ms. Chutke come by to work with us on social/emotional needs, Ms. William’s showed us an amazing app called Epic, and Ms. Sandall came by to do some First Nation animal art with us!

Hearing students’ voices and enabling them to take ownership of their own learning and feel that the school is a place that belongs to them is really at the heart of what we want. The children have been reflecting on how we want the year to look, sound, feel, and be. They are working on goals for themselves and their community. For more personal goals, some children want to improve their number sense, handwriting, spelling, organizational skills, confidence in sharing with wider audiences to name a few. For community goals, the children are working on a variety of areas as well such as: creating a more cozy reading area, organizing classroom tools and resources, looking into a classroom pet (oh boy), creating a class garden, creating duties for class leaders, and several more. It is all about the children getting excited in taking ownership of their learning. When they are able to do this and be passionate about what they are doing, they are able to break through the fear of failure and move deeper with their learning and into the unknown!

We have been exploring patterns and place value in math. The children have been working with 100 charts and number lines to find patterns. They had to compare numbers and estimate where numbers would fall on a number line with different ranges of numbers. They also estimated, counted, and grouped materials to help determine strategies for counting. In this activity we played a game where the children created human number lines making the rest of the class try and solve their missing numbers.

Ms. Shelly Chutke (our Guidance Counsellor) came by this week to talk about our social and emotional well-being. We reviewed the big ideas and lessons that the children had learned in Grade 2. We talked about such things as using “I” messages, bullying, and how to be an upstander.
After our “frustrating” origami crane activity last week we spent some time reflecting on our mindset during various activities. We learned how our attitude towards a challenge is what matters most and how it impacts our end result. The children cut out and sorted all the the hilarious comments they said while struggling to create their cranes and then turned their fixed (negative) comments into more growth mindset (positive) ones.

Take a look at what we are reading in 3A

The Programme Overview (also known as the Parent Letter) gives parents and guardians all the information they need to understand what we are inquiring into in our Units of Inquiry. Our first unit “Who We Are” (WWA), is a year long unit.
WWA Parent Letter  2018-19

The Parent Letter for our next unit will be shared with parents soon which is under the theme of “How the World Works”. We are beginning to inquire into structures.

Have a look out our Essential Agreements for 3A! These are commitments that we have all created and agreed to in our 3A community for this year. Feel free to refer to them in guiding our children outside of school as well.

Important Dates
Curriculum Night – September 11th
3WLR – September 27th & 28th (no school on these two days)
National Day of PRC (No School) – October 1
3A Assembly – December 7th
Sports Day – 24th Jan Grades 3 and 4
Camp – March 20-22
Spotlight – March 4-8

Week 3 Photo Album

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you Tuesday Evening for Curriculum Night!


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