Who We Are, Aug. 27- Sep 28

Unit Overview – pdf format

Summative Task and Unit Assessment

PDF link to task description

Conflict and Strategies we can use to deal with it

Our Brainstorming Session:

What do you do when you are faced with a conflict?

 Lock myself in a room

Talk to others about it

Violence (fight it out)

Ignore the other person

Run away



State your opinion

Forget about it

Distract the other person from the issue

Ditch the person

Agree even if you disagree

Give in


Use the law


Talk it out


Look at the issue through a different perspective

Break something

Scream into a pillow


Threat of violence


End the relationship (i.e. divorce)

Find allies

Find witnesses

Reason (use logic) – Persuade




What would you do if …

September 11 Homework: Choose two of the situations below (not the two discussed in class). Write out the situation in your Process Journals. Respond to the following:

  1. Imagine you are “in the shoes” of each person/side of the conflict. What are your thoughts/feelings. Explain in detail.
  2. What are the possible ways to solve this conflict. Explain in detail.
  • A teenager wants to stay out with his/her friends until midnight but his/her parents want him/her home by 10pm
  • Your parents want you to take piano lessons but you do not like playing the piano, nor do you like music that much. You are not good at it and don’t understand why you need to do this.
  •  You want to join the soccer team but your parents think it is too dangerous. All your friends are joining the team.
  • You are shopping with your best friend and he/she steal something. Your friend wants you to do the same but you don’t want to. He/says that if you are a friend, you would do the same thing.
  • You tell an embarrassing secret to your friend but he/she tells others in your class. They are all teasing you now and your friend says that it is not a big deal and that you should lighten up.
  • You want to buy a new pair of shoes but your parents think the ones you want are too expensive.
  • You want to go with your soccer team to a tournament on a Sunday but your parents say you can’t go because you have to go to church. Your team is counting on you to be there.
  •  You have a best friend that you really like but your parents are not happy that you are going to his/her house because they do not like the nationality of that family.
  • You see someone in your class cheat on a test and tell the teacher afterwards. That classmate is angry with you and threatening you.



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