The problems you find below can be closed, meaning there is one answer, or open-ended, meaning there are several possible responses.

  • You need to use mathematical reasoning (and explain through mathematical language) to find the possible responses.
  • Your task is to justify in a precise and clear manner all the possible answers.
  • You must submit your responses in your Math Journal.
  • All work needs to be organized, neat and considerate of your audience
  • You will work with classmates on Friday to discuss the answer and present all possible solutions (and demonstrate your understandings)
  • Working with parents and guardians at home is fine

Due Date: Every Friday morning

Week of May 20

Cuatro Amigos

Week of May 13 (Due on Thursday)


Week of May 6

Road Trip

Week of April 29

1. Sweet Sixteen Plus One (presented in groups on Friday)

2. Exploring Wild and Wonderful Number Patterns (optional)

Week of April 22

1. Track it Down (presented in groups on Friday)

2. Are You in the Red or the Black? (optional, and closely tied to our WeSeed game)

Week of April 8

1. What’s your Game? (presented in groups on Thursday) You can find refreshers here and here.

2. Spell by Numbers (optional)

Week of March 25

1. Stash Your Cash (presented in groups on Friday)

2. What are the odds of you winning the lottery (optional: excellent complement to Chance and Probability investigations)

Week of March 18

1. It’s All in the Game (presented in groups on Friday)

2. Are you in the red or black? (optional, on your own; great for a blog post. This also fits well with WeSeed)

Week of March 11

1. The Munsch Off

Week of March 4

1. Txt Me! (presented in groups on Friday)

2. How Much is a Sand Dollar Worth? (optional, on your own: great blog post idea!)

Week of February 25

1. Be There or Be Square (presented in groups on Friday)

2. When is a sale a bargain? (optional, on your own)

Week of January 28

1. Don’t Lose Your Marbles (presented in groups on Friday)

2.In the Dog House (optional, on your own)

Week of January 21

A. It’s News to Me (presented in groups on Friday)

B. A Powerful Problem for the New Year (optional, on your own)

Week of January 14

A. MMM! Chocolate! (presented in groups on Friday)

B. Money Bags (optional, on your own)

Week of January 7

A. Snow Business (presented in groups on Friday)

B. Exploring Wild & Wonderful Number Patterns (optional, on your own)

Week of December 10 (last week of homework – yay!)

This week you are more than welcome to submit your responses virtually, using Voicethread. You can share them with me through email.

A. Pocket Money

B. Photo Fun (challenging)

C. Fun: How high would the stack reach if you piled one trillion dollar bills in a single stack? Remember, you need to justify your responses.

Week of December 3

A. We won’t “prism” you know this(normal)

B. Balloon Breaker (challenging)

Week of November 19

A. Spinning your Wheels (normal)

B. Ride On, Ride On (challenging)

Week of November 12

A. Chips but no Dip

B. Retiring and Hiring

Week of November 5

A. The Price is Right (normal)

B. Clock Talk (challenging)

Week of October 29

A. Pushing Your Buttons (normal)

B. That’s Odd (challenging)

Week of October 18

A. Some Real Characters (normal)

B. Show Me the Money (challenging)

Week of October 8

A. Will this hamper your thinking?

B. Floor Plan

Week of October 1

A. Playing With Blocks

B. Pyramid, No Camels

Week of September 24

A. How High Can You Go?

B. How Many Combinations?

Week of September 17

A. What’s My Number?

B. I Prefer Pi

Super Challenges

Looking for really challenging problems? Try these. You need to justify your responses and clearly include a detailed explanation of how you reached your answer. Want to take these Fermi questions a step further? Try creating your own and then answer them.

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