Celebration Time!

by Donald MacPherson on June 7, 2013

What better way for our amazing Grade 6s to finish their time in the Lower School than today! Certificates, BBQ and general mayhem in the small gym with the one and only Mr. Dave. I would like to thank all of the 6C parent community and students for the wonderful end-of-year gift. You are all […]


A message from Mr. Breton: – Two large 3-ring binders with dividers  (one binder for each “Day”) – Pens (blue, black, and red), pencils and erasers – Highlighter pens – White-out – One basic calculator (basic operations, square roots, percentage) – A4 lined paper – USB stick (2-8 GB recommended) – External hard-drive for weekly […]


Message from Mr. Coates

by Donald MacPherson on June 3, 2013

Message to Parents (re. Upper School Uniforms) At our Parent Information Night on May 28th, some parents asked for clarification on the Upper School uniform policy.  There are some differences between the Upper School and Lower School uniforms. A couple of important points to note: 1.  The summer and winter golf shirts that are worn […]


Transitioning and Preparing to Celebrate

by Donald MacPherson on May 31, 2013

This week students worked hard on the Finding Out and Sorting Out stages of their inquiries into the central idea, “The use of power has consequences that affect relationships and access to opportunities.” Next week, they will work in groups to present their conclusions and prove the central idea. We’ve also worked quite a lot […]


An unexpected short week with Black Rain on Wednesday. In Canada we’d have snow days, a perfect time to build snow forts or get some hockey going. In any case, I’m sure our Grade 6s enjoyed the unexpected day off to catch their breath as we enter the final stretch of the school year. We’ve […]


Playing with Chance and Celebrating Sport

by Donald MacPherson on May 16, 2013

Short week. Fast week. A little more than 4 weeks remaining. It is quite shocking that this year has flown by as quickly as it did. But it’s been a fun ride 🙂 Please take note of the following: 6C students are collecting for a Food drive. There is a collection box in the classroom. […]


Celebrating the Arts and Questioning Power

by Donald MacPherson on May 10, 2013

Another fantastic week done and dusted as we enter the final stretch towards summer break. This week we celebrated our annual Lower School Festival of the Arts. The HK Ballet performed for us on Wednesday and it was fantastic! On Thursday, 6C had the opportunity to share their musical talent during their Spotlight. I heard […]


Getting into a Post-Exhibition Groove

by Donald MacPherson on May 3, 2013

We’ve been slowly getting ourselves back into Post-Exhibition normalcy this week. I started it off by challenging students to create something. That was it as far as instructions were concerned. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see where they are with this task. We’ve picked up on our Math this week with students […]


We Made it Happen!

by Donald MacPherson on April 26, 2013

What a week! I find myself writing and/or saying that a lot this year. The Exhibition turned out to be an amazing school event. Parents, teachers and students from our school community showed up to the library and LLAC to support, challenge and question our fantastic Grade 6 students. There was as great deal of […]


The Excitement Builds …

by Donald MacPherson on April 19, 2013

Organized Madness! Structured Chaos! Buzz! Excitement! I’m sure if you witnessed the 6th Grade hallway this week you’d have some type of similar phrase to describe our final frantic preparations for our Exhibition next week. The last time I saw these kids so excited they were preparing to dance and sing on stage with the […]


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