Getting into a Post-Exhibition Groove

by Donald MacPherson on May 3, 2013

We’ve been slowly getting ourselves back into Post-Exhibition normalcy this week. I started it off by challenging students to create something. That was it as far as instructions were concerned. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see where they are with this task. We’ve picked up on our Math this week with students working on a game based on the concepts surrounding chance and probability. Next week they will start their gameboards. We’ve initiated our final unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, by deconstructing the transdisciplinary theme. We will do the same next week with the central idea before students jump into their inquiries. We’ll also begin our final literacy text type – writing to explain.

Please note that next week is the Festival of the Arts. You can find details here. For 6C, please note that our Spotlight will be on Thursday morning from 8:30-9:10 in the Alan Dick Forum.

Housekeeping: Students will not be requiring their computers like they have in the past 6-8 weeks so we will be going back to the normal Tuesday and Thursday routine. If you, as parents, request the computers to go home more often during the week then you will need to write to me personally. Please note, on most occasions students can complete any homework requiring computer access if they use their time wisely on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Please note the message below regarding accessing and saving the February Report:

“Dear Parents,
Please access the CDNIS online portal using your child’s ID and password to ensure you have downloaded your child’s February Progress Report prior to June’s Progress Report being posted on the site.  There is currently no archiving of past reports on the portal; all documents need to be downloaded to your own files in order to be accessed in the future.  Thank you.”

Please note the following letter was sent to you as a private email regarding the Upper School Transition Evening:

Making the Transition to Grade 7 and Upper School

Math problem of the week: Pathways to solutions

Champs of the Week

All three Champs of the Week are being recognized for their positive attitudes. Pei Yu, Matthew and Cameron take their learning seriously, consistently challenging themselves and working diligently to find personal progress

Pei Yu



This week students were challenged to work independently to create something of personal interest. Check out some of their amazing work/ideas/art below. Most are still in progress but check out what they’ve accomplished so far.

Harrison: “… I decided to work on a creation of the Exhibition with Mine-craft.”

Esme: “I learnt how to blend colors well and how to chose colors that look well together.”

Megan: “Me and a friend have been on minecraft building our own version of the Harry Potter World.”

Pei Yu: “We are planning to finish the school with everything, from the whomping willow to the chamber of secrets.”

Shalyn: “We decided to make a C.D.N.I.S life timeline.”

Monica: “What I did was I used iMovie to videotape what I saw and what I was doing.”

Alvin: “I used Finale 2012 to make this composition. I was inspired by Brahms’ Cello Sonata Op. 38 to write this piece, after my friend Foster played this in the music room.”

Aaron: “I’m nearly done with my creation and here is some pictures below of my the replica.”

Jackie: “I have created a mansion”

Roark: “I don’t use Minecraft that often so I wanted to test my skills with it.”

Nicholas: “But in this week’s creation time, I did something a little bit more fun for me. I’m trying to make an epcot ball.”

Yu Han: “Our next goal is t to enhance the size of the mansion, make a second floor and start constructing rooms!”

Janice: “In each of the hand prints there would be a memory/moment.”

Matthew: “You can use Mincraft to create things.”

Brett: “I have created an adventure map in Minecraft.”

Cameron: “I think this shows our learning because it shows how creative we are especially with things we like doing, like minecraft. It also shows how we can think of ideas and make them very fast on our own time.”

Tiffany: “My goal is to get the right shadings done since it is quite hard for me since I’m not that good at it.”

Michael B.: “It wasn’t a big challenge to me, but when I finished, I was sort of proud for publishing my first game on the internet. I felt nervous the moment I clicked the “Publish” button because I know that some people on the internet would like, and some would dislike  my work, which was the part that I didn’t like.”

Danielle: “This book that I made which is called “How to Eat or Not Eat Soggy Worms””

Max: “Today I finished a game that I made!”

Clifford: “I created a diamond underwater house with a mushroom cow farm and a enchantment room.”

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