Update – December 1

by cindykam on December 1, 2017

Important Dates

December 4: Field Trip to Dodomites Bakery

December 11: 1A Christmas Celebration (Class Parents will send out information.)

December 13: Dress Down Day

December 13: Early Dismissal 11am

December 14-January 1: Winter Break


Click here for photos and videos from this week.



Ms Helms will be away from Monday, December 4-7.  If there are any changes to pick up routines, please email me directly.  Thank you!


Field Trip to Dodomites Bakery

On Monday, December 4, we will have our field trip to the Dodomites Bakery. Students should wear PE uniform and bring a small backpack to carry their lunch and water bottle. Students who have ordered school lunch will be provided with a packed lunch. We will miss Chinese so students do not need to bring their Chinese folders.


Gift of Kind Words

On December 11th at the 1A Christmas party, the students will exchange a “Gift of Kind Words” name poster to a friend. Each child will be given a name of one classmate. They are asked to decorate a small name poster with the child’s name (made of paper and construction paper) with kind words, drawings and decorations (sparkles, markers).  The poster should be no bigger than size A4. Please have your child be creative and use kind adjectives to describe their friend. Please check your child’s folder for more information on this.  A few students did not have their communication folders so it’s in their Chinese folder.


Winter Uniforms

A gentle reminder that as the weather begins to chill, students are expected to still be in full uniform. If they wear sweaters and jackets that are not CDNIS uniform in the morning, when they arrive, they are expected to keep them in their lockers/cubbies during the day.


Donations for Home of Love

Home of Love cares for needy families in Hong Kong by providing free meals and shelter. Donations being received include basic items such as blankets, diapers, towels, toothpaste, soap and non-perishable foods such as rice, cereal, noodles, canned meats, cooking oil, powdered milk, sugar, coffee and tea. Please bring donations to 1A and place it under our tree.


Highlights of the Week:


-We have started our first text type, writing to instruct. Students learned the structure and language features such as title, goal, materials, etc. Using photos, students wrote the procedure to making slime with a partner.


-We practiced building and recording addition stories and solving problems using different strategies.

Unit of Inquiry:

-Last week, students individually designed a maker’s space for the playground. This week, they presented their ideas in groups of 3 and collaborated on a final design. Students began creating a prototype for playground using cardboard.

-In preparation for our field trip on Monday, students wrote a procedure for how to make bread. This gave us an idea of our prior knowledge.


Have a great weekend!

Ms Kam

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