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5D Home learning: Here is a summary of the things we talked about on Wednesday afternoon before you went home.
Everything is Due on Tuesday 27th February. Please organise your time sensibly.
Email any time if you need clarification- although I’ll be in meetings each day until lunch , I’ll have time in the afternoon work in our classroom and respond.
  • Mathletics -Fraction/ Ratio
  • Khan Academy February 28th Goal is 70%
Personal Inquiry:
  • Please complete your personal Inquiry and share in an appropriate way. Class suggestions were google presentation, hand written poster, film, infographic etc…
  • Link to useful online resources:
    The WWA Symbaloo page has been updated.  G5WWA Personal Well Being
    • Share oral poetry on Flipgrid (Poetry: WWA Flip Code: 39ef93)
    • . The rubrics I will use for assessment are below…

Writing Prompt
  • Complete your Yes talent writing. We will use this to write up a blog post to reflect on the design thinking process for project. We will take photos of your final piece when you get back to school.
Book Club
  • Please make sure you have finished our book
  • Write a book review for your book to share at final sharing time.

Yes talent tickets & letter to parents

Cdnis Artist in Residence welcomes

YES Talent

30th Jan 2018


Dear Parents & Caregivers,








We are excited to invite you to the Grade 5 WEARABLE ART FASHION SHOW FOR A CAUSE as a part of their 4 week Artist in Residence program.


The fabulous Hong Kong based group of Fashion & Architecture graduates from HKU, PolyU and Chinese U called, YES Talent, have been working with our Grade 5 students as a part of their Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are: “Throughout life people experience change for different reasons”.


Students have been coming weekly to the new 12th floor innovation lab to work collaboratively in simulated Design Teams and create wearable art forms using mixed media – recyclables, up-cycled fabrics and wearable technology.

Our chosen charity is KIDS4KIDS www.kids4kids.org.hk a local charity that helps inspire kids to take action in their local community. We aim to raise funds for this wonderful cause, making meaningful local and global connections. We are asking for $50 donation at the door with the tickets below. And additional tickets can be obtained at the level 9 reception office.


Thank you and we look forward to a very exciting show and hope to see you there!




Ms Aly Trezise,

The Grade 5 Team

Yes Talent



     One Ticket with $50 donation to Kids4Kids  at the door                       One Ticket with $50 donation to Kids4Kids  at the door   

                                    Grade 5 Wearable Art Fashion Show for a Cause                                                          Grade 5 Wearable Art Fashion Show for a Cause                               

Happiness Talk

“I want my child to be happy” The wish and reality

LS Parent Coffee Morning, February 8 at LLAC, 8:00-9: 30am.  As parents, we want the best for our child, rush to help, soothe, and fix, it’s only natural. In this talk, Dr. Minna Chau will share her insight and research findings on how a certain kind of devotion to happiness creed hurts in long run, rather than help.  RSVP

5D Swimming Starts Next Week!

Dear Parents,

As you know Grade 4, 5 and 6 will be starting swimming next week as part of their PE Programme.
Please note the following:

Swim Hat Uniform
The Aquatic department and PE Department are introducing a PE swimming Hat Uniform. Students must wear a swim hat at the pool. Swim Hats are available from Aquatics office for only $20. Each hat is a high quality silicon hat with CDNIS and an animal printed on each side. All students are expected to have their Swimming Hats by week 2 of swimming

This block of swimming finishes on 28th March. As swimming is an important part of their PE Programme and a life long skill that all students should have, students are expected to attend each class. Students will only be excused for medical reasons. Swim staff are aware that some students may be nervous or anxious about swimming and will prepare to make the learning environment safe, fun and pleasant at all times.

Make up
If a class group misses a lesson, there will be make up lessons available. The Homeroom Teacher and Aquatics Department will arrange another suitable time and date. Note, there will be limited time allocations and days available.

Kind Regards

Darren McHugh