Secret Santa

5D will be celebrating Christmas with a Secret Santa Exchange on Tuesday 11th December. The children wanted to have this early so no one missed out. We have a few children leaving CDNIS or leaving early for the holidays. All the children have the names of their chosen student to get a gift for and have access to their ideas on google classroom. The maximum amount has been set at $150. Sorry for the late notice- it really only gives you this weekend or Monday to buy/make the gift.

We will also be having a Christmas Party on Thursday 20th December Period 1 and 2. As with the Halloween party, each student has a role to play and will reflect on the experience as part of the How We Organise Ourselves Unit. The classroom is already decorated!

I will be away on a conference on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th. While I am away the students will continue on with their usual Math (Measurement) and Literacy (Two present product designs) program but they are also lucky to enjoy a Faust performance and Vivian Fung will be taking them for Robotics.


Sports Day


LINK to Parent letter


Greetings Parents, Students and Caregivers,
The 2019 CDNIS Grade 5/6 Sports Day will take place on Tuesday,
Jan.22, 2019. The staff and grade 5 and 6 students will be participating in a
variety of athletic activities at the Stanley Ho Sports Complex in Sandy Bay. We
will be leaving the school at 8:15am and returning for dismissal prior to 2:20pm.
In preparation for the day, students will need to bring the following items:
• A healthy bagged lunch and snacks and healthy
beverages. No McDonald’s, etc.… Please. There will be no
school lunch provided on this day.
• A bottle(s) of water, which can be refilled at the sports
ground. Please label the water bottle with the student’s
name. Juice or Gator/PowerAde type drinks are also fine.
• A hat and sun block.
• Students should have a healthy breakfast that day. It would be a good
idea to bring a deck of cards to play with or a novel to read during
lunch break.
• Dress in your CDNIS PE uniform complete with sports
shoes. Bring extra appropriate clothing if the weather is
cold or rainy. Support your house colours.
Parents are welcome to come out and cheer you on. Students will begin competing at
approximately 9AM at the sports-ground.
Please inform your child’s homeroom teacher if you plan to drop off or pick up your child at
Sandy Bay Sports Ground.
Mr. Steiner and Mr. Wah

G5-6 Sports Day Schedule
Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019
8:15 Board bus at CDNIS on 7th floor
08:30-08:45 Arrive at Stanley Ho Sports Complex (Sandy Bay)
(Find class area in stands to leave personal items)
08:45-09:00 Warm-up on track if time permits.
9:00-9:15 Relay qualifier (G6 houses followed by G5 Houses)
9:15-10:45 G6’s off to Track Events
G5’s off to Games and Field events
10:45-10:55 Transition Time (bathroom, drinks, catch-up time)
10:55-12:25 G6’s off to Games and Field events
G5’s off to Track events
12:25-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:30 Relay Competitions followed by 100m finals
1:30-1:45 House Tug-o-War
1:45-2:00 Clean-up and gather personal belongings and
board bus back to CDNIS

Camp Reminder

Sorry for confusion, Grade 5 will be back from camp at 3:30pm, if you want your child to take the 4:10/4:20pm bus, please make contact KCM

A few more things:

1) Students in Group A, must wear their swimming clothes under the PE kit

2) ALL students arrive to school for camp in their PE kit on Wednesday

3) We expect to be back from camp at 3:30 PM on Friday. As a result, we will miss the 2:30/2:45 school buses.

Teachers will supervise the students till the 4:10/4:20 PM buses. If you plan to pick up your child, please come at 3:30 PM, if you want your child to go on the 4:10/4:20 PM buses, please inform KCM.

One Plus OneClick Run: Supporting Children with Special Needs in Hong Kong – Charity Walkathon’ 💕

Charity walkathon ORGANISED BY A G12 STUDENT….

‘OneClick’ is a non-profit website organized by the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the University of Hong Kong that provides support to children with special needs in Hong Kong, to their parents and carers.
Purpose of Event: To raise awareness for special needs children in Hong Kong
–       Paired Walk
– 3km or 5km (untimed) hand-in-hand walk
– Each team can have 2 or 3 participants
– Dogs 🐶🐶are welcome to join as participants
–    🎡Carnival booths
– Hosted by charity groups and supporting organizations
Date: 8 December 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 8:00AM – 12:00NOON
Venue: The Arcade, Cyberport
Eligibility: Open to public👨👩👧👧, dogs🐶 are welcome!
Main Organisers: University of HK, OneClick, Paediatric and Adolescent Department HKU
– General Public: HKD$150/Participant
– Free event registration for children with special needs and their parents
– Children aged 6 years and under free of charge but paired with an adult
– Registration fees from this event are targeted at covering all event-related costs. Any surplus will be used towards improving our ‘OneClick’ website.
Our Facebook is, and our Instagram is @hkoneclick. 

Request for Product Design Mentors

Dear 5D Parents,


We will soon begin designing our products for the Twopresents Project and we need some parent support. As you may know, we are taking action to support the Twopresents charity by providing digital products to be used on their website. Please check the Twopresents website if you would like more information about what this organisation does.


We need parents to help the teachers track the products the groups are creating and make sure they are following the criteria provided by Twopresents. Each group will really benefit from adult feedback about the design, content, spelling, grammar, and other specific details on the criteria.


If you are able to volunteer, please sign up on this Google doc, Parent Mentor Sign Up Schedule, in the times you are available. You can sign up for multiple times if you want.


While parent volunteers will be given a copy of the specific expectations, you may also want to join the briefing led by representatives from Twopresents that will take place in the LLAC Lobby on Nov. 21 at 1:10pm.  


#CharityChallenge Donations

#CharityChallenge Donations

As you know, Grade 5s have been working hard to prepare for the #CharityChallenge. CISPA Outreach has worked together with the Grade 5 teachers in this new initiative and has provided vital support to introduce the challenge, mentor finalist groups, and organise the #CharityChallenge finals on November 27 at 9:45 in the LLAC Auditorium. We would love it if parents could come to support and celebrate us during this special event.


#CharityChallenge is an authentic learning experience for students, which lays a good foundation for the Grade 6 Exhibition. We have researched about a specific charity, analysed speeches and pitches to gain a better understanding of persuasive techniques, and learned about how to plan, write and present a pitch. Many soft skills are also being developed throughout this learning journey as students organise a group to work towards a common goal. We are now on the final stretch of preparing our pitch to raise money for our charity.


Speaking of money, we would really appreciate parents supporting the #CharityChallenge to help the charity groups create an impact for a charity. Donations of $20 (or more e.g. $20, $40, $60 etc…) would be appreciated. Teachers will collect donations beginning next week. For every $20 dollar donation, students will receive a Charity Ticket that they can take to the finals and deposit into the box of the charity pitch they thought was best. We are thankful that  CISPA Outreach will match funding for any donations raised. Help the G5s take action!



Grade 5s are participating in a charity challenge where they will pitch a specific charity in order to get their peers to donate to it. Charity groups and have their charity assigned to them and our busy organising themselves into effective teams for the #CharityChallenge. 

Parents can talk to their child and ask them about their group’s organisation and give them advice on any group problems that arise throughout the project.

We have started researching about the charity. We need to understand the answers to these types of questions:

  • What is the purpose/mission of the charity?
  • What is their story?  Why are they doing what they do?
  • How is it organised to take effective action?
  • How do they help those who are in need? Where do they operate?
  • How will any donation dollars help the charity?

While online research is our first choice go to place to find out about a charity organisation, we are hoping some groups will be able to find other sources, perhaps direct communication with the charity or interviewing someone who has a connection to the charity. Parental support for this type of research is needed.

On Nov. 21st, we will have our #CharityChallenge class competition to choose the charity group that will go to the finals scheduled for November 27, 9:30 in the LLAC Auditorium. Parents are invited to attend as well, so mark your calendars! .

No Home Learning Grid This Week

With all the changes to schedule and House Spirit day, robotics starting and assembly on Friday we will not have time to share the grid Home Learning this week.

The Newsela articles may be challenging this week as they are about famous speeches. Please ask your parents to help or chat about them as they may use specialised language and be quite complicated. Please complete the quiz tonight then bring back to school so we can analyse them using the P.E.R.S.U.A.D.E template.

Field Trip (Wednesday) DDD for House Spirit Day (Friday) and Date change for Body Science #2

Tuesday PE (Please wear PE Kit)

Or PE Wednesday lesson has be changed to Tuesday due to Asbury Trip.

Wednesday HWOO Field Trip: (Please wear PE Kit and bring $20 donation for activity)

Asbury Methodist Social Services Field Trip

Grade 5 has an exciting trip planned to visit Asbury Methodist Social Services. Asbury works with 300+ families in different capacities. These families all live in subdivided homes that are around 150 square feet in size. We will be specifically visiting their homes  in Tsuen Wan. We have been looking at a range of social issues in Hong Kong and this trip will allow us to see how an organisation has responded to the needs of new immigrants.


What are some of the problems new immigrants are facing in Hong Kong? What are organisations like Asbury doing to help? What could we do to help? This field trip connects to our current unit of inquiry of How We Organise Ourselves. During our visit to the Ashbury Service centre students will have a chance to understand the function of an organisation and how all the parts work together to serve a purpose.


As part the visit, students will be learning about the needs of immigrant families from social workers at Asbury. Once we have learned about the organisation and the people it serves, the Asbury social workers will lead small groups of students with a parent volunteer or teacher to go to a market and buy some provisions for one of the families.


Asbury has found some families that are willing to open their homes to visitors. We will be delivering the supplies that we purchase to one of these families as part of our action. Students will see first-hand the living conditions of a family and be able to interact with them. It’s also a great chance for them to practice their Mandarin since the immigrant families are from mainland China.


We ask that parents send $20 with their child as a donation. The students will use this money to purchase the supplies at a market.


For more information about Asbury, you can visit

Friday: House Spirit Day (Please wear “enhanced” PE Kit)

Friday, November 16 during Periods 5 and 6 is House Day: Students will have the opportunity to partake in activities designed to build relationships with students from various grades. Students will need to wear their House Shirt and their PE kits for their bottoms. Students can also accessorise to enhance their outfits.

Date Change for Body Science #2

Unfortunately Ms. Williams will be away this Thursday so she will come in Friday 16th November Periods 1 and 2 to teach the second lesson.