HWEO Fashion Supplies

Before you consider going out and purchasing your materials, have a think and see if there is an alternative that can be reused or recycled. Be inspired by the key points of ‘fast fashion’ in the netflix documentary, True Cost. Our upcycling designer, Kevin Cheung, is tackling the problem of excess plastic by upcycling. What can you do for your design product?


If you must go out and buy materials, Sham Sui Po is a good place to start. Check out this blog for ideas on where you can go.

Swimming for 5D Starts Wednesday!

Dear Parents,

Grade 4, 5 and 6 will be starting swimming from tomorrow as part of their PE Programme.

Please note the following:


Swim Hat Uniform

The Aquatic department and PE Department have a PE swimming Hat Uniform policy . Students must wear a swim hat at the pool.  Student can purchase their own Swim Hat or purchase them from Aquatics office $20. Each hat is a high quality silicon hat with CDNIS and an animal printed on each side. All students are expected to have their Swimming Hats by week 2 of swimming



This block of swimming finishes on 12th April. As swimming is an important part of their PE Programme and a lifelong skill that all students should have, students are expected to attend each class. Students will only be excused for medical reasons.

Swim staff are aware that some students may be nervous or anxious about swimming and will prepare to make the learning environment safe, fun and pleasant at all times.


Teaching / Grouping

For PE school swimming students from each class are divided into 4 animal groups and although they are based on ability, levels can vary greatly within each class with some classes of  similar ability and others having a wider range of swimming ability. As classes change each year, your son / daughter may be in the same ‘animal level’ from last year although they have improved in swimming ability.


For PE school swimming, although we focus on technique and stroke correction, a large part of the class is also focused on water confidence and safety in and around water. We will practice life jackets, safe entries, survival swimming and learning through fun games.

Make up classes

If a class group misses a lesson, there will be make up lessons available. The Homeroom Teacher and Aquatics Department will arrange another suitable time and date. Note, there will be limited time allocations and days available.

Kind Regards,

Darren McHugh (Head of Aquatics Programme)

LEAP Programme

Dear Grade 4-6 Students,

What is LEAP?


The LEAP program is an opportunity for students who are passionate about taking action to participate in a 2 day (one and a half day) workshop that teaches students leadership skills and how to take action.

We would like to use this workshop to build up future leaders and help create excitement about joining Lower School Student Council.

When is LEAP?


Day 1 will be held on March 5th from 8:30 – 2:20. It will be outdoors at Aberdeen Country Park. Day 2 will be held at CDNIS on March 7th from 11:40 – 2:20.

What do I need to do?


  • Have a look at this program video : LEAP Promo Video
  • Students need to return the application forms to their teachers. It is important that teachers fill out the recommendation with detail as we would like strong candidates who are: self-motivated, work well in groups, have strong communication skills, and most importantly are passionate about taking action
  • We will come around to collect the forms



Applications can be found on the 8th, 13th and 14th floor.
Applications are due to homeroom teachers on Tues, Feb 19th. We will collect them from you on Thurs, Feb 21st.
If you have any questions, please contact Holly, Keren, Sajinda, Chris or I.
Thank you for your support in building up future leaders!
House NGO’s:

Raven- feeding Hong Kong

Bear- Room to Read

Mountain lion- Kids 4 kids

Orca- plastic Free seas


CDNIS UNICEF Club: Winter Clothing Drive

Lower School, we need YOUR help! The CDNIS UNICEF Club will be hosting a winter clothing drive from Monday, January 14th – Friday, January 19th. All donations will be sent to Christian Action, a Hong Kong-based NGO, that helps refugees in Hong Kong. Boxes for clothing drop-offs will be located on the 9th, 7th, 6th, and 3rd floors. For additional information on donation items, please refer to the posters below. With so much of the cold season still ahead, continued efforts to help those who need it most will mean so much.
UNICEF Winter Clothing Drive Poster.png
UNICEF Winter Clothing Drive Poster 2 (1).png