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  • September 5, 2018 - christinawu


    Dear parents, All my students have been introduced quizlet as a tool to review words. We will spend time on practicing so that your child could be familiar with this tool. Students can use iPad or computer to use quizlet. Please see the procedure below: go to  ( link ) or download quizlet from app […]

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  • 二年級的家長可以閱讀這篇寫作指導,希望能對您有所幫助。一年級MHL的家長也可以看看,雖然一年級沒有寫作要求,但是在寫句子的時候,您也可以依據這篇文章對孩子進行指導,同時能夠明白二年級的要求。謝謝! 各位家長好, 最近二年級在課堂上進行了寫作練習。在批改的過程中,我發現了一些問題。這些問題是很多同學在寫作中都會出現的問題,因此今天在課堂上我們進行了仔細地分析。今天的工作紙是看圖寫句子,是寫作練習。希望家長在輔導功課的時候,注意提醒孩子今天在課堂上討論過的問題: 1.格式-我們在開始段落寫作時要空兩格。 2.標點符號-請提醒孩子在寫作時,該停頓的時候就需要打上標點符號。但是請不要告訴孩子標點的位置。你可以在孩子寫好之後,讓孩子讀讀他寫好的句子。如果他停下來了,你可以問問:「為什麼你停下來?」啓發他們明白一般換氣的時候就是需要打上標點符號的時候。 3.句子的連貫性-孩子在寫句子的時候,句子和句子之間沒有關係。 回家做寫作練習的時候,你可以按照以下步驟(這也是我們上課時指導孩子寫作的步驟) 1.讀題,明白題目要求 2.看圖,請孩子說一說。這個時候,你可以糾正孩子在句子結構上的錯誤。 3.定好時間請孩子獨立寫作。你可以請孩子自己說說今天的作業大概需要的時間。 4.寫完之後,請孩子檢查。 5.孩子檢查完之後家長可以再檢查。如果有錯誤,請告訴孩子是什麼問題,讓他們自己再檢查。比如說,您發現有標點問題,您可以說,寫得很好,但是標點有錯誤,自己再檢查。 孩子自己能找到自己在寫作中的問題是很重要的。在教孩子檢查的時候,你可以指導孩子檢查以下幾個方面: 1.格式2.錯字3.句子結構4.句子之間的關係5.標點符號 二年級,學生開始練習寫作了。希望我們共同努力,讓孩子擁有一個良好的寫作習慣。謝謝您的支持! 吳老師         Dear Parents, G2 MHL has started to write short paragraphs in class. I have found some common problems in the class. Today, we have discussed these problems with the students in class. While you support […]

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  • August 24, 2012 - christinawu

    An Old Topic “Interest”

    Many friends think that I wouldn’t have problems of educating my children, however, I am just like you. Everyday I am tired of saying” Hurry up!” ” Quickly!” “if you… I will…” Being a teacher for 14 years, I am still learning children. In mum’s eyes, her own child is always special and always have something […]

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  • October 29, 2010 - christinawu

    First Language, Second Language, BIlingualism

    When I studied teaching second language in the university, my professor said to me that if a child learns two language from young age, he wouldn’t be smart. He would be idiot. I argued with him. I showed many examples in my previous school. Many students can talk in 2 or 3, even 4 languages […]

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  • October 2, 2010 - christinawu

    Don’t Be In A Hurry!

    As a language teacher, it’s understandable that I wish that my child could learn Chinese in both oral and written at a very early age. Since he was born, I talked with him, read stories, sang songs, did everything that I think could stimulate his brain to develop his language. However, He started to talk […]

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  • September 21, 2010 - christinawu

    Sharing With Parents

    As a language teacher and a parent, I would like to share my personal experience, education philosophy, teaching practice, etc with you all. This is a platform that we can share what we have with our own children, happiness, concerns, worries, etc. Hope you like it.

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