My name is Wu Xuan(Wu laoshi). Welcome to CDNIS. I hope that everyone have a wonderful and successful school year! I use this blog to communicate with parents with regard to homework, Mandarin unit information, Chinese events, learning materials, and etc. On the top menu, you can select your child’s Mandarin group. Under each category, you can find Homework and Updates. Under “sharing with parents”, I share articles of Mandarin learning and introduce books that are suitable for your child. In the middle of the website, I will update photos or movies of Mandarin learning. On the right side,  you may choose some website for your child to learn and enjoy at home. On the left side, you can subscribe my blog daily and see coming news. I will try to put homework everyday before 5:oo p.m.

If you have suggestions, please contact me by email – christinawu@cdnis.edu.hk or see me in CCC Song classroom.

This year, we have a new Chinese librarian. If you visit school library, you could see Chinese library and meet our new Chinese librarian. We also have started to build our Chinese library system. Please visit the website Chinese Library Website and explore! 


謝謝您對我工作的支持。如果您有疑問和建議,請發信至我的郵箱 christinawu@cdnis.edu.hk或者到弘漢軒宋朝的教室和我見面。



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