A Full Week!

Experiments! Science! 

This week we’ve been wrapping up our How the World Works unit. This has involved lots of experiments, and accessing our scientific knowledge to figure out the WHY? There was lots of engagement, various levels of time management and lots of reflecting back on our thinking throughout the unit.


Explanation Writing

Good science comes with good explanations. Thus, our writing focus during this unit has been explaining the scientific processes and principles we’ve been finding out about. This week the focus has been on revising for traits of this text form. We brainstormed what we should be revising for and then worked with peers and teachers with a checklist.


International Library Day

Thanks to CISPA, Ms. Williams, and Ms. McClusky for putting on an excellent international library day. We all loved the opportunity to develop our international mindedness in the library!!!



Number Sense – Conceptual Understandings

We are using a variety of strategies to develop conceptual understandings of place value and big numbers. Conceptual understanding is a key component of being a good communicator in Math.

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