May 22-26 Update!

– Thinking about fractions as decimals and percentages
– Next week on to patterning and probability!


– Frog Belly Rat Bone
– word choice and story structure
– watched this short film, Lune et lautre
– practiced sequencing a story
– how to build suspense
– trick the audience with a plot twist or change in character

New literacy centres
– challenging yourself to practice using new and more complex word choice in a short story
– periods, commas and semicolons (choose which punctuation you would like to practice)
– sentence fragments, run on sentences, complex sentences
– choose your own writing goal for one period
– write a narrative (news story, realistic short story, one part of a larger story) about a natural disaster

– author’s secrets
– ellipsis to build suspense
– foreshadowing
– In the News – exploring current events, summarising & looking for the main ideas

– Practiced preparing for and responding to natural disasters
– diamond ranking about what is most important in a i.e. ice storm
– started playing the game ‘Disaster Master’ to see how close we were
– next week wrap up playing the game and intro to our disaster project!

Upcoming Events 

Grade 4 Party! Friday June 2nd!
Friday June 2nd will be the Grade 4 party.  We are staying on campus and have lots of fun things in store 🙂

G4A Class Party! Morning of Wednesday June 7th!
Parents! You are invited to join us on Wednesday June 7th from 8:00-9:10 to celebrate our year in Grade 4, have some fun awards and enjoy!

4A Swim Party! Afternoon of Wednesday June 7th!
From 11:40am-1:00pm we will be taking over the pool! Please remember bathing suits, towels and a change of clothes. Goggles may be a good idea too!



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This Week in 4A!


Literacy – News of the week, sharing and thinking about the big ideas as well as creative writing.  We focussed on developing strong characters and practiced various strategies throughout the week.

UOI – STOP DISASTERS! 4A had fun exploring with this educational game about the different ways communities can prepare for, and respond to, natural disasters.  Options included forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons.  We will follow up with this next week as well as prepare for our project based learning about natural disaster prep and relief!

Math – Comparing fractions with various strategies, manipulative and games.  Next week, decimals, percentages and into to probability!

Upcoming Events!


4A Class Celebration – Parents Welcome!

We will celebrate our year in 4A on the morning of June 7th, 2017 from 8:00am-9:10/9:30am.  We will ask Mr. Dean to re-schedule PE so we can have some extra time to celebrate on this morning.  If students and parents wish to stay to snack, chat and party through recess, no problem, keep the good times rolling!



Get your goggles and swim suits! We have the pool! Wednesday June 7th from 11:40am-1:00pm! 4A is super excited and we are all set to go!

A note to the 4A Animals…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.03.37 am

You are all the actual best people, ever!  I have had to miss quite a lot of school this year for my surgery and to get over some nasty bugs going around the Lower School! I am always so amazed at how you are able to lead when I am away, making sure that our routines are kept up like usual.  Thursday is In The News for the Morning Meeting activity, and our leaders, Caitlyn and Helena took charge to post reading prompts on our Google Classroom.  WELL DONE! I am so happy to see you thinking and talking about BIG IDEAS to get people to really understand the most important information in their articles.  You are all leaders, and have pushed yourselves so much this year.  It is really quite amazing how much each of you have grown and changed 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss B.

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Weekly Update

Congratulations 4A on Your Assembly!

It takes a ton of planning and work to put on an assembly, and you all worked extremely hard!  We started more than 10 minutes late which made it challenging to get through everything we had planned.  We will share our iMovie at the end of the year assembly, so no worries!  It will be shared!  Thank you parents for taking time out of your busy days to come and share this with the 4A Animals.  They were very excited for you to be here today!

You created all of the scripts, skits and ideas collaboratively, and I am very proud of the work you put in to create everything.  It has also been amazing watching your passions about different environmental issues grow throughout our last unit.  You each found something you felt passionate about and have taken action to spread awareness.  Well done!  Have a fabulous weekend and looking forward to jumping into our new unit focussed around preparation and response to natural disasters!

Parents, you can check out the full version of our assembly by clicking on the following link: Final Copy of 4A Animals Assembly

Upcoming Events!


For Parents!
Morning Awards & Snacks!  Join us Wednesday June 7th from 8:30 am – 9:10 am to celebrate our year in Grade 4!  We can also share our iMovie with parents during this time as well.  

For 4A!
We are still planning what we will be doing.  There is a small chance we may be able to have a pool party at the CDNIS pool! I will try my best on this one! This would also be on Wednesday June 7th from 11:40 am -1:00 pm.

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Weekly Update

This Week in 4A!
UOI – wrapping up with personal inquiries into an issue of human interaction and the effects on ecosystems to show our understanding of the central idea.  4A is deciding how they would like to share the overall ideas and spread awareness.

Math – wrapping up with equivalent fractions, moving on to comparing and simplifying fractions


Reading – Shared reading to tune in to our new unit about preparing for and responding to natural disasters.  In partners and groups of three, 4A explored the main ideas, how did people prepare? How did they respond?

Writing – research, jot notes, writing about connections to the key concepts and summarising their big ideas/major take aways

Assembly Prep!
1. Whole group brain storming (sticky note ideas)
2. Whole group planning
3. Todays discussion about the 4 main events we would like our assembly to consist of:

4. Students choose part of the assembly they are interested in creating

Reader’s Theatre Group
Awesome work today thinking about the different ‘Author’s Secrets’ we have learned/studied in stories and books this year.  They thought about how to structure a narrative and then collaborated to come up with the events.  Super creative and we are excited to share the ideas with the rest of 4A, and eventually, with parents!


Sharing the Planet Skit – Group Planning
This group was hard at work on their brainstorming and planning process.  Next step is creating the script!


Upcoming Events!

4A Assembly

This Friday May 12th we invite you to celebrate 4A from 1:40 – 2:20 in the Alan Dick Forum.  Parents are welcome to join us in the seats at the top of the Forum.


For Parents!
Morning Awards & Snacks!  Join us from 8:30 am – 9:10 am to celebrate our year in Grade 4!

For 4A!
We are still planning what we will be doing.  There is a small chance we may be able to have a pool party at the CDNIS pool! I will try my best on this one!



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Weekly Update

Upcoming Events

Year end party planning…
I will ask 4A what they would like to do, but it would be nice to invite parents in for a little bit to celebrate our year.  Last year we had a 4A pool party – I can see what the Animals think about this and post next week.

MAY 12th 4A ASSEMBLY at 1:40pm
It’s coming up quickly! Calling all performers, if you had auditioned earlier in the year, start practicing and preparing again.  We will keep you updated if 4A needs to be practicing certain things/preparing scripts at home.

This Week in 4A

Shared Reading & Short Story Writing

We started our Narrative writing with a conversation based around the question ‘What Makes a Story a Story?’  4A came up with a really interesting range of ideas and we decided that a story can take many forms, but its purpose is to inform or entertain readers.


These are some of their ideas

  • News stories
  • Creative stories & fictional stories
  • Realistic fiction
  • fables/stories with a lesson or moral

Author’s Secrets

  • Voice
  • Word choice
  • Developing interesting characters
  • Using humour to engage your reader

Second, we read  Where the Wild Things Are,’ and practiced with a new narrative short story quick write about a daydream or dream incorporating the elements of a short story narrative (setting/place, events, main event/a complication, resolution).  We will be working up to writing our own disaster narratives based on our new UOI about preparing and responding to natural disasters.

MathWeek 1 Fractions Centers (using the vocabulary of fractions, understanding fractions, thinking about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions & equivalent fractions, partner games and creating your own lesson about equivalent fractions)

UOI – Wrapping up our Sharing the Planet UOI by making connections about our daily choices and the impacts they have on the environment. Many valuable conversations and questions came up while exploring these resources. Check it out here.

CIS/WASC Parent Survey

Thank you to all of the parents that have already completed the Endicott Survey. This 15 minute online survey is a valuable way for parents to share their perspective on many different aspects of our school. Your feedback provides an opportunity to identify areas that are strengths of CDNIS and where we can improve. While both parents are welcome to take the survey, we ask that at least one parent per household participate in the survey which will be open until Wednesday, May 3. You may find the survey at  and the code is CNP2017205. For more information, please see the letter sent by Jon Adams last week. If you have any questions about the CIS/WASC Accreditation process, please email Jon Adams.
Weekly Feature(s)!


I was so proud of the 4A Animals and their whole hearted approach to Green Week this year.  Roots & Shoots members were also quite busy taking action as well.  Check it out below!

Posters to advertise student-led Green Week Events!

Leah & Fiona’s Presentation about ‘Human Interaction with our Environment’

Microbeads Workshop led by Roots & Shoots Members for Grade 2-5 students


Gardening Workshop – Led by students, for other students!

Planting wildflower seeds to attract the bugs we need in our gardens!
If we have lady bugs, they will eat many of the pests that also want to eat our gardens.  Also, we learned that attracting flying insects will help to grow more plants on our roof.

Interesting Read about Reading Comprehension 

Leading up to the summer holiday, here are many of the strategies that we spiral back to throughout the year in centers, small group work, shared reading and guided reading opportunities. To keep those thinking skills going over the summer, there are some great suggestions on how to help learners.

7 Ways to teach reading comprehension (teachers and parents)


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This Short Week in 4A

It was super nice getting back and seeing all of the 4A Animals!  We started off Wednesday morning with our usual morning meeting, and it was really nice to see everyone smiling, laughing and just enjoying being back together.  It is hard to believe we only have 8 weeks left together as the 4A Animals!

Upcoming Dates:

Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLRs) are coming up this Friday, April 28th.

Please watch this video to learning about the purpose, structure and roles of the parents and students at a Student Led Learning Review.

GreenWeek update from Smriti and Kim
Here are some of the great things we will be up to around CDNIS next week:
GreenWeek 2017 is from April 24 – 28 and the whole community can engage in all things environmental in various ways (see schedule)! GreenWeek includes a Plastic Free Seas boat experience, a hands-on CDNIS uniform upcycling workshop, pre-order buying local organic produce at our “Farmers Market” event, a “Swap, Not Shop!” clothing exchange for adult clothes, a GreenWeek Cinema in the Forum & OneDoor, even a Green DDD and more! Start signing up your classes and encourage your students to participate!  Events for us big kids (staff) included!


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This Week in 4A…

Happy Spring Holiday!  I hope you have a wonderful week with the 4A Animals and I look forward to hearing all about their adventures when we return from break!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 2.32.19 pm

Here’s what we got up to this week…

Math – We started with a pre-assessment for Fractions.  We highlighted areas that we need more practice.  Next step is going to the Google Classroom and working through the levelled quizzes on ‘That Quiz.’  Everyone has created a reflective Google Doc where they can record areas that are challenging for them, and celebrate the areas that they feel confident.  

Fractions, decimals and percentages are challenging areas for Grade 4s. By reflecting on what they know, and need to learn, 4A can choose from levelled practice options and create their own Math Menus.  Differentiated Math Menus can help target the specific skills each learner needs practice with.  There will be a nice mix of individual practice, partner practice, games and online learning options (such as Khan Academy videos) to help with visual note taking and approaching concepts from different angles.

Literacy – Reflective writing about personal, learning and relationship goals as well as their time at G4 Camp!  Please check out their posts! They are always elated to have comments from friends, and especially from family!

4A has access to all of the camp photos as well! Enjoy them through Google Drive 🙂

UOI – As our Sharing the Planet Unit comes to a close, 4A has many exciting ideas for contributing to Green Week.

Here are some of the pieces of ‘action’ they would like to take:

  • Starting an explore HK initiative for other G4 students (inspired by Laurel Chor’s talk about getting outside and appreciating the amazing natural world around us!)
  • Running Microbeads workshops for other students during Green Week
  • Creating posters to spread awareness about stopping the trade of Ivory in HK
  • Beach clean up and exploration
  • Rooftop gardening workshops to teach other students about how to grow plants at home/on the roof.

We will formally wrap up our Sharing the Planet Unit when we return from Easter Break 🙂



APRIL 28th Student Led Learning Reviews

Please watch this video to learning about the purpose, structure and roles of the parents and students at a Student Led Learning Review.


Weekly Feature


Hong Kong Elephant Society

4A and Roots & Shoots Club are particularly passionate about changing the HK legislation surrounding ivory sales.  Especially in putting pressure on the government to change the proposed plan for making ivory sales illegal in 5 years time.  4A strongly believes this should happen as soon as possible as some experts project that all african elephants could be extinct in just 10 years time.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 1.24.40 pm

Ask your child what they learned either from class discussions or from being a part of the lunchtime guest lecture.  They are really passionate about this issue and have great ideas for taking action when we return from Spring Break, especially for Green Week!

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This Week in 4A (March 27-31)

4A is extremely excited! This is definitely a HUGE highlight of the year.  Thank you, parents, for all of your support in helping prepare everyone for this adventure.



Weekly Feature

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 7.11.14 PM

On Tuesday, March 27th Grade 4 welcomed guest speaker, Laurel Chor, Ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute HK who also established the  Hong Kong Explorers Initiative.

Check out her TedX Talk here:
Hong Kong: Welcome to the Jungle | Laurel Chor | TEDxWanChaiWomen

This talk covers much of what Grade 4 was fortunate to hear today!

Some of Jot Notes/highlights for 4A:
40% HK land protected
A lot of ppl want to take that away
Current leader is trying to turn public land into public housing

Not paying attention to the environment – what happens?
HK is only 1/4 developed
1/3 of all of China’s bird species
Mai po bird watching (can see many of China’s bird species here)
Barking deer
Golden coin turtle and only place you can find them in the wild is in HK because they have been hunted to extinction
We have more coral species than in the Caribbean
More reef fish than Hawaii
There is wildlife in all urban areas – not just HK

What happens when we expand our environment?
People are spending less and less time in nature
Average time spent outside 2houra and under
Nature needs is more than ever
Some scientists believe More plastic than fish by 2050
1/2 of the world’s forests destroyed
Nature needs us but we also need nature
Spending time outside makes us want to protect it
HK explorers initiative- join us for snorkeling in deep water bay
Beach clean ups

Why should we care?

1823- call to report dead pink Dolphins
Documentary about the illegal wildlife trade in Asia – Laurel posed as a buyer and went undercover in a market

Why filmmaking?


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Camp Reminders

Dear 4A,

I hope you are having a great start to your evening and are super excited for camp tomorrow!  

 Just a couple of reminders:

We will not have PE in the morning as we are leaving at 8:30 am!  Please wear your PE uniform to school tomorrow still.

LEAVE your large bag on the 7th floor – we will come back down to pick it up at 8:25.

 Bring a rain jacket and a warm sweater in case of rain! There is definitely indoor shelter at Treasure Island Camp, but you will want to have some warm clothes just in case.

 BRING A LUNCH tomorrow ONLY.  You may also bring sealable snacks.

 Wear your PE uniform with your swimsuit underneath so you are ready to go!

 You can find the packing list on the G4 Camp 2017 Page of this blog for one last reminder!  Looking so forward to G4 Camp and some time outside with all of you fabulous people!

Miss Brown 


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March 24th Weekly Update

This gallery contains 2 photos.

4A Girls Playdate! This was SO sweet last week!  All of the girls were buzzing with excitement about their plans for a fun filled Friday afternoon together.  Amazing memories for them and it is so nice to see such a … Continue reading

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