Dance Notes 12th of April

Dance Notes 12th of April

Well, that week is over.

Prep completed their spotlights. The show is available on livestream – please check your child’s See Saw account for the link information.

Grade 6 Exhibition Opening Ceremony is beginning to take shape, with the different parts being put together.

LS Dance ASA took a break this week because of Evening of the Arts, where US Dance ASA performed.

It’s been a looong week. Roll on the holidays!!!!

Dance Notes 4th April 2019

Dance Notes 4th April 2019

Prep students are starting to put together all the parts of their spotlight and it has been fun to watch. We moved to the theatre this week to help our little ones with getting used to the different (much bigger and quite overwhelming) space. Language has been a big part of this engagement, and to support them, I have recorded several parts. This takes a lot of pressure off the little ones, and keeps things fun and emotionally safe for them, in line with long established research.

Grade 6 students have learned most of the parts of their Exhibition Opening Ceremony and, like jigsaw puzzle pieces, we have started putting the parts together.

US Dance Squad has completed their dance for the upcoming performance April 11. The students are very excited, and are already planning for the performance in June.

LS Dance Troupe completed their choreography for their June performance. There has been some talk about adding in an extra performance somewhere. Stay tuned!

And what else? Grade 5 and 4 have been starting to voice their choices and put together the parts for their spotlights which are slated for May.

And that is the last fortnight in a nutshell. Enjoy the long weekend! My plans are to get some sorely needed sleep.

Dance Notes 22nd March 2019

Dance Notes 22nd March 2019

No rest for the wicked!

Prep is well under way with their spotlight rehearsals, learning songs and movement and instruments which all form part of their show. I am currently pulling together the framework, adjusting the content and getting the kids to practice!

Grade 6 has started with the many different parts that will come together like a jigsaw to create their PYPx Opening Ceremony. Transition choreography for some parts were learned this week and students revised their physical theatre pieces.

Grade 5 has started planning their spotlight, which will feature parts from their year in PA and dance from PE, as has Grade 4. Definitely no rest in sight!

Grade 1 is frontloading for their Artist in Residence, coming in early April – Cantonese Opera, which involves sound and movement.

PYPx students working on a dance project as their focus for the exhibition have started meeting with me in recent weeks, and are busy choreographing and thinking about how their ideas can be expressed in movement.

US Dance Squad – the students are on Experience Week so the session was suspended this week.

LS Dance Troupe was slightly smaller in number due to Grade 3 camp and illness; the students however started a rather fun canon part to their hip hop number and worked on their solo sections.

Enjoy your weekend! Mine involves working. Four weeks of illness means I have a backlog.

Dance Notes 15th March 2019

Dance Notes 15th March 2019

This week, I was back with grade 6, preparing for the PYP exhibition. Students kicked off the preparations by writing their thoughts about passion. These will be used as part of the opening ceremony. In the interim, planning for the framework and flow of student movement was a huge part of the week.

As well as this, students interested in dance as part of their exhibition came to asked that I work with them and this mentorship started this week.

Ms Butler and I have teamed up for Grade 5 and Grade 4 spotlights, and some forward thinking for these were done this week.

Students in Prep are well on their way in preparations for their spotlight. Creating props for their parts is nearly done, and words for songs are being learned. Preps A & C are being put into their final groups for the performance. Prep B and F are practicing their parts for their performance, and Prep D and E are learning how to manage their (large-ish) props and continue to make movement.

LS Dance Troupe worked on their solo/duo parts for their Student Showcase. There were some excellent ideas coming from the dancers!

The US Dance Squad have decided to add some really challenging moves to their number and although they comprise only a total of about 15 seconds in their performance on April 11, learning and practicing these moves took the entire session this week. They will certainly wow the audience!

Dance Notes 8th of March

Dance Notes 8th of March

Happy International Women’s Day!

A solid week this week.

Grade 1 students had their final classes. They reflected on how they have used creativity in their movements in the different engagements in Dance; they also considered what had been their favourite things to do.

Grade 3 students were also in their final week. As they had Spotlight this week as well, they were extremely busy with a variety of preparations. Their Spotlight went really well and they can be proud of their efforts.

Prep students continued preparing for their spotlights. Some classes focused on creating props for their songs, some on creating patterns for their instruments and some on creating movement for their dance.

LS Dance Troupe did not have class this week as I was unwell.

US Dance Squad nailed around half of their choreography for their appearance in Evening of the Arts on April 11. They are working hard on extending what they completed in their previous choreography and challenging themselves further.

Dance Notes 1st of March 2019

Dance Notes 1st of March 2019

Another packed and frenetic week.

Grade 1 students used their improvisation skills built up over the last few weeks to put together a small pose/movement/pose vignette. It required lots of thought and creativity (their key word) as they had to show a variety of levels and directions, a variety of shapes and tempos and still work within a given amount of time.

Grade 3 students are finalising their spotlight piece for the coming show. They are confident dancers and are learning to combine song with dance – always challenging.

Prep students have started work on their spotlights in April. Each class will be doing something different. Classes voted on singing, dancing or using instruments and each expressive lens is being used to explore a short story. Meeting with the Chinese department has added a little more depth, in line with honouring the host culture and valuing the Chinese programme in the school.

LS Dance Troupe continued working on their item for the student showcase later in the year. They will be working their own solo sections in the coming weeks.

US Dance Squad – with visits from Ms Sauer and Mr Krawchuk, showing our dancers some cool ideas, the US Dance Squad took a slight detour from the task at hand to experiment and explore. A fun session with loads of ideas was had by all.

Slightly belated posting – I have been ill.


Dance Notes 22nd February 2019

Dance Notes 22nd February 2019

A somewhat-to-schedule week…. a blessing!

Prep learned a new greeting song and some thinking was done towards their coming Spotlight. Students wrote and drew about their preferences for a class activity for the performance before Chinese New Year. I finally had some time to go through pictures and collate the information and learn the majority preference for each class. This week, students learned what that preference was. Some discussion, exploring and sharing about what their own part might look like was the focus this week.

Grade 1 students worked more with positive and negative space, using larger and larger groups. Depending on each other to make interesting shapes is a key part of this exercise and this links lightly with their unit of inquiry central idea. They also started working with peripheral vision exercises. All of these engagements develop the dance elements of space (position, location) and relationships (location, proximity).

Grade 3 students have a coming Spotlight and each class has a section to dance in a group song. Students choreographed their own section and have been working on the opening and closing and remembering to move forward when it is their turn. They have created some lovely little routines!

ASA US Dance Squad dancers are well on their way towards their Evening of the Arts performance on April 11. It is a great hip hop number to … wait for it … classical music!

ASA LS Dance Troupe dancers had the first section of their dance completed this week. It is fast, so the students were working on getting comfortable with the details. They also discussed costume.

Coming weeks are going to be super busy. Keep an eye out for Twitter (@LSPerfArtsCDNIS), this blog and its film and photographs page, which will be updated whenever I have a spare moment.


Dance Notes 15th February 2019

Dance Notes 15th February 2019

Welcome back!

Students in Grade One continued to consider how creativity could be harnessed when developing movement. They played with positive and negative space, developing interesting shapes. This will be a continued focus in the coming week.

Students in Grade Three are putting together their section of a grade level dance that will be performed in Spotlight. After working on describing the CDNIS culture, they put together a series of movements that they felt matched those words. Then they figured out how well their movements fit to their section of the music and refined and edited their ideas accordingly. A few grades narrowed down everyone’s work to three key steps and then developed short sequences using those three steps. Other grades preferred showcasing their own ideas.

Students in Prep also worked with positive and negative space, and did some drumming using their hands instead of an instrument. They are being encouraged to move freely in different ways when music is playing which has been successful.

LS and US Dance groups looked at their LNY performances, figuring what worked well and what, in an ideal world, they would change. LS Dance group has decided on their next piece of music and started choreography for their next performances. US Dance group are wavering between a few musical choices but have a good idea of the kinds of movements they wish to use.

An Artist in Residence, Mr Bill Bowers, was in school this week, working with the second grade students. Grades 1-3 were lucky enough to watch him perform. Mr Bowers is a Mime, working in the tradition of Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin. This rare and astounding art form uses movement and silence to create stories. Students were spellbound.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Dance Notes 1st Feb 2019

Dance Notes 1st Feb 2019

Happy New Year!

We finally made it. Despite setbacks, difficulties, surprises, illnesses and the usual trying to squeeze fifty hours of learning into five, we got to this point on the calendar. Is the Nian a real monster, or does it represent the challenges and slog that we all face, and we must try to defeat these obstacles in order to head into the new year positively? Something to think about…..

A quieter week for Prep (is that possible???) We spent some time looking at how Laban grouped his 8 movements into Percussive, Vibratory, Sustained and Swinging subsets. The students were excellent at identifying which movements belonged in which groups and viewing examples helped their own ideas and creativity when they moved.

Grade 1 continued to explore what creativity means to them when moving. They were invited to view some of Twist and Pulse’s choreography (available on Youtube) as this dance duo is extremely creative, twisting story and dance in an engaging and artistic way.

Grade 3 were invited to come up with a “first draft” of movement sequences that described the culture of CDNIS from the students’ perspectives. There were some *great* ideas! You will see this in their coming Spotlight!

This week was performance week for US and LS dance groups – LS did their butterfly piece and US their hip hop piece at the Lunar New Year shows. They can be proud of their self-choreographed work. Coming up – LS are hoping to perform at a DDDFFF and US at an evening of the arts. Stay tuned!

Have an amazing holiday everyone! We hit the ground running when we get back!!! Gong Xi Fa Chai/Gong He Fat Choy!