We made it!

The week has been as busy as ever!

  • we had our buddies come and play with us for the final time of the year.
  • we continued to have learning opportunities – writing about our summer, solving puzzles and manipulating shapes, letters and words, reading and reading and more reading.
  • we went to the Aberdeen Marina Club where we played on the equipment, ate pizza, pasta, jelly and cake and enjoyed our last social occasion as a class. Thank you to our class mums for organising all of it, including the amazing cake pictured.
  • we said goodbye to our specialist teachers and friends for the summer as well as to Dylan and Anae who leave CDNIS this year.

The class has been in a state of change as we pack up in preparation for the summer renovations and the coming year. The students have handled this well, helping Miss Joanne move some donations to their new homes as well as assisting by sorting through some bits and pieces. This has not impeded their learning opportunities!

Next year Miss Ip will be in Room 927. Many of you know that I have worked in other areas of schools in past situations. My performing arts experience was noted by Helen Kelly our principal, and I have been asked to work with the performing arts team next year, developing a dance programme. In my last school I built such a programme from Early Years to DP Dance and I am excited to be given the opportunity to start dance here. I will be working with grades 1 through 6, so I will be seeing our little blossoms again.  Miss Joanne stays in Room 927 to work with Miss Ip.  It was an honour to work with Prep students at CDNIS and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity to watch our little ones grow.

Thank you for subscribing to my website this year! As we are closing this academic year and getting ready for the new school term, I recommend you unsubscribe from my website so that you won’t receive updates intended for next year’s class.  Please follow these steps to unsubscribe to a teacher’s website. I highly recommend you subscribe to your child’s new teachers’ sites next school year.

Have a lovely lovely summer everyone!

Carole and Joanne

Prep C News 2nd of June 2017

Prep C News 2nd of June 2017

Oh my goodness – we are nearly at the end!

This week has been great fun! Monday: we rehearsed for the show and worked on literacy and numeracy skills. Tuesday: it was Tuen Ng Festival and I understand the CDNIS team did quite well in the Dragon Boat Races. Wednesday: we had the show which our blossoms pulled off very nicely thank you very much! This was followed by a shared morning tea where the students presented their parents with little thank you gifts for all you have done this year. Thursday: It was Transition Day, with our students visiting grade one, meeting teachers and learning a little bit about what to expect when they come in the fall. Friday was as normal as it could be with learning engagements, final portfolio interviews and free choice!

Portfolios went home today – please take the time to review them with your child. They are a reporting tool and your child had a significant voice in their compilation. In the front of the portfolio is the second checklist of the year.

What’s coming?

Monday June 5: Our students will be having a play date with their buddies.

Tuesday June 6: The last day of swimming for the year!

Wednesday June 7: The visit to AMC!

Thursday June 8: The last day of school for students! Who can believe it! (It is a free Dress Down Day too).

We have loads of pictures over the last few weeks and several parents have provided us photos for the files too – please check them all out!

Have a lovely final weekend

Carole and Joanne

Prep C News 26th May 2017

Prep C News 26th May 2017

Where did this week go?

Our blossoms have been talking about their learning as we finalise portfolios for next week. It has been a delight to see how their ability to reflect has grown over the year. Mathematically, children continue to work with number through a variety of games designed to support their learning. They have worked on reading through reading and the playing of various language games that require them to consider word, sentence and idea formation – all open ended so that they can work to a variety of levels. For their unit of inquiry, they have been exploring picture evidence of change in Hong Kong over time, and discussed and written about how the city has changed. Different kinds and amounts of transport, more buildings and higher buildings, clothing changes, the visibility of natural space were all brought up by the children as evidence of change. The children have continued to talk about this over the week.

Our parent groups came to an end this week – thank you to all of you for coming in all year long. The children really enjoyed spending time with you!

The library borrowing ends this week. Please ensure all books are returned to school. Classroom borrowing ends Monday, so please check your child’s spaces for any books that are school books and send them in.

Next week

Monday – rehearsal for the end of year assembly at 8.00 am

Tuesday – public holiday! Tuen Ng holiday

Wednesday – the end of year assembly! It starts at 8.00 am and runs for approximately 45 minutes. Afterwards we invite Prep C parents back to the class as our students will be saying thank you to you.

Thursday – Transition day. This is a time where children will go to grade one to meet teachers and see classroom spaces.

Friday – Portfolios go home. Please take the time to look over this portfolio. It is your child’s voice as they share their learning and it is also a reporting tool, that shows you why we do what we do and what your child has learned.

A few interesting articles to share with you: (this is a mathematical document that I found very interesting).

For many this weekend heralds the holy month of Ramadan, and to all who celebrate – Ramadan Kareem. May this be a month of blessings.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Carole and Joanne



Prep C News 19th May 2017

Prep C News 19th May 2017

 Sports Day – what an amazing time!
Parents – this was a brilliant day and watching our blossoms as they marched, skated, skipped and bounced to each activity was great. Please check under the photo tab for pictures taken by teachers and, if you have taken photos yourself, it would be fabulous if you added them to the tab. Thank you so much to all our volunteers. CDNIS is truly blessed to have so much support.
Learning never takes a back seat and this week our students worked on word understanding, reading and writing. They also looked at the history of flight and the many ways in which people tried to get into the air. This innovation most certainly changed lives, one of our lines of inquiry. Mathematically, our students looked at how time elapsed and how we measure our day by time blocks.
Coming up:
May 31st we have our end of year celebration. We will be in the LLAC from 8.30 am. After this we invite all parents back to class so that our children can express their gratitude to you for all you have done this year. (Yes, we have plans)!

From our class parents:

The end of year party for Prep students is on June 7 from 11:30-1:30 at the Aberdeen Marina Club in the Adventure Zone on the 4th floor.
It will include lunch for the kids.
We plan on leaving the school at 11:10 to give us ample time to get there. It’s about a 10 minute walk.  I would like seven to nine parents to walk down with us to the party for safety reasons. Please let me know if you are able to walk down (and also if you can walk back up the hill at the end of the day, leaving around 1.35pm from the AMC).
Costs: 220 HKD to be given to SWATI PANDIT (Arjun’s mother). If any money comes via the classroom, please ensure it is in a sealed envelope and addressed to Swati.
A permission slip for the AMC visit was included in your child’s folder – please ensure it is returned by this coming Tuesday.

A big thank you to the class parents for putting this together!

From Mrs Lovegrove in the library:
Hi everyone,

The last day for borrowing books is 19th May (today).

All books need to be returned by next Friday: 26th May.

Have a great week!

Please also check around the house for any books borrowed from the classroom and send them back.

From Ms Kipfer:

Rec and Prep Parents–Feedback about Transition Presentations

Thank you to the parents that took time away from busy schedules to join us for the Transition Workshops (Rec to Prep and Prep to Rec). Please let us know how we can improve these presentations for next school year and any additional questions you may have so we can answer them early next school year. Thank you in advance for filling out this 5 minute survey. Here is the survey.

Some of you have asked for the resources so here is the Rec to Prep, Prep to Gr 1 and Resilience. Please click on name to go to the resources.

Have a lovely weekend!

Carole and Joanne

Transition Presentations

Rec and Prep Parents–Feedback about Transition Presentations

Thank you to the parents that took time away from busy schedules to join us for the Transition Workshops (Rec to Prep and Prep to Rec). Please let us know how we can improve these presentations for next school year and any additional questions you may have so we can answer them early next school year. Thank you in advance for filling out this 5 minute survey. Here is the survey.

Some of you have asked for the resources so here is the Rec to Prep, Prep to Gr 1 and Resilience. Please click on name to go to the resources.

Prep C News 12th May 2017

Prep C News 12th May 2017

It’s Friday!

Happy Mother’s Day for those who celebrate this weekend (I know there are several dates, depending on where you are from – here is a link that gives a list of all those Mother’s Days out there……

The highlight of the week was our class trip!  Thank you to all those parents for their assistance and willingness to help the children understand the differences between old Hong Kong and the Hong Kong they know today.

Literacy groups and Mathematical groups and UOI investigations were as usual this week – lots of skills practice for our little ones!

Today students went to see their buddies’ assembly – thank you for A and Miss Brown for such an opportunity! Our little ones loved it!

Next week:

Sports Day is coming up May 17.

May 31 is the LLAC end of year assembly/performance

Stay tuned for information on the AMC visit!

Note: one child lost her shoes after the class trip yesterday. So far, they have not turned up. They went missing during a class tidy up in preparation for home time. Could you please check to see if they somehow made it to your home? I suspect a zealous tidy-upper has placed them somewhere safe without checking to see whose they were. We will continue to check and recheck lost property.

Have a great weekend!

Carole and Joanne





Prep C 5th of May 2017

Prep C 5th of May 2017

I hope your Labour Day went well on May the 1st, Buddha’s birthday was blessed on May the 3rd and the Force was with you on May the 4th.

This week:

Our three days included swimming where our students continued to impress, literacy games where their knowledge of rhyming words and letter blends showed a positive jump, mathematical games where the work on patterns paid off as they sequenced larger strings of numbers with greater success and where they delved into their understandings on Time, and some interesting thinking on the Unit of Inquiry Where We Are in Time and Place. Play showed deeper levels of planning and a sense of narrative.

Coming up:

Our wonderful class parents are working on a special class event to happen in the last week of school. This is very exciting – I look forward to hearing about the details! Also, on the last day of May we have a final End of year Prep Assembly from 8 to around 9 am, where our children will share some of their thoughts on the year with you. This is followed by a shared lunch – more on that soon – where our students will be saying thank you to YOU for all your help this year.

Class trip next week! At the time of writing I am still looking for some parent helpers. The museum is large and we would like a low adult-child ratio on this day. Please contact me if you would like to join us.

There is a new sticker on the communication book – this is from Ms Makky Fung from One Door, and is in relation to the coming presentation about ipads for grade one. This is on the 11th of May at 5.30 pm in the Library Pit. I will send out further information very soon.

Finally, earlier this week I posed myself this question: “When a child has richer play/social-emotional skill experiences, how does this affect the physical (not emotional) brain?” While wandering around the internet looking for answers, I found the link below. (It doesn’t answer my question but was an interesting read). I hope you enjoy it!

Have a lovely weekend!

Carole and Joanne



Brain Architecture


Prep C News 28th of April

Prep C News 28th of April

It was lovely to see all parents today!

The Student Led Learning Reviews were the high point of the week, with the children planning and preparing what they wanted to share with their parents. After reaching some common agreements, the children further developed their plans by deciding on personal areas of growth and pride. I was particularly impressed with the ways in which they shared today, demonstrating their learning in multiple languages and describing their strategies to parents. Well done to our young learners – and thank you parents, for allowing your children to take the lead in sharing their understandings.

The week was still packed with learning goodies! Our Unit of Inquiry Where We Are in Time and Place has begun and earlier in the week, Mr Graeme Still came in and shared what life was like in Hong Kong in the sixties and seventies. The children were keenly interested – as were the teachers. Miss Joanne followed up in class sharing photos of her life as a young girl in Hong Kong. Mathematically, our students have started learning about the measurement concept of time. They shared what they already know and made their own clocks for use in coming investigations. Literacy wise, they continued to grow through reading and writing activities and during the preparations for their SLLRs, they became very excited when they realised their writing samples from August and April showed significant progress.


Just a reminder that when children swim, they take off their shoes, so naming them to avoid later confusions is important.

Hats! Please ensure your children come to school with their hats.

Coming up:

May 11 – Class Trip! We leave school at ten for the Hong Kong Museum of History and should be back at school around 1.45pm. Parents are, as always, welcome!

May 18 – Sports Day! A letter went home this week asking for volunteers. The more we can have the better!

End of MayEnd of Year Prep Assembly in the LLAC! More details to come.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone! Happy Isra’a Wal Miraj to those who celebrated earlier this week and have a great Labour Day on Monday.

Carole and Joanne

Prep C News 21st April 2017

Prep C News 21st April 2017

The week was short but as usual, we squeezed as much as we could into it!

Our new unit Where We Are in Time and Place officially starts this week and we spent some of this week exploring the related concepts, particularly that of CHANGE. We also started preparing for the SLLRs (next week) with the children deciding what they wanted to share with you as part of their learning journey and creating a list of what they wanted to share, then what they needed to make sharing with you feasible. Mathematically we revisited some basic algebra, and played number games to explore patterns in numbers to twenty and above.

Today’s Dress Down Day was popular with bankers, managers, doctors, teachers, fathers, animal rescuers, martial arts masters and authors filling the room, along with a princess and a flower.

Two forms went into the folder today. One is a Health Services Appointment letter which is only for those families who signed up for the dental service. The other went to everyone and is a field trip form. We are planning on visiting the Hong Kong Museum of History on May 11th as they show a lot of what HK used to look like, and this fits into our Unit of Inquiry.  We need some volunteers and hope for a minimum of ten. We have spaces for up to five on the bus, so some parents will need to meet us at the museum. Please email me if you would like to be part of this trip, and if you would like to travel on the bus, let me know and I can sort that out on a first come first served basis. We will leave at CDNIS at 10 am and return to school around 1.45pm.


On Tuesday Mr Still will be talking to students about Hong Kong in the “olden days”.

Friday – it’s the big one! –  SLLRs. There is no school on that day. Please do not be late to your appointment time as you are sharing the time with other families and space is tight. If you have not made an appointment, you need to let me know as the booking system is closed and arrangements will have to be made via me.

Prep to Gr 1 Transition Parent Presentation

If you have been wondering about the transition from Prep into Gr 1, please join us for the parent presentation to learn more.  The Prep and Gr 1 teams along with administration and the PYP Coordinators have been planning this transition and are excited to share the plans for a smooth transition for each child.  Please sign up here by Friday, May 5th.  Hope to see you there!

Date: Friday, May 12th

Location: Library Pit

Time: 8-9am

And that’s all! Have a lovely weekend!

Carole and Joanne


URGENT:  April 21st Parent Workshop Cancelled
It is a busy time and unfortunately, we did not have enough parents sign up to be able to offer the extensive parent workshop we had planned for this Friday, April 21st.
We have a Prep to Gr1 and Rec to Prep Transition Parent Workshop in May so will add an optional 20 minute session afterwards that addresses resilience and social and emotional learning. Please look for a sign up soon for this upcoming workshop.