Introducing Dance

Introducing Dance

Welcome to the Dance pages!

For those who do not know me, my name is Carole Saunders and I have had over forty years dance experience, as a dancer, teacher and performer in a number of dance genres. I was new to CDNIS last year and had a wonderful year in Prep. Although I have mostly been a primary classroom teacher, I have over the years worked on crafting dance to be part of a Performing Arts curriculum, finally having the opportunity to teach dance full time in my previous school. Dr Kelly, our principal, approached me last year about developing a dance programme here, in line with Project Innovate.

So – why Dance? Why is it important?

Dance is an essential component to performing arts. When woven into music and drama it complements the other two strands and is, in turn, enhanced by them. Research shows that dance has a profound effect on the brain – and the link between dance and better overall academic performance has been observed for decades (I follow neuroscience – I find its findings in dance and education to be exciting). In many national curriculums, dance can be found in Physical Education as it develops strength and stamina, coordination and spatial awareness. In others, the artistic and aesthetic nature of Dance is honoured and it is found in Performing Arts. At CDNIS Dance is Performing Arts but some PE time is used to deliver the programme.

What will children in Dance learn?

Students will be learning how and when to move, and age and developmentally appropriate ways they can use their bodies to express themselves. The PYP concepts, attitudes and Learner Profile will be lenses through which the students will explore the dynamics of dance. Wherever possible, dance will link in to a Unit of Inquiry. At times, dance will be integrated with the rest of the Performing Arts so that students can explore connections between the different strands.

I am looking forward to working with CDNIS students and seeing how we can develop the programme over the year. I will finish off with a short article that came out a few months ago:

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