We had a very busy week starting our unit on how spaces are used for various purposes. The students had fun rearranging our learning space in various ways, touring the school to see different spaces and had people come into read, cook and play with us.

Many of you already have but I am asking for pictures of your child’s bedroom. We will be using these for many activities. No one needs to be in the picture.  Also, if you see your child rearranging their bedroom furniture or asking you to, please encourage and document this. This is one of the ways we have talked about taking action.

On May 17th will be the Pre Reception Spotlight (end of the year performance). The morning AM class it will be from 8:00 am8:30 am and 12:00pm– 12:30 pm for the afternoon PM class. Please mark this date on your calendar as would like you all to attend.

I am still looking for a few people to cook for the remainder of the year so if you have time please sign up.

 Looking For:

Reminders and key dates

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