PYP Exhibition – We need your expertise and experience.

Dear Grade 6 Parents, 

We are calling on your expertise and experience to support our students with their PYP exhibition inquiries.

Beginning Monday 18th February, please visit the 8th floor area outside Ms. Cheung’s classroom to view each Grade 6 student’s exhibition purpose and/or area of exploration. Because of the nature of our central idea, “Exploring issues, interests and passions inspires change”, we have a broad range of focus areas.

Primary resources will play an integral part in the students’ learning journeys. First-person accounts of events and involvements makes them more real for the researcher. Direct contact and experiences will help our students to relate and connect more personally. They will encourage them to seek additional evidence, deepen their understandings and develop skills and solutions.

If you know a photographer, an artist, a cook, a historian, a meteorologist, an aid worker, an environmentalist, a builder, a scientist  …….. i.e. anyone who could contribute meaningfully, or, if you have a particular interest or connection with one of our inquiries, we would like to know. Likewise, if you know of a place or an organisation that is relevant to the focus.

Please take a post-it note and write a message, including your email address, about how you can help, and place it on the relevant poster, using the sticky tape and blu tack provided. The students will collect them daily and make contact as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

The G6 Team

Happy Year of the Pig and PYP Exhibition update

Dear Mums & Dads,

Xīnnián Kuàilè!  Kung Hei Fat Choy! Good fortune to you all in this year of the pig! I hope this year is your best yet and that you have enjoyed a lovely CNY break.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the PYP Exhibition, as we are now in the second part of the year. Please take a look at this PYP Exhibition overview to know where we are at and where we are going and which provides you with key information as well as important dates.

Looking forward to having the children back into the classroom tomorrow.

Ms. B





Sports Day

Dear Parents,

The 2019 CDNIS Grade 5/6 Sports Day will take place on tomorrow.
The staff and grade 5 and 6 students will be participating in a
variety of athletic activities at the Stanley Ho Sports Complex in Sandy Bay. We
will be leaving the school at 8:30am and returning for dismissal prior to 2:20pm.

In preparation for the day, students will need to bring the following items:
• A healthy bagged lunch and snacks and healthy
beverages. No McDonald’s, etc…. Please. There will be no
school lunch provided on this day.
• A bottle(s) of water, which can be refilled at the sports
ground. Please label the water bottle with the student’s
name. Juice or Gator/PowerAde type drinks are also fine.
• A hat and sun block.
• Students should have a healthy breakfast that day. It would be a good
idea to bring a deck of cards to play with or a novel to read during
lunch break.
• Dress in your CDNIS PE uniform complete with sports
shoes. Bring extra appropriate clothing if the weather is
cold or rainy. Support your house colors!

Parents are welcome to come out and cheer you on. Students will begin competing at
approximately 9AM at the sports-ground.
Please inform your child’s homeroom teacher if you plan to drop off or pick up your child at
Sandy Bay Sports Ground.
Sports Day Awards Assembly will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019
at 1:40 PM in the Alan Dick Forum.

For more information, check Mr. Steiner’s letter: Greetings Parents G5-6 Sports Day 2018-19 (1)

Young Americans

Dear Mums & Dads,
How are you?
It has been another high energy day for our Grade 6 students … I would not be surprise if the children are in bed early today.
A big thank you to those of you who are hosting some Young Americans at home and to those who have kindly contributed to snacks so far.
Here is some important information about tomorrow:
Students are expected to stay at school until the end of the performance tomorrow which will end at 7:30pm.
A pizza dinner will be provided at 4:45pm. If parents decide to pick up their child at 3:45pm from school, they are required to sign them out with the homeroom teacher and have them back in their homeroom by 5:30pm.
The performance will be held in the LLAC and will commence at 6:00pm.
We look forward to seeing you all!

What an exciting way to start 2019!

Dear Mums & Dads,

How are you all? I hope you had a lovely and relaxing break with your wonderful children. It was a well-deserved one after a very busy first term. The children looked definitely rested and relaxed coming back to school on Monday. What a joy to see their smiles, even jet-lagged for some of them!

May 2019 bless you all with health and happiness. May it be kind, jolly and memorable. It is already full of promises with the PYP Exhibition and Grade 6 graduation…and now the Young Americans (YA). What an exciting way to start 2019!

I am writing to you from the LLAC Theatre where the atmosphere is electric, vibrant… see the snapshots below. But of course, you will be able to see that for yourself on Friday (6:00-7.30pm LLAC Theatre). I hope you can all make it. 6A will also be sharing their YA experience with you via their blogs next week.

Before I end this message, I would like to  thank you all  for your very generous gift  Vivian presented me at 6A Xmas party. Thank you for your support and kindness. 6A is full of life and might, and I love seeing them every day.

Warmest Regards, Ms. B


Life after camp

Dear Mums & Dads,

How are you? Did you miss us last week?

6A is getting back to their classroom routine after a truly memorable camp. For many of us, it was one of the best camps ever. Please check your email for a blog post notification from your child. We aim to have our camp posts completed before Friday. In the meantime, here is the link to the G6 Camp photo folder. Please note it is only  accessible with a CDNIS email address. Look for the folder name after your child’s teacher leader!

So far, we have had a lovely start of the week …Ask your child about our buddy class meeting with 2A on Monday, our media workshops yesterday and our lovely time with the pre-reception students this morning.

Here are a few snapshots…

Helping 2A making their products for their Xmas charity market











Prior to camp, we spent time in class analysing three media texts to support our report writing: Whiteboard Animation, Magazine Article and Infographic. The G6 students then had the opportunity to choose two media to explore.

Learning all about whiteboard animation

Learning all about Pages




Learning all about infographic

6A helping Pre-Reception students write to Santa


G6 Camp Nov 27- Nov 30

Dear Mums and Dads,

Two more sleeps and we will be on camp. And we won’t let the rain stops us from having a good time!

We will be talking about camp tomorrow in class and inform all the students in G6 of their groups for camp.

Sharing here again with you the camp kit list; a printed copy was distributed this week.

Can you make sure the children are able to locate their raincoats easily in their backpacks? The children do not need to bring their sleeping bags, as Outward Bound is providing them. However, if your child prefers it, that is fine, as long as she/he can fold it.

The children should be wearing their PE uniform on Tuesday and kindly note that we will be leaving for camp at 8am sharp on that day.

As for Friday, we should be back to school around 1.30pm. If you wish to take your children before dismissal on Friday, come and get  them from the classrooms (NOT from the 7th floor as we are getting off the buses) and kindly stop by 9th floor reception office before you leave.

Please contact Mr. MacPherson directly (NOT the homeroom teachers), in case of personal or family emergency during camp. During the day, kindly contact him through the reception office at 2525 7088 or you may wish to email him at  Again, we ask you to only contact him in case of personal or family emergency.

Note that throughout camp you will be able to follow us on Twitter, #CDNISG6camp2018, to get a glimpse of what the Grade 6s are up to. However, due to the location of the camp, teachers may not always have access to data. They will update their Twitter photos when they can.

While we will try to post photos of as many student engagements as possible, please refrain from contacting teachers or Mr. MacPherson directly for photos of your child. The students will be in mixed groups throughout the duration of the camp.


The G6 Team



Where We Are in Time & Place

Dear Mums & Dads,

How are you? In our current unit of inquiry, under ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’, 6A have become economic historians recruited by the World Economic Forum for a very specific assignment: inquiring into past economic events (their causes and effects) and making connections to the present in order to come up with recommendations for the future.

This inquiry started with a few selected videos, such as the ones below, to generate excitement and curiosity and to get the class think what might be the transdisciplinary theme, the conceptual lenses, the attributes of the Learner Profile and the ‘approaches to learning’ skills for this unit.

This led to many wonders and thinking from the children

What are tariffs and restrictions on trade? Zara

How much money does India have now? Darren

What is a free market and trade? Alexis

What does China produce to be the top producing country in the world? Morning 

Why do counties that don’t have free market don’t thrive as much as countries that have free market? Trevis

How much will Hong Kong’s GDP increase or decrease in the next century ? Coco

How did the British empire take over Hong Kong? Alexis

I still think it relates to where we are in place and time.We should aim to become thinkers. The approaches to learning we should use are analysis and collecting data. JamesI think some PYP concept words are thinkers because we have to make correct and ethical decisions. And we have to be knowledgeable in order to make right decisions.Ben

We are under ‘Where we are in place and time’. We aim to be researchers. Jayden 

As a result of this first engagement, we had a great discussion about the different themes that could apply, but overall, most students guessed that we would be working under ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ and that we would aim to develop as inquirers and knowledgeable learners. We then discussed in groups what this might look like in this unit and came up with the following.

6A was then informed of their big assignment for the World Economic Forum (WEF). From there, we spent some time gathering our thoughts, feelings and questions about this project, on large sheets of paper. Together as a class, we had to figure out what we needed to know in order to be able to resume this challenge.

It appeared to us that we needed to find out about the World Economic Forum (WEF) so as to make sure we understood our audience and what they needed and identify what research topic we were interested in.

The world economic forum is a group of important people that come together each year at the end of January to discuss about world problems and how to solve them. It was founded in 1971 and it’s based in Geneva, Switzerland. Their mission is  “committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”. Currently they have headquarters in New York, Beijing, Tokyo and San Francisco. Ava

The World Economic Forum wants us not to use opinion but use facts from our research. It wants it to be related to politics and economics.My report should include facts about the Japanese earthquake and how it impacted the country economically and create suggestions for the future. Ryder

I think they asked us to write a report for them because they want a report from young people so they can see different perspectives from different types of people, like kids, senior, and others from all over the world. Here are the success criteria I think I will need on my report: cite sources/proof, detailed and organised report,  Gives data and information, Pictures, Used more than 3 sources, Uses economic vocabulary and ideate suggestions. Shannon  

At this stage of our inquiry, everyone in 6A has identified a topic of interest and has started their research.

Please contact Ms. B, should you have any expertise or know someone who has in regards to any of these past events: The Great Depression, the history of currency, the history of banking, Brexit, the Japanese Earthquake, the Industrial Revolution and the financial crisis. It would be wonderful for 6A to be able to conduct interviews. Also, Ms. B really would like to send 6A’s informational reports to the World Economic Forum and would appreciate any contact you may have,

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