PYP exhibition: The home stretch

Dear Parents,

We are heading into the home stretch of the Grade 6 PYP exhibition! In the past weeks, the students have been working hard to organise their action, exhibition plans, checklists, reflections, and learning journeys to name a few. All relevant documents can be found in Google Classroom or the Process Journals. The Assessment Rubric can be found here. Please be aware that some students may have work to complete over Spring Break, as when we return, our time will be limited. Each student should know exactly what she/he needs to do in order to be ready for the big day.

Please see below for the schedule for the presentation days:

May 2 Thursday

  • 8:30 – 1:40 Exhibition in the Library and LLAC for the CDNIS community
  • 2:20 Dismissal
  • 6:00 PM Students return to school to get ready for the Opening Ceremony
  • 6:30 Opening Ceremony LLAC Theater


May 3 Friday

  • 8:10-10:50 Exhibition in the Library and LLAC for the CDNIS community
  • 11:40 – 2:20 Take down & Grade 6 Activities
  • 2:20 Dismissal


PYP exhibition: the final stretch

Can you believe it’s almost time for spring break already!? This also means that exhibition is just around the corner. Grade 6 students have been working hard finalising their research, demonstrating they are experts, and planning actions they will take. As exhibition is a personal learning journey, this will look different for different students.

This week, we begin the final stretch for exhibition. For the month of April, students will dedicate most of their class time to planning and taking action, creating products, engaging with the community, and making final preparations to share their learning journey on May 2nd and 3rd. As this involves intensive work, students will not have their regular Chinese classes. Instead, Chinese teachers will be in classrooms to support the students in their exhibition work. Performing Arts, Swimming, and Physical Education will happen as normal.

For more information on the process, take a look at our PYPX site or contact your child’s homeroom teacher.  

Swimming next week


Dear Parents,
As part of the PE Aquatic Programme, students are required to bring some old clothing to their PE swimming lesson from next Tuesday April 2nd – Monday April 8th.
This is part of their Water Safety Component in PE Aquatics. Students will only be in clothing for a short period which will involve mainly moving / walking in water and a small amount of swimming in the shallow end.
Please bring the following to the next swim class;
  • Long Sleve t-shirt
  • Tracksuit pants or equivalent 
Student should wear their normal swim suit underneath the clothing as they will only be wearing clothing for a short period at the beginning of the lesson.

The Julia Robinson Math Festival (Sat March 23rd)

Happy Thursday!  The Singapore International School is hosting the Julia Robinson Math Festival on Saturday the 23rd of March.
If your child LOVEs mathematics and problem solving, then he/she may be interested in a Math Festival that is happening at Singapore International School on Saturday 23 March (from 10am – 12:30). It’s called the Julia Robinson Math Festival and it is especially for students aged 10 to 15. It does cost  HKD 124 per participant, which includes your registration and refreshments. Basically there will be lots of tables set up with different problems to solve. Participants get tickets for solving and showing perseverance which then go into a raffle for fabulous prizes.
If you are interested and would like to find out more, then have a look at this website and click this eventbrite link to pay for your child’s place.

We are activists!

Dear Mums & Dads,

See what 6A has to say about our last unit of inquiry, under Sharing the Planet.

We also invite you to check our online portfolios to view our activist speeches, which was our big project throughout the unit. You can also access our video speeches from scanning the QR codes on the display board outside the classroom.

See you all tomorrow at the event of our assembly. Be in the forum at 1.40pm sharp.

Brendon: ‘We learned about issues that happened in the world and how people are taking action to pressure the government or other people to make a change.’

Anise: ‘I liked this unit because I got to know about the issues in Hong Kong and what I can do to change them. I feel like it is my favourite unit yet because I feel like it boosted my knowledge. I am inspired to take more action.’

Ava: ‘I feel that this unit has helped me prepare for exhibition because when I made my ignite speech, I chose to do it on bears which helped me with my research for Exhibition.’

Chloe: ‘I think this unit was very interesting and one of the best units yet because we got to write our own speech. We had a few guest speakers and public speaking workshops that i learnt a lot from as well.’

Jonathan: ‘I learned how to use iMovie because I didn’t know how, but I know now.’

Agatha: ‘I learned how to write a speech. I also learned lots about different issues in the world. I learned that taking action isn’t just donating but its following your passion and dream, and that you don’t need a pacific skill to do something.’

Shannon: ‘After what I’ve learnt about persuasive strategies, I am inspired to do more persuasive writing. I think knowing what an activist is is helpful because I know what it takes to become one. Also knowing how to write an effective speech may be helpful for me in the future. Lastly, learning how to become a leader is handy.’

Max: ‘Even 1 voice can become powerful. I am now inspired to take action and to be an activist.’

Trevis: ‘One thing that I will take away from this unit is what I’ve learned from the speech. I have learned lots of different persuasive tools like, big names, research, pathos, logos etc. I have also learned how to present a speech well by using lots of emotions, good body language and a clear voice. Something else I will take away from this unit is all the knowledge I have acquired about poverty and activism.’

Zara: ‘I feel that this unit was a great opportunity for me to take action, raise awareness and create an impact in my community. I have inquired a lot throughout the unit and so did everyone else. I heard about some great sustainable service opportunities and very much enjoyed this unit.’

Jayden: ‘I feel that I have learnt more about our world throughout this unit. In particular, when I did research about global warming and extreme weather, I found out that 40% of insects species are dying because of global warming. When I inquired throughout the unit, I was astonished and stunned when I learnt that there are many children activists who are working to change and save the world. Every human that does something affects our community or even our world. When one person is polluting, it increases the damage to our world and speeds up the extinction of human-kind and living things.’

James: ‘ My big takeaways are the speech and from Jordan Hattar’s presentations. From the speech I became an activist and talked about an issue that I am interested in, this got me to be more confident in how I speak and act. Jordan Hattar talked about the refugees at the camp he visited, and the ripple effect where one group of students raised money for a cabin at the refugee camp and now all the refugees at the camp have cabins to stay in.’

Coco: ‘Because we were able to pick what topic we could do our speech about, I feel like we had a bit more freedom. I felt like i had more fun than someone just giving me a topic that I am completely not interested in. Since we were able to do it about something we were interested in, I felt like I had more information on hand. I feel like the videos and presentations were really helpful since it gave us ideas of how to make our speeches better.’

Christie: ‘It has inspired me to take action for what I believe in. Not only that, this unit has made me more aware of the issues in the world and that if we want change in the world, we must do it ourselves. The skills that I thought were useful was to be an inquirer and a communicator. You would have to inquiry into your subject and being able to have a deep understanding about it. Then later on, you would have to share your message with others. ‘

Estelle: ‘I thought this unit was fun, because we learnt about different types of activists, and we got to do an activist speech. I am a mental health activist.’

Alexis: ‘I really enjoyed this unit because I enjoyed writing speeches.’

Darren: ‘I liked this unit because it has helped me build up the confidence to raise awareness. I learned how to raise awareness to inspire others to help and use iMovie and edit videos.’

Morning: ‘I felt that this unit involved a lot of action, and also included a lot of thinking. I learnt a lot on about persuasive strategies and how to use them. ‘

Kamila: ‘I think writing a speech was hard but fun. One of my big learning takeaways was that kids can make a big difference. Learning more about what our school does was interesting. We learned about service opportunities and how to be a good global citizen.’

Mischa: ‘In this unit I learnt more about persuasive writing strategies such as rhetorical, emotive and reason techniques. I also learnt other signal words and transitional phrases. Another thing I learnt about was famous activists and what problems they stood up against. The thinking skills that helped me were creating (I created a speech), justify (standing against parent and school pressure), analysing (organising research), apply (applying experience in my speech), understand (explaining concepts) and remember (used with apply). ‘

Tammi: ‘I learned what activists are and what they do; different persuasive strategies (pathos, ethos, logos, big names); concentric circles; the format of a speech and how to speak like an activist (literally lol) and about different clubs at CDNIS that can probably help me with my exhibition.’


Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2019

Dear All

The HKRU is offering school students free passes to the Friday session of the HK 7’s (Friday 5th April, 2019). This is a promotion of rugby to the youth of Hong Kong. Note: We are only permitted to enter as one large TimberWolves group at the allocated time…we can not enter any time we wish.
Students wishing to sign up, should only do so with Parent Permission!
Meeting Time: Friday 5th April, 2:30- 6pm.
Go Timberwolves!

Steve Doleman

Athletic Director

PYP Exhibition – We need your expertise and experience.

Dear Grade 6 Parents, 

We are calling on your expertise and experience to support our students with their PYP exhibition inquiries.

Beginning Monday 18th February, please visit the 8th floor area outside Ms. Cheung’s classroom to view each Grade 6 student’s exhibition purpose and/or area of exploration. Because of the nature of our central idea, “Exploring issues, interests and passions inspires change”, we have a broad range of focus areas.

Primary resources will play an integral part in the students’ learning journeys. First-person accounts of events and involvements makes them more real for the researcher. Direct contact and experiences will help our students to relate and connect more personally. They will encourage them to seek additional evidence, deepen their understandings and develop skills and solutions.

If you know a photographer, an artist, a cook, a historian, a meteorologist, an aid worker, an environmentalist, a builder, a scientist  …….. i.e. anyone who could contribute meaningfully, or, if you have a particular interest or connection with one of our inquiries, we would like to know. Likewise, if you know of a place or an organisation that is relevant to the focus.

Please take a post-it note and write a message, including your email address, about how you can help, and place it on the relevant poster, using the sticky tape and blu tack provided. The students will collect them daily and make contact as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

The G6 Team

Happy Year of the Pig and PYP Exhibition update

Dear Mums & Dads,

Xīnnián Kuàilè!  Kung Hei Fat Choy! Good fortune to you all in this year of the pig! I hope this year is your best yet and that you have enjoyed a lovely CNY break.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the PYP Exhibition, as we are now in the second part of the year. Please take a look at this PYP Exhibition overview to know where we are at and where we are going and which provides you with key information as well as important dates.

Looking forward to having the children back into the classroom tomorrow.

Ms. B





Sports Day

Dear Parents,

The 2019 CDNIS Grade 5/6 Sports Day will take place on tomorrow.
The staff and grade 5 and 6 students will be participating in a
variety of athletic activities at the Stanley Ho Sports Complex in Sandy Bay. We
will be leaving the school at 8:30am and returning for dismissal prior to 2:20pm.

In preparation for the day, students will need to bring the following items:
• A healthy bagged lunch and snacks and healthy
beverages. No McDonald’s, etc…. Please. There will be no
school lunch provided on this day.
• A bottle(s) of water, which can be refilled at the sports
ground. Please label the water bottle with the student’s
name. Juice or Gator/PowerAde type drinks are also fine.
• A hat and sun block.
• Students should have a healthy breakfast that day. It would be a good
idea to bring a deck of cards to play with or a novel to read during
lunch break.
• Dress in your CDNIS PE uniform complete with sports
shoes. Bring extra appropriate clothing if the weather is
cold or rainy. Support your house colors!

Parents are welcome to come out and cheer you on. Students will begin competing at
approximately 9AM at the sports-ground.
Please inform your child’s homeroom teacher if you plan to drop off or pick up your child at
Sandy Bay Sports Ground.
Sports Day Awards Assembly will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019
at 1:40 PM in the Alan Dick Forum.

For more information, check Mr. Steiner’s letter: Greetings Parents G5-6 Sports Day 2018-19 (1)

Young Americans

Dear Mums & Dads,
How are you?
It has been another high energy day for our Grade 6 students … I would not be surprise if the children are in bed early today.
A big thank you to those of you who are hosting some Young Americans at home and to those who have kindly contributed to snacks so far.
Here is some important information about tomorrow:
Students are expected to stay at school until the end of the performance tomorrow which will end at 7:30pm.
A pizza dinner will be provided at 4:45pm. If parents decide to pick up their child at 3:45pm from school, they are required to sign them out with the homeroom teacher and have them back in their homeroom by 5:30pm.
The performance will be held in the LLAC and will commence at 6:00pm.
We look forward to seeing you all!