PYP Certificate

Dear 6A Parents,
How are you all?
Thank you for visiting the G6 PYP exhibition last week and for your support in the past months. It has been a long process, but the pride and sense of achievement the children are feeling right now is wonderful to witness.
This week, 6A have taken the time to reflect on their performance on the presentation days and analyse the oral and written feedback they received. Please look for a notification message from your child’s blog for their final exhibition reflection.
As exhibition is over and the end of year is approaching quickly, we are moving forward with the preparation for the graduation ceremony and need your help with the G6 Certificates. Could you please double check what name you would like on your child’s PYP certificate? Please fill out the “preferred name” column  by next Tuesday.
Note that once you have chosen the preferred names, no changes will be made.
Enjoy the long weekend.
Warmest Regards, Ms. B

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