G3 Spotlight

Dear 3A Parents,

You are cordially invited to the G3 World Music and Dance Spotlight!

When: March 12 (for students) and 13 (for parents) 1:00pm

Where: LLAC Theatre, CDNIS

What if I can’t go to the performance? We will live stream the performance on both days here. The password to access this channel is #cdnisarts

What do students wear? Students have suggested their own ideas for “performance dress” based on what they have learned about their special culture group in which they are performing.

  • NZ – black or dark clothes. If students have a sports jersey, shirt or outfit from New Zealand that’s great too!
  • Canada – jeans and t-shirt. A Canadian sports jersey, shirt or outfit would work well too. Students can also wear rain jackets, hats and boots to keep with the Newfoundland theme.
  • Peru – Girls: colorful shawl, dresses or blouses. Boys: poncho (optional), collard shirt, pants, handkerchief around neck.

The suggestions have been kept broad and so that students can (hopefully) find what they need by “shopping” in their own closet. Monday and Tuesday are not free dress days for students. They will need to bring their performance clothes to change into after lunch each day.

What does my student need to do to prepare? They’re pretty good to go and excited to show what they know! However some students took home materials over the weekend to practice. Please remind them on Monday morning that they need to bring it back for the show!
Looking forward to seeing you in the LLAC!
Ms. Benusa and the G3 Team

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