Learning Reviews

Dear Mums & Dads,

In preparation for 3A’s Learning Reviews next week, the children have taken home a ‘Glows & Grows’ (green) sheet for you to fill in,  based on his/her progress report, online portfolio and your own observations.

The children will complete their own glows and growths (blue sheet) during class time. Please bring your ‘Glows & Grows’ for your child’s Learning Review as this will serve as a basis for our discussion together.

Similar to stars and wishes, the “glow and grow” strategy is a meaningful tool for students to use when reflecting and assessing their own, or peers’ work, or for the teacher to use during formal or summative assessments. Basically, the “glows” highlight what is done really well, and the “grows” highlight areas that could use some improvement.

Lower School Progress Reports were published on Friday, January 5. Please click here for instructions on how to download the report. Do let Ms. B know if you have difficulty accessing your child’s progress report.

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