G3 Digital Ambassadors

Dear Children,

Hayley and Adarsh did a wonderful job representing the class at Ms. Fung’s G3 Digital Ambassadors Club in the past term and they will continue to be Digital Ambassadors in 3A.

Ms. Fung would now like to recruit two ‘new’ children from 3A to attend her Wednesday lunch recess meetings. Check the poster below and email Ms. B if you are interested in becoming a G3 Digital Ambassador. Make sure to tell her why you should be chosen.



Optional Learning

Hello, 3A! How are you? The classroom feels ghostly without you. Ms. Maddy and Ms. B miss you already. I am really sorry that we will not be able to work together for the next few days, because of the flu outbreak. If you have time or do not know what to do, check out the optional learning the G3 teachers have prepared for you.

Stay warm, healthy and happy!

Ms. B

Second Step Program

Dear Mums and Dads,

How are you?

Today, right after lunch, we had the pleasure to welcome Ms. Lora Lee in the classroom for a fun, meaningful and engaging lesson on using self talk and being assertive in a variety of contexts. Last week, through games, Ms. Lee helped 3A reflect on what is to be respectful learners. It was a good reminder as we have entered the second part of the school year. Next, we will be discussing empathy, how we can identify others’ feelings  and understand different perspectives.

Take a look at some photos.

Ms. Lee is adapting and delivering lessons from the Second Step Program, which aims at strengthening the social-emotional skills of children. It teaches children skills to strengthen their ability to learn, have empathy, manage their emotions and behaviors and solve problems.

Here  is one of songs from the program. Sing along with us.

What is culture?

Dear Mums & Dads,

Today, we watched a very interesting video to help us define culture through specific elements.

To show our understanding, we were asked, in groups of four, to sort cards under the appropriate headings.

To support our inquiry, Ms. B has asked us to bring in to the classroom artefacts connected to different cultures. Please discuss with your child what she/he might bring in.


Since last Monday, we have started exciting cultural and art rotations. While each group of performers is working in turn with Ms. Benusa in preparation for the G3 Spotlight, the rest of the children are either engaged in street art with Ms. Williams & Mr. Kevin, dance with Ms. Middleton and Ms. Sanders, Maori soap carving with Ms. Viv and Ms. Koo, photography with Ms. Jackson & Ms. Glazier, First nation art with Ms. Mumford and Ms. Jaye and Nazca lines with Ms. B. See below of few pictures from today and last week.







Tuning in and connecting to the concepts of culture and the arts

Dear Mums & Dads,

Today, in class, we read a lovely story called ‘The Name Jar’. This led us to talk about culture appreciation and tolerance.

“All cultures should be appreciated equally.” Ross

So far, we think culture is connected to beliefs, traditions, body language, religion and different arts forms. We think culture is linked to the traditions of a place and that is passed from generation to generation.

“A group of people that celebrate the same traditions.” Maxwell

Our thinking is shaping up and we will develop a deeper understanding as we will explore culture next week through different cultural art forms.

Please note that Ms. B has asked the children to bring in to the classroom artefacts connected to different cultures.

Splat took us to a world of rhythm and rhyme with an exciting mix of poetic styles.

To support this unit into culture and the arts under How We Express Ourselves, the G3 students, had the opportunity last Thursday to watch ‘Splat’ by the theatre company, Faust.

Here below are a few pictures:


Sports Day Fun

Hello everyone,

Here are few snapshots of today’s incredible Sports Day.

The photos clearly reflect CDNIS’s spirit of camaraderie and the great fun we had today.

Thank you to the parents who were able to come and cheer us up. If you have some lovely photos of today, do not hesitate to share them with Ms. B.

More fun tomorrow, that is for sure, as it is 3C Assembly, Fun in the Forum and DDDay (dress as your favourite animal).

Cheers, Ms. B

Sports Day tomorrow

Dear Mums & Dads,

We are very excited about Sports Day tomorrow. Check Ms. B’s post earlier this week for more detail information.

Please email Ms.B should you drive your child to the sports ground directly tomorrow morning and/or take your child home from Sports Day at 1.30pm. If indeed, you will take your child home with you after the event, please make sure you find Ms. B or Ms. Maddy before you actually depart.

The children will otherwise come back to CDNIS and board on their usual bus at dismissal at 2.20pm.

Sincerely, Ms. B


Dental Visit

Dear Mums & Dads,

The following children will be going with Ms. B to the dental appointment tomorrow morning: Ken, Adrian, Ethan H, Jack, Hayley, Matthew, Ethan L, Serena, Violet, Amelie, Ross, Zita, Kody & Micaela, and they will need to bring their own toothbrush and their Student Dental Care Services handbook (if they have one). The rest of the class will remain in the classroom and continue the school programme with Ms. Maddy.

Please note that the dental centre will arrange appointments for students who miss their appointments. They will send the school the new appointment slips. Unfortunately, parents have to take their child during their spare time as opposed to going with class.

Sincerely, Ms. B