Thank you

Dear Mums and Dads,

Hello from Sai Kung! How are you? Earlier this morning, I was able to bring my daughter to school (the first time this year, actually) and caught up on paper (filling up my tax return, mostly), and now, I am drinking my first cup of tea from my amazing 3A mug.

Last week was a very busy one, but now that things have slowed down, I am taking the time to reflect on this year and would like to thank you all. It has been a wonderful year thanks to your kindness and support and thanks to your wonderful children. Your children are kind, lively, curious, bright, principled; only to name a few qualities, but the list is otherwise very long.  I feel blessed to have been able to teach them and witness their growth in ability and confidence. What it is clear to me is that your children are a reflection of you are, Mums & Dads, and of the way you are raising them.  Thank you for trusting me with their care and learning.

As I was packing my belongings in the classroom on Friday afternoon, it felt lonely and eery (after all, a school is nothing without its children and parents), but then I started thinking that I could not have had a better class and parents for my first year at CDNIS, and it filled me with joy and pride. 3A will also be my first cohort of children at CDNIS and my first Grade 3 class in my teaching career.

Know that my classroom on the 8th (room 811) will always be open to you and your children. I truly look forward to hearing all about their exciting year in G4 and am ‘crossing fingers’ that I may have many of 3A children in G6 in the future.

Thank you very very much for the beautiful bracelet; I love looking at the engraving as I am typing on the keyboard of my laptop.

Last but not least, thank you very much to all the hands-on volunteers on our many field trips and a very very special thank you to Tina, for being the most dedicated class Mom and the best party organiser.

Love, Ms. B

See below a few pictures of the last week:

Tuesday fun on the 9th floor playground


Our last G3&4 Assembly on Thursday

Mr. MacPherson owning the dance floor

Our team of DJ on Friday

Free play on the last day of school


Board game fun

Collaborative build






















3A Assembly

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming on Friday at the event of 3A Assembly. We hope you enjoyed it. We felt excited, nervous, proud, and all at the same time. But what a great way to end the year!

If you were unable to attend it, here is the recording in two parts.


Assembly tomorrow, but no swimming

Hello again,

Please note that the children won’t have swimming tomorrow as the Lower School Student Council Election is taking place at 8am. The G3 are invited to listen to the candidates’ speeches, then cast their vote.

The forum being used by the US until 1.20pm; we will be resuming our assembly at 1.30pm.

Sorry for any inconvenienced.

Sincerely, Ms. B


Transition Day

Dear Mums & Dads,

From 8:00 to 9:10 today, 3A had a chance to visit each of the G4 classrooms in a carousel rotation.

For many students, transitions can be challenging. The format is designed to decrease the uncertainty and heighten the excitement. The students have the chance to engage in activities that highlight the unique aspects and features of the upcoming grade level program.

Please ask your child what his/her impressions are.

Beach tomorrow + 3A Assembly

Dear Mums and Dads,

It is a  very exciting week with our beach trip tomorrow and 3A assembly on Friday.

Kindly read the information below.

Tomorrow, every child is expected to wear a  hat. Kindly apply sunscreen before they leave the house. If your child has a rash shirt surf, have him/her wear it or any other sun protective clothing. Kindly help them pack spare clothing to change into after the beach.  You may also want your child to wear flip flops or water shoes on the beach. Last but not least, have your child bring his/her snack, lunch and lots and lots of water.

PS: It is OK for your child to bring sand toys, but no floaters are permitted.

Note that we will be back to school around 12.30pm for some cool down time. The children will go to their Chinese lesson at 1pm as every Wednesday.

As for Friday, please note that assembly is a combined one with 3A Assembly first, followed by the Sports Day Prize Giving ceremony.

Please be seated at 1.20pm in the Forum.

We look forward to seeing you.

Ms. B

Important notes

Dear Mums and Dads,

Please take a look at the photos of our field trip last Thursday.

A big thank you to our parent volunteers: Tina, Angela, Gary, Amrita, Ratika & Winnie. This field trip would not have been possible without their additional supervision.

Our first stop was Grassroots Pantry on Hollywood Road. Grassroots Pantry was very generous in opening their kitchen to us. We also received some delicious treats. There, we learned about their sustainable practices and how they run and organise their line of production. Did you know the owner is a CDNIS graduate?

Our second stop was the Live Zero shop on High Street. The kids really enjoyed making their own purchase based on their consumer choices.



Swimming next week

Hi Parents,
We are currently doing Water Safety in our PE Aquatic Programme with Lower School students.
So far this term, we have covered Lifejackets, Safe Entries to Water and Survival Swimming skills along with practicing improvement of swimming strokes and technique correction.
A big emphasis for this age group is on safety – in and around water.
Next week, we would like students to bring some spare old clothing with them to experience what it feels like to be in, thread and / or swim in water with clothes on.
For next lesson, can you please pack some spare old clothing for your son/daughter and preferably white/ bash colours that won’t come off in water – A top and pants are enough.
Also bring a bag to put the clothes in after.
Teachers are aware that some students may be nervous / anxious on the thought of going into water with clothes on and will act accordingly.
Teachers will also be helping students rinse out the excess water from clothing after their class.
Finally, from next term all swimmers will need to wear a swim hat uniform in the pool. This is common practice in all pools for hygienic reasons and to stop hair getting caught in the drains and filters. There are a limited number of CDNIS swim hats still available in our stock. The hats cost $20 each. If you would like to purchase a hat, please see a member of staff at swimming pool office.
Kind Regards,
Darren McHugh

Head of Aquatics Programme

Field trip next Thursday

Dear Parents,

Our field trip is coming up very soon and we are very excited to be visiting both Grassroots Pantry and LiveZero.

To make this field trip more worthwhile, your child may bring in some money and some reusable containers to make purchases at LiveZero.  Please ensure that the money is stored safely with your child’s octopus card. Take a look at the photos below to have an idea of the cost/quantity.

Prior to our trip, could you have a chat with your child about making wise purchases based on the needs of the family. Does the family need a bit more quinoa? Perhaps some pasta? Some nuts or dried fruit? How will your child bring this home? Will they prepare a container or an old plastic bag? Why is purchasing at LiveZero a choice the family would want to make?

We are encouraging zero waste and are hoping that no child will use the paper bags offered at the store. The store also sells reusable snack bags that might be of interest. These are great for school lunches.

Weather permitting, we will be having lunch outside at King George V Memorial Park. If the weather is not favourable, we will eat when we arrive back at CDNIS. We are encouraging zero waste lunches. No plastic wrap, single serve snack packs, or juice boxes. Instead, please try to use reusable containers and drink water.

Thanks for assisting your child in preparing for this field trip.  We hope it will be a great experience!

In advance a big thank you to our parent volunteers: Angela, Ratika, Tina, Gary, Shan-Wei & Amrita.

Make. Create. Collaborate.

Dear Mums & Dads,

Are you following 3A on Twitter? Check the side bar on Ms. B’ blog to see our @3ACDNIS class feed. Matthew and Adrian are our official tweeters and the team is looking at expanding and hiring new tweeters within the class …Lol!

Yesterday, 3A had a wonderful time taking part in the Make.Create.Collaborate event organised by the PA department and Digital Literacy coordinators.

Take a look at the photographs below.


1:1 Laptop in G4

Dear Mums & Dads,
For those who came this morning, it seems the 1:1 Laptop information session went very well. Thank you very much for your feedback and questions.
We would like to remind you to purchase your child’s MacBook for next year, before May 31st.  Should have any questions, please contact Ms. Fung at or OneDoor directly.
Thank you!