G6 Camp Nov 27-30

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow, the children will be coming home with CDNIS camp permission form, Outward Bound (OB) enrolment form and medical form as well as OB Participant Handbook, which includes the packing list. We kindly ask you to complete all the necessary forms and return them, together with the camp cheque, on or before Oct 26.

As announced on Parents Night, the camp information session will take place on Fri Oct 26 in the library pit from 8:00-8:40am. Outward Bound will be leading the session and share with you the camp objectives and programme.

We looking forward to seeing you there.

The G6 Team

Pancake & Pyjama Day

This Friday is one of the biggest days in the Lower School – Pancake & Pyjama Day!!! It’s a CDNIS tradition to put Lit Blitz to bed with this fun and yummy day!

It’s so popular that the lines at lunch are usually very long. To help reduce the wait time, we are trying something new this year. If students usually get school lunch, they don’t have to do anything differently, they’ll get pancakes for lunch on Friday.

If students usually pay with cash or Octopus, please pay with exact change ($35 for prep – g1; $38 for g2 & up) in a labelled envelope. The teachers will collect the money in the morning and send it to the cafeteria. This new method should reduce the lines when lunchtime rolls around. Thanks for your help with this!

Overview of Grade 6 Maths Expectations

Dear Mums & Dads, many of you have asked me about this at Parents Night and at the 3WLCs.
So here is, for your information, the  condensed overview of the Grade 6 Maths expectations.

Number Sense and Numeration: representing and ordering numbers to 1 000 000; developing the concept of place value to thousandths; comparing and ordering fractional amounts with unlike denominators; estimating 10%, 25%, 50%, and 75% of a quantity; adding and subtracting decimal amounts to thousandths; multiplying and dividing four-digit whole numbers by two-digit whole numbers; multiplying and dividing decimals to tenths by whole numbers and two-digit by two-digit whole numbers; dividing three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers; applying order of operations in expressions without brackets; relating simple fractions, decimals, and percents

Measurement: measuring quantities using metric units; converting from larger to smaller metric units, including square metres to square centimetres; developing and applying area relationships for a parallelogram and a triangle; developing and applying the volume relationships for a triangular prism; determining and applying surface area relationships for rectangular and triangular prisms; relating square metres and square centimetres
Geometry and Spatial Sense: classifying quadrilaterals by geometric properties; sorting polygons by lines of symmetry and by rotational symmetry; measuring angles to 180° with a protractor; constructing polygons; representing figures using views and isometric sketches; performing and describing rotations; plotting points in the first quadrant
Patterning and Algebra: representing patterns using ordered pairs and graphs; describing pattern rules in words; calculating any term when given the term number; investigating variables as changing quantities; solving equations using concrete materials and guess and check
Data Management and Probability: collecting and organizing discrete and continuous data; displaying data using continuous line graphs; selecting appropriate graphical representations; using continuous line graphs and mean to compare sets of data; finding theoretical probabilities; predicting the frequency of an outcome based on the theoretical probability

Whole Numbers Unit

Dear Mums & Dads,

6A  is currently exploring very large numbers, and developing and refining strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing multi-digit numbers. We will review and explore mental strategies to speed up computation (such as compatible numbers, estimation, using the inverse operation to check answers).

More specifically, in this unit, your child will:

  • Read and write whole numbers in standard, expanded, and written forms.
  • Use place value to represent and read whole numbers.
  • Compare and order whole numbers.
  • Identify and describe multiples and factors to 100.
  • Identify and describe composite and prime numbers to 100.
  • Use the order of operations.
  • Estimate sums, differences, products, and quotients.
  • Use mental math to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
  • Add four 3-digit numbers and subtract from a 5-digit number.
  • Multiply and divide by a 2-digit number.
  • Pose and solve multistep problems.

Here are some activities you can do to enhance your child’s learning:

  • Together, plan the cost of a family outing or trip.
  • Help your child to find and read large numbers in newspapers and magazines.
  • Encourage your child to estimate the total cost of several items as you shop.


Hi All,

The Book Fair is next week and will be held in the LLAC lobby. 6A will visit the book fair on Tuesday Oct 2nd at the end of the day. Kids are under no pressure to buy. Even browsing is fun. Students who wish to return a second time for leisure or to make a purchase may do so before school, at recess and lunch times.
If your child plans on buying, please remind him/her to bring cash (small notes and no Octopus cards) and a reusable bag to carry the books (vendors won’t have plastic bags).
Note that library classes are going on as normal.
Ms. B

Learning with robots in 6A

Dear Mums and Dads,

6A has started learning with robots together with Ms. Fung. We will be working with her on Thursdays P7-8 for several weeks.

In our first lesson (13/09), we connected our robot to the app “mBlock”.

In our second lesson, last Thursday (20/09), our challenge was to work as a pair to send a message from one robot to another. First, we add to add batteries to our robot and identify both the Infrared Transmitter andInfrared Receiver.


A big shout-out to Brendon and Kamila who were able to send a message between their two robots!

Our new students had some problem with the installation of the“mBlock”, but this has now been solved by OneDoor. A small number of students have also had the app crashing while coding. We are working with OneDoor to fix that.

Scholastic Book Club

Dear Mums & Dads,

Scholastic Book Club order forms will be sent home today.

There is no obligation to order, but this might be a great incentive to spark curiosity for reading or take away your child from the screen.

Please have the children bring the forms (placed in an envelop with a cheque) back to 6A before next Friday, as they are due back at the main office by Sep 28th. If you order, books will be delivered to school at the end of October.

I believe CISPA has sent to parents the link to the ordering instructions, which are also posted on CISPA’s website (cispa.hk).

A big thank you to CISPA for organising and handling the Scholastic Book Club ordering at CDNIS.

Ms. B

3-Way Learning Conversations (3WLC): Sep 27 & 28

Dear Mums & Dads,

In the Learning Conversations, students, teachers and parents come together as partners. The Learning Conversations are an opportunity to discuss settling in, progress in learning and social development. Following the 3WLC, teachers and students will collaborate within the classroom programme to set goals that will be shared via their blogs. These goals are determined and prioritised, as are strategies and actions that support and guide students to move from where they are to where they want to be.

The Online Scheduling System has been opened since last week. Do let me know in case you experience difficulties with the booking.

Should you have a business trip next week or a work commitment you are unable to postpone, please contact me directly so we can find a time to reschedule.

I look forward to seeing you all again next week for this meaningful event.

Sincerely, Ms. B