Mindfulness in 3A

Dear Mums & Dads,

Please take a look at our mindful breathing led this afternoon by Bethany.

In addition to mindful breathing, we are now keeping a gratitude journal as a way to reflect upon and celebrate all the good things in our lives. The idea is for 3A to realise that now matter how difficult life can sometimes feel, there is always something to feel grateful about. We usually write twice a week in our gratitude journal. The children are usually given about 10mins to respond to a prompt.


What I like about myself




Things I am thankful for

What skills and abilities you are thankful to have

















3A has also joined in the 14 weeks kindness challenge by #RandamActofKindness (RAK). This challenge normally resumes on World’s Kindness Day on Nov 13th, which meaningfully and directly follows Remembrance Day, and leads to #RandomActofKindnessWeek later on in February. This week the children are encouraged to be kind to their family and/or community. They have been given a RAK board providing them with ideas (for more ideas check here) and reflection sheets to keep track of their acts of kindness. If you witness a #RandomActofKindness by your child, please capture it on a camera and share it with Ms. Maddy and Ms. B.

If you are interested in mindfulness, consider attending “Let’s Talk About Mindfulness” session on 28 Nov, 8am-9:30 am at LLAC with Cathy Ziengs, MBSR Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator during which you will explore mindfulness concepts and practices being introduced into school communities to enhance well-being for the students, the teachers. Please wear something comfortable, Cathy will have you do some practices  – lots of fun, lots of access to the learning. RSVP

Transdisciplinary learning under How the World Works

As a part of our unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme, How the World Works, 3A has inquired into the features of structures and the process of creating structures.

This has nicely led us to inquire into figures and solids. The children have been capturing their learning on Book Creator which they will soon share with you on EasyBlog. In the meantime, take a look at some of the stations the children have engaged in.

Using the scientific method to test the strength of figures.

Making triangles, squares and rectangles out of straws.








Testing our straw shapes.

Identifying and naming different solids.

Identifying attributes of solids: edges, faces and vertices.







Exploring nets of 3D shapes.









Making creative pictures with figures and naming them.

Creating a PicCollage for our blogs.




















Creating  figures by combining existing shapes.

Using Maths dictionaries and online sources to find the names of 2D shapes.


Playing a game to compare and sort figures according to how many sides they have.

Learning about quadrilaterals and polygons from storybooks.

Reading about shapes for comprehension and information.

One of the most exciting engagements in this unit, led by Ms. Fung, our Digital Literacy Learning Leader, and planned together with the G3 teachers, engaged students in creating a structure to be used as a game piece that represent who they are. Other criteria were given. For example, it had to be free standing structure and formed by at least three different 3D shapes. The designing of the structure was done using the iPad App 3DC, allowing students to think like architects and designs. The most exciting part of this project was probably for the students to be able to see their structures being 3D printed. This is a great example of innovation and transdisciplinary learning integrating Design Thinking, Mathematics and Digital Literacy.

3A’s Game Pieces









Please check your child’s blog to find out more about the 3D Game Piece project and some our Maths stations.


What are the features of structures?

Throughout the unit, we have had the opportunity to learn about the features of structures from different people.

Early on in this unit, Ms. Tresize introduced the whole grade to the design thinking process and to the concept of biomimicry. Last week, Mr. Grantham shared with 3A the renovation work of his house in Canada a few years ago. This week, on Tuesday, Ms. Jaye, 3B’s lovely educational assistant, talked to us about her favourite architects and their respective styles.

Here are some photos as well as thoughts and new learning from the children:

‘When Ms. T said that we can build structures interesting shapes that really pushed my mind. I was thinking of so many ideas.’ Jasmine


‘The talk really pushed my thinking. I want to create a building that looks like a rose.’ Serena








‘The idea that nature can be used for aesthetic purpose makes me rethink all the buildings I have seen.’ Connor



‘Mr. G’s house seems really big. Why doesn’t Hk have big houses?’ Ethan Ho



‘Ms. Jaye’s favourite architect is Tadao Ando because his shapes are really simple and easy to make.’ Bethany

‘Sir Norman Foster makes modern buildings. He likes to use steel and glass.’ Bella

Dear 3A Parents,

Kindly note that the dates for our G3 camp have been move forward to mid April, as follows:
Dates: From Monday April 16th to Wednesday April 18th
Venue: YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp, Sai Kung
The change of dates from the original calendar was required because the G3 Team made the decision to book a new site as opposed to returning to the location from last year. The YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp in Sai Kung promises to be a better choice, for both the quality of accommodation and the activity program that has been designed in collaboration with Asia Pacific Adventure.
The camp information letter including trip costs and permission slip will be sent out early next week. Please note that we will be requesting payment by November 24th.
Warmest Regards,
The G3 Team

Photo Competition – Please vote

Dear Mums & Dads,

3A would like to invite you to vote for the photos that best capture the aesthetic features of buildings. Click here to vote. The photos were taken by the children themselves on our Architecture Walk on Oct 26th. The purpose of the trip was to look at the aesthetic features of structures as much as to celebrate Hong Kong’s beautiful architecture.

In order to get ready for this field trip, 3A engaged in research to find out about selected landmarks around Admiralty and Central. The children were asked to find out what these landmarks look like (Form), their purpose (Function) and why they are the way they are (Causation) and to collaboratively collate and organise their findings on Google Slides.

This field trip would not have been possible without the help of parent volunteers. Thank you very much to Kody’s Dad, Serena’s Mum, Amber’s Mum, Jack’s Mum, Matthew’s Mum and Bella’s Mum for their time and care.

See below some highlights of our trip.

Snack at Fairmount House

Getting ready for our first presentation

Sketching at IFC



Fun at Tamar Park













“I enjoyed Halloween yesterday because we had a giant feast of popcorn, biscuits, chips, cookies and drinks. We also listened to a scary story about a man going to an antique store.” Ethan H.

3A Halloween’s feast









” The part that I enjoyed the most was the costume awards. Matthew won the best costume because he was dressed up as Donal Trump. Kyle Wong won the most scariest costume because he was a flying stone statue. At the class party, we made mummies with eyes and then we ate snacks. It was very fun and scary.” Bethany

Mummy making craft









Do you recognise them?

Matthew dressed as Donald Trump

Never buy a monkey’s paw









“I am grateful to everyone who made this party  and also to my classmates for making it so fun.” Erin

“I loved my first Halloween at CDNIS. I am very grateful to the wonderful team of mummies for their time on Tuesday. Thank you, Tina, for the organising. Thank you to everyone who contributed food. ” Ms. B

Awesome mummies

Dear Parents,

The Guidance Team is pleased to invite you to the “Pathways to Success”  information evening on Thursday, November 9th starting at 6:30 p.m. in the LLAC (with refreshments at 6:00p.m.).

 This evening will outline the Upper School Guidance program, which helps prepare students for their postsecondary and career goals. The Guidance Team will discuss goal setting, academic planning and success, service and extracurricular opportunities as they all relate to the Upper School and post-secondary options. Included in this presentation will be specific information about the university application process, gap year, internships and careers.

Grade 3-6 parents are welcome to attend, but the presentation is most relevant to parents of Upper School children.
Please RSVP by Tuesday, November 7 so that we can ensure there is enough seating and/or communicate any updates.

 Kindly RSVP here.

For more November announcements, check the sidebar.

Mindfulness in 3A

Dear Parents,

In a previous post, we talked about the benefits of conducting mindful breathing in the classroom and you were able to see, in an earlier video, how focused and committed the class is. Ms. B wishes, however, that she had filmed 3A’s first sessions so that you could see how far we have come.

As mindful breathing is now well established in 3A  and in order to promote student agency, students are now invited to lead mindful breathing.

Please enjoy mindful breathing with Bella and Chloe.


Class Mom

Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to inform you that Ms. Tina Mak will be 3A class’ Mom.

In advance thank you very much for your help, Tina.

Should you like to get involved with the Halloween celebrations, please contact Tina.

Have a good day all, Ms. B


What is a structure? What is the process of creating a structure?

Our first building challenge led us to think about what structures are. Children individually, then in groups created their own definition.

Erin, Bella, Myrah, Kody, Matthew & Maxwell: A structure is useful and creative nature or manmade object made from different materials.

Zita, Ethan L., Ethan H., Adarsh, Adrian & Amelie: We think a structure is like a monument or a statue built by a group of people.

Chloe, Serena, Hayley, Micaela, Anri & Ken: A structure can be created or built. It can be a building or an object made out of bricks, glass or rocks.

Ross, Bethany, Amber, Violet, Connor & Jack: A structure is a thing made from materials and 3D shapes that is stable and can be tall or short.

3A was then invited to find out more using the dictionary or online sources and compare their original thinking to these new ideas.








For their second structure challenge, 3A was given 20 minutes to build a tall structure that could hold an orange.

The winning structure of the day!







As a result of this, 3A started talking about stability and durability of structures as well as how structures need to serve a purpose.

Please check 3A’s online portfolios to find out how they evaluated their structure and group work.

From there, 3A was asked to think about the process of creating a structure and to come up with their own process/cycle. They had some great ideas.