Curriculum Night

Dear Mums & Dads,

Thank you very very much for coming to 3A last night to meet Ms. Maddy and Ms. B. We hope you found the presentation informative and engaging. It was aimed to give you a snapshot of what is happening in class and how the curriculum is being delivered.

Here is a picture of our Circle Time together,  just before we started ‘passing on the rain’. I wished it had been captured on video though so I could have shared it with the children today. Thank you for being risk takers and communicators.

We understand that due to professional commitments and others it was not possible for all of you to attend the evening. Please note that Ms. Maddy and Ms. B are at your disposal should you have any questions. Here below are the PowerPoint slides as presented on the night for your information and reference.

By the way, the children loved finding out your messages in their cubbies. Please check your child’s online portfolio for their responses.

We look forward to seeing you again on Sep 28 & 29. Please look for announcements regarding the online scheduling.

In case you are unable to attend, kindly get in touch with us.

Last but not least, be reminded that there will be no school for students tomorrow.

Warmest Regards, Ms. B


How 3A developed their Essential Agreements?

Driving questions to help us think about how we can live and learn happily together

On the first week of school, 3A was invited to answer four important questions to help them think about the year ahead and generate ideas about what matters to them as learners and as individuals.

Each question was colour-coded and matched to coloured Post-It notes for 3A to write on.



3A in action thinking had and writing down their thoughts









The class was then invited to play SNAP (some teachers might call it POPCORN). This is how it goes: one person shares an idea and if others have a similar one they shout out ‘SNAP’, then the ideas/Post-It notes are grouped together.


And more SNAP!








It then became obvious we shared a lot of the same values and beliefs about how our class should run.

This led to great discussions and resulted in the following positive statements/Essential Agreements.

3A’s Essential Agreements on the floor

Our final act was to decide on where our Essential Agreements should be displayed. Some students suggested to have them up on the main board in the class. Other suggestions were made. Ms. B told us about seeing them on the floor in another school.  This took a bit more discussing, but eventually 3A opted to have them on the floor, by the door, so that we can be reminded every day of what we aspire to be as a community every time we step into the classroom.




In a PYP school, every working group (teachers or students) starts off by developing Essential Agreements likely to create an environment conducive to learning and working collaboratively . In the classroom, this means that, rather than teachers imposing rules, everyone works collaboratively to establish an agreement of how the class will function together.

What about you, Mums & Dads, do you create Essential Agreements with your working teams in your professional context?


Dialogue in the Dark

Dear Mums & Dads,

As part of our unit of inquiry into overcoming challenges, 3A will be going to Dialogue in the Dark tomorrow. There, the  children will be challenged to experience daily moments in the lives of visually impaired people. Children will be invited afterwards to reflect on their feelings and mindsets.

Ms. Glazier, who went today with her class, was just a minute ago in the classroom to tell me how wonderful this experience is, but how it might be a little overwhelming for some of us. This morning, during our Circle Time, we talked about how some of us are a bit scared of the dark and how we can enjoy, help and encourage each other through this experience.

Thank you very much to all the parents who have shown their interest in accompanying us to Dialogue in the Dark. This time around, Hayley’s and Jack’s Mum will be coming with us. We will make sure to invite other parent volunteers next time.

Please remind your child to bring max $15 in COINS and wear their PE uniform. If you child is home lunch, make sure to pack an easy-to-eat lunch. For children, who are school lunch, they will be receiving sandwiches in place of their usual lunch. Last but not least, in case your child, might absent or later tomorrow, please email Ms. Maddy and I as soon as possible.

The plan is to leave at 8.15am to be back in school at 1.30pm in time for the first Grade 4 assembly.

Sincerely, Ms. B

Grades 1-3 Curriculum Night: Wed, Sep 13 2017

Dear Mums & Dads,

Here below are the details of the evening.  As you can see, we will be together in room 1424 from 7.15pm to 8:00pm. Should you have children in Grade 1 or 2, feel free to attend their homeroom presentations first and pop into 3A classroom at any point in time between 7.15pm-8pm.

I look forward to seeing you all, Ms. B


Light refreshments will be served in the LLAC Lobby for parents from 6pm-6:30pm

5:30pm-6:20pm –  Library and Chinese Cultural Centre

Optional Chinese Teachers’ Presentations and Meet and Greet

6:00pm-6:20pm – LLAC Lobby

Optional Single Subject Teachers’ Meet and Greet

6:30pm-7:00pm – LLAC Auditorium

  • Welcome
  • Grade Level Teachers and Educational Assistants introduced
  • Project Innovate
  • Mathematics at CDNIS

7:00pm-7:15pm – Parents/Guardians move to classrooms

7:15pm-8:00pm – Homeroom Presentations

8:00pm-8:30pm – Light Refreshments – 9/F Lobby

8:35pm – Buses Depart

Buses: Grades 1-3 Curriculum Night

Pickup: 5pm Admiralty (for Chinese Studies presentations)

Admiralty Centre 海富中心, G/F Concourse, MTR Exit A

Pickup: 5:30pm Admiralty Centre 海富中心, G/F Concourse, MTR Exit A
Depart: 8:35pm CDNIS 9/F to Golden Dragon, Admiralty, Central Pier
Pickup: 5:45pm Sham Wan Towers, South Horizons (1 bus), Wong Chuk Hang MTR @ Heung Yip Road (opposite exit A2)
Depart: 8:35pm CDNIS to Wong Chuk Hang MTR, Sham Wan Tower, South Horizon (1 bus)
Pickup: 5:30pm 33 Tai Tam Road (Back Gate), 101 Repulse Bay Road, 109 Repulse Bay Road (1 bus)
Depart: 8:35pm CDNIS 9/F to 22 Tai Tam Road (Back Gate), 101 Repulse Bay Road, 109 Repulse Bay Road (1 bus)


How do we respond to challenges? Part 1

Dear Mums & Dads,

Over the past two weeks, 3A has been engaged in thinking about how they respond to challenges, as part of their first unit of inquiry under the ‘Who We Are’ Transdisciplinary Theme.

The children were first invited to think about the challenges they face. They were each given Post-It notes to write on. The class then played ‘SNAP’ (someone shares an idea and if you have a similar one, you call out SNAP). This way we started forming groups  of ideas and identifying commonalities between us. This learning engagement was also an opportunity to promote open-mindedness (the children had to evalu'SNAP'!Challenges 3A faceate a range of points of perspective while showing sensitivity and appreciation for others’ experiences) and risk-taking (in showing vulnerability and sharing weaknesses/difficulties with the rest of the class). We now have these challenges displayed in the classroom. The idea is for us to review our list as the unit progresses and see if we can, in our own words, name and identify different types of challenges.

Stations were also engineered to get 3A to think about how they respond and react when facing obstacles. The children in groups had the opportunities to take part in challenges, designed to both stimulate and meet a variety of interests and abilities while challenging them.

Recreate the sketch of Hong Kong.

Read an article in Spanish and take a quiz.

Use connecting blocks to make a 3×3 cube.

Read about Newton’s First Law of Motion and explain what you have learned to a buddy.


Complete the following workout: 1 minute plank, 35 sit-ups, 25 jumping jacks, 15 lunches each leg and carry a container of water to the 9th floor and back.















Throughout these challenges, the children were invited to record their thoughts and feelings, which were then collated on  the whiteboard. This led to a class discussion about our responses and differences in perspective. Thoughts and feelings were then sorted out into two groups: the ‘Keep trying, never give up’ and the ‘I can’t do it’ attitude. This is at this stage that the concept of growth and fixed mindset was introduced to the class by Ms. B.

Tomorrow and next week, the children are going to inquire more into the concept of growth mindset.

Dear Mums & Dads, if you would like to contribute to our inquiry, we would love to welcome you into the classroom and have you tell us about challenges you might have faced, how you responded to these and the strategies you used to overcome them.

To read the unit overview, please go the top bar and click on Programme Overview-Who We Are.

Ms. B

MAP Testing

Dear Parents,

Next week, students in Grade 3 will be taking tests called Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®).

MAP tests determine a child’s instructional level and measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of Mathematics, Reading and Language Usage. Your child will take the tests on their iPads.

MAP tests are unique in that they adapt to be appropriate for your child’s level of learning. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing.  And with MAP tests, we can administer shorter tests and use less class time while still receiving detailed, accurate information about your child’s growth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to attend the Parent Information Session on Tuesday August 29 at 8am in the LLAC, or send me an email.

Home Learning

Dear Parents,

This year, in Grade 3, home learning will be different than what you might have previously experienced. Grade 3 students will be given a menu of learning activities and experiences they can choose from, for the duration of a whole unit of inquiry.

Today, the children have received their first home learning grid which aims to support our inquiry under the ‘Who We are’ transdisciplinary theme. As it is new to them, we will spend some class time tomorrow and this week answering questions and discussing planning and organising our home learning. Please ask the children to show you the grid.

Each night your child is expected to spend time between ten to twenty minutes completing ONE activity weekly. For example, the children can start brainstorming ideas on Monday, getting to work on Tuesday and Wednesday and aiming for a quick revision, edit, and final touches on Thursday. Home learning is to be returned to school on Friday for a home learning gallery walk and sharing session. We also hope you can promote independent reading at home and/or enjoy shared reading time with your child.

PS: I am very sorry for the unclear photo. I will explore and find out tomorrow how I can embed the grid into the text.

Sincerely, Ms. B


A few bits and pieces

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow, 3A will have their first PE & PA lessons of the year with Mr. Marc Steiner and Ms. Ashley Benusa respectively. Kindly remind the children to wear their PE uniform.

The class did however have the opportunity to meet Ms. Benusa on Monday as she came to our classroom to introduce herself and let the class know about all the exciting things she does at school. She also treated us with an upbeat song about kindness, in which the whole class engaged in. Also, on Monday, we had the visit of the awesome Grade3 Chinese team. It was lovely to meet them all. They provided the class with useful information about their first Chinese lesson, which took place today.


Monday was certainly a busy day as the whole grade gathered, before lunch, in the LLAC lobby.  At the start of the talk, children had to identify the teachers from funny riddles. This was an opportunity for Grade 3 teachers to introduce new lunch/recess procedures and routines, but also to talk about general expectations such as being more independent and responsible. And to spice that up, we enjoyed a fun, interactive story from Ms Glazier.

This is just a quick snapshot of what happened on Monday. There will be more to come as we have had so far a fun and very collaborative week.

Welcome 3A!

Dear 3A Parents,

Greetings from Ms. Benoit!

It was really lovely to meet so many of you on Friday at the event of Open House. I greatly enjoyed talking to each of you. I am thrilled to have joined Canadian International School (CDNIS) as it us such a caring, vibrant and innovative school. Open House is a very good example of this caring, friendly culture. I look forward to a wonderful year of teaching and learning with 3A and Ms. Maddy, our kind and dedicated Educational Assistant.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

If you have specific queries about the school bus service, please reach out to Sun Bus directly at or via telephone at 3897  8895. Also note there will be Sun Bus staff members on the 9th floor lobby all this week.

I hope to see you on Curriculum Night on Sep 13th.

Kindest Regards, Ms. B