G3 Camp (16-18/04)

Dear Mums & Dads,

How are you? There is an air of anticipation and an exciting buzz in the classroom. Not long to wait now…

Here are a few bits and pieces about camp:

  • Are your child’s bags and belongings clearly labeled with her/his names ?
  • In the view of the weather forecast, please have your child pack his/her raincoat in the day bag.
  • If your child is taking medicationcontact Ms. B and place it in a labeled Ziploc bag with clear directions for use.
  • Your child is expected to wear his/her PE uniform on Monday.
  • Follow us on #CDNISG3camp.

Thank you, Tina, for volunteering to liaise with Mr. Grantham on behalf of 3A parents. Should you have general inquiries (weather, pollution, etc.), Tina will make sure to communicate them to Mr. G.  For personal or family emergency during camp, kindly contact Mr. Rob Grantham directly at 9621 9751 or at robgrantham@cdnis.edu.hk, NOT Ms. B. If necessary, you can reach him  through the reception office at 2525 7088 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

We should you be back to school on Wednesday at around 1.30pm. If you plan to take your child home before the end of the day on Wednesday, be there promptly to avoid traffic congestion and be sure to sign your child out on the 9th floor.

Ms. B

G3 camp (16-18/04)

Dear Mums & Dads,

Camp is just around the corner and we hope that you are as excited as the children and we, teachers, are. Every morning 3A are invited to raise questions and share thoughts about camp. For the most part, the children are showing a growth mindset and enthusiasm. It would be great if you could help your child allay fears by discussing what they are worried about, and to help with strategies that might overcome this. Do not hesitate to contact Ms. B if you have any concerns. On Friday, the children will be informed of their Camp Team and sleeping arrangement. A few weeks back the students were asked to share with us names of children they would like to be with and we can guarantee every child has least one friend with them.

Very importantly,  if your child is taking medication, please contact Ms. B and place it in a labeled Ziploc bag with clear directions for use to be handed in to the teacher on school arrival on Monday. 

In case of personal or family emergency during camp, we would like to remind you to contact Mr. Rob Grantham directly at 9621 9751 or at robgrantham@cdnis.edu.hk, NOT the homeroom teacher. If necessary, you can reach him  through the reception office at 2525 7088 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that a printed copy of the kit list has been sent home to help the children with their packing and that your child should come in on Monday wearing his/her school PE uniform. Can you make sure your child’s bags are clearly labeled with his/her name?

Last but not least, make sure to follow us on Twitter #CDNISG3camp . 

Sincerely, Ms. B





G3 Camp (16-18/04): Important information

Dear Parents,

Camp is an opportunity to build resilience, become more responsible and independent, develop social skills, and connect with nature. With these goals for growth in mind, the G3 Team and Asia Pacific Adventure (APA) have worked together to develop an exciting programme of fun and memorable outdoor experiences.

We hope you will find the the camp information session interesting and informative and that you are as excited about camp as we are. If you are unable to attend the session, here is APA’s presentation as well as the detailed camp kit list. Please note that the children were delivered the same information this afternoon and were also able to ask questions.

We kindly ask you to complete APA’s digital enrolment form on or before March 29th. It is a requirement for all participants in order to ensure the program meets any medical or dietary requirements. We also encourage you to contact your homeroom teacher and the school nurse, should you have any major health-related concerns or should there be any changes in the medical information you provided at the beginning of the school year.

In case of personal or family emergency during camp, please contact Mr. Rob Grantham directly at 9621 9751 or at robgrantham@cdnis.edu.hk, NOT the homeroom teacher. If necessary, you can reach Mr. Grantham through the reception office at 2525 7088 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Last but not least, note that throughout camp you will be able to follow us on Twitter #CDNISG3camp to get a glimpse of what the Grade 3s are up to.  


The G3 Team


G3 Performing Arts Update

Dear Parents,
Some important messages from Ms. Benusa…

Spotlight Photos – Congratulations to all students on a job well done in their Spotlight! We were lucky enough to Jackson Lam, a G3 EA, to take photos of our performances last week. You can find them here. Thanks Mr. Jackson!

Recorders Starting After Spring Break! Grade 3 will do a short introduction to recorder unit that begins when we return from break. Many students already own a recorder that they can use for this work. If they would like to do so, please have students bring in their recorder next week to check it with Ms. Benusa. Students can also use a recorder provided by the school if they chose and will receive it after break.

Student Showcases – Calling all performers! We are looking for talented Prep-Grade 6 students to perform in the Student Showcases on May 23-25. Auditions will be held after school in the Forum on Thursday, April 19 and Friday, April 20. If your child is interested, sign them up to audition here. The last day to sign up is Friday, April 13. If you have any questions please email Ashley Benusa.


Sharing the Planet

Dear Mums & Dads,

Can you believe we have now resumed our 5th unit of inquiry of the year?!

To learn more about the teaching and learning in the next few weeks, take a look at the overview.

Also, included below is the Home Learning Grid for Sharing the Planet.

See you tomorrow at 6pm in the library pit.

Sincerely, Ms. B


Body Science

Dear Mums & Dads,

Today we began the first of our Body Science lessons. There were a few initial giggles, but overall 3A demonstrated quite a lot of maturity and asked some “interesting” questions.  A reminder that the Grade 3 curriculum is focused on knowing the proper names for body/private parts, understanding some functions (breasts produce milk), and the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and being safe. We will finish off our body science lessons tomorrow morning. Just a heads up that your son or daughter may come home with some questions or want to discuss some things further. Thank you for your support.

See below snapshots of our extra recess today on the 9th floor playground. What a beautiful day to be out playing together.




Field to the Science Museum

Today the G3 learned about different energy forms, energy conversion and other Science concepts through exploration and play at the Hong Kong Science Museum.

Thank you very much to Bella’s Mum for joining us today.

Please check your child’s blog and look for his/her first ‘energy’ post as a result of the provocations that took place in the G3 classrooms last Thursday.

“I enjoyed our visit to the Science Museum because it was very fun and educational.” Ross

“I found it very interesting and learned a lot of stuffs. I learned how to build an electrical circuit and make it work.” Kody

“I learned a lot of the electrical and magnetic energy.” Jack

” It was inspiring and I learned about different types of energy, such electro magnetic energy” Bethany

“I learned about new types of energy I did not know before.” Chloe




















” I learned about a new type of thing called a chain reaction machine.” Ken

” I learned that sound waves are energy.” Amelie

“I found it really fun and interesting because I think the big machine it is related to gravitational forces as the balls go down and gravity pull them down.                                                 I also learned about solar energy and how you can power a car with it.” Matthew

G3 Spotlight

Dear 3A Parents,

You are cordially invited to the G3 World Music and Dance Spotlight!

When: March 12 (for students) and 13 (for parents) 1:00pm

Where: LLAC Theatre, CDNIS

What if I can’t go to the performance? We will live stream the performance on both days here. The password to access this channel is #cdnisarts

What do students wear? Students have suggested their own ideas for “performance dress” based on what they have learned about their special culture group in which they are performing.

  • NZ – black or dark clothes. If students have a sports jersey, shirt or outfit from New Zealand that’s great too!
  • Canada – jeans and t-shirt. A Canadian sports jersey, shirt or outfit would work well too. Students can also wear rain jackets, hats and boots to keep with the Newfoundland theme.
  • Peru – Girls: colorful shawl, dresses or blouses. Boys: poncho (optional), collard shirt, pants, handkerchief around neck.

The suggestions have been kept broad and so that students can (hopefully) find what they need by “shopping” in their own closet. Monday and Tuesday are not free dress days for students. They will need to bring their performance clothes to change into after lunch each day.

What does my student need to do to prepare? They’re pretty good to go and excited to show what they know! However some students took home materials over the weekend to practice. Please remind them on Monday morning that they need to bring it back for the show!
Looking forward to seeing you in the LLAC!
Ms. Benusa and the G3 Team