This week in Where We Are In Place And Time we discussed what happened to Germany after WWI. We learnt about how our decisions compared to what actually was decided by the Treat of Versailles, it was decided by that Germany would only have 100,000 soldiers no tanks, military ships or airforce. Germany also owed $600,0000 to the British, French and the USA  a lot of people from Germany blamed their leader for surrendering and that is when Hitler saw an opportunity. So far we are very engrossed in the topic of WWII/ WW2 we find it very exciting and interesting.

By Justine                

Also this week, our class made timelines for specific places in the world during from the end of WW1 to the end of WW2. Max and I made one about Nazi Germany. We had a template timeline and we had to edit it. We started the timeline after World War 1 ended and ended the timeline at the end of World War 2. I found this project interesting because this gave us a chance to research the country we picked. We could write any information we want during 1918-1945. Even the flag is the flag they used back then. We looked at how different events lead to WW2 and that it didn’t just happen with a single event.

By Eton