House Spirit Day

House Spirit Day

By Annie Wang

Last Friday, we had House Spirit Day. Everybody was supposed to wear their PE uniform and other accessories that matched their house colour. We even had Tug Of War with all the other houses. In between the matches, we got to put on face-paint (colour of our house) and tattoos (house logo). All the houses even had a mascot (house animal)! After the Tug Of War, Mr. MacPherson thought it wasn’t enough to choose a winning house so we had a dance-off. It was Mountain Lions and Orcas versus Blue Bears and Ravens. After the dance-off, Mr. MacPherson told us they were counting the number of people doing Fortnite Dances, and apparently, the Mountain Lions and Orcas won. The Bears and Ravens were having a gloomy day but fortunately, we got to sing our house songs and make a house mural in different classrooms. In the end, everyone had an enjoyable day.

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