Weekly update 5/10/18


What a week this has been!

Although it was another short week it has been jam packed with learning.

In language and STP this week we looked at all the key features of a persuasive text this week. We discovered there are many techniques that people you to get their message across. We used the acrostic below to help us.

Power of three

Emotive language

Retorical questions

Say it again

Undermine opposing views


Direct address


We then used this ‘PERSUADE’ model to help us to analysis Martin Luther King’s famous I have a dream speech. We discovered he often used the power of 3 imagery to create a powerful message. He used “a great beacon light of hope”, “a joyous daybreak”, and “end the long night” to show the idea of a fresh start and that the audience were beginning a new chapters in their lives by following him. We will use these techniques next week as we begin to write and create our own persuasive texts.


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