Angles, Makerspace and much more

We started the week off with book club by making our predictions about our books. The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane , Blubber , Rain Reign ,The boy who harnessed the wind and One week with the queen were our books all by brilliant authors. We also started guided reading which is when we read a book in groups such as the secret garden. And to finish the week off we made origami flowers in honour of peace day (September 21st) which we are celebrating next week  by wearing a white top and coloured trousers/skirt. 

Have a good weekend!



This week we visited the new Makerspace on the 6/f behind the Maple cafe. We  really enjoyed the Makerspace activity because it was something we don’t usually do, designing and making the prototype for the hallway break out areas. We begun by choosing the pen font and how the pen trail looked which was really cool because there were so many choices and a lot of them looked cool like crystals. It was really unexpected to do something like this. Most people have never used an apple pen so it was a new experience for them.

 Stanley cup

Earlier this week the STANLEY CUP came to CDNIS. We were lucky enough to pose for a photo with it. We liked the visit of the Stanley Cup, the Keeper of the Cup and a player who had previously won the cup. It was very cool because we saw a real sports trophy that was 125 years old!!!! The hockey players we saw on the screen seemed so satisfied when they lifted the cup, like all of their years of training had finally paid off and they finally got their reward.

Meeting the Keeper of the Cup

5A with the Stanley Cup


Angle art

Yesterday, we did created some angle art. The point was to make a picture out of triangles. The requirements were that the art piece has to have a right angle triangle, an equilateral triangle, an isosceles triangle, and a scalene triangle. Next, we had to measure the angles for at least three triangles. We liked this project because we could use our creativity skills to make very good designs. here is an example.



Finally have a great weekend and hopefully (if there is no T8) see you all on Monday.

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