It’s nearly time for CAMP!

I know a lot of you will be spending the weekend packing and preparing for camp so here are a few reminders.

  1. Students must be able to carry their own suitcases/bags. It is extremely helpful if they do the packing or are involved in the packing so they know what has been packed.
  2.  No electronics
  3. No food 
  4. label EVERYTHING
  5. Try to avoid things with scent
  6.  Bag/ Ziplock bag with toiletries: we will collect these every night to keep in locked building
  7. Lunchbox to eat from

Students in group A should also remember  that they will be heading straight to the beach for their first activity on Wednesday. This means they need to pack slightly differently for camp.

On Wednesday they Group A only need to wear their swimwear under their clothes to school. This will maximise the amount of time they have in the water.
In their day bag they need to have the following:
–  a towel
–  underwear
– rash guard or wet suit etc.
– sun screen
– mosquito repellent
– wet water shoes
– hat
– a full water bottle
– anything they need on the bus
This group will not have access to their other bag/suitcase until the evening at the campsite.

In case you have mislaid the packing list it can be found here 


House Spirit Day

By Annie Wang

Last Friday, we had House Spirit Day. Everybody was supposed to wear their PE uniform and other accessories that matched their house colour. We even had Tug Of War with all the other houses. In between the matches, we got to put on face-paint (colour of our house) and tattoos (house logo). All the houses even had a mascot (house animal)! After the Tug Of War, Mr. MacPherson thought it wasn’t enough to choose a winning house so we had a dance-off. It was Mountain Lions and Orcas versus Blue Bears and Ravens. After the dance-off, Mr. MacPherson told us they were counting the number of people doing Fortnite Dances, and apparently, the Mountain Lions and Orcas won. The Bears and Ravens were having a gloomy day but fortunately, we got to sing our house songs and make a house mural in different classrooms. In the end, everyone had an enjoyable day.

Dear 5A Parents,


We will soon begin designing our products for the Twopresents Project and we need some parent support. As you may know, we are taking action to support the Twopresents charity by providing digital products to be used on their website. Please check the Twopresents website if you would like more information about what this organisation does.


We need parents to help the teachers track the products the groups are creating and make sure they are following the criteria provided by Twopresents. Each group will really benefit from adult feedback about the design, content, spelling, grammar, and other specific details on the criteria.


If you are able to volunteer, please sign up on this Google doc, Parent Mentor Sign Up Schedule, in the times you are available. You can sign up for multiple times if you want.
While parent volunteers will be given a copy of the specific expectations, you may also want to join the briefing led by representatives from Twopresents that will take place in the LLAC Lobby on Nov. 21 at 1:10pm.  

Thanks in advance for your support

This week we have begun our work with TwoPresents and our preparation for #CharityChallengeG5 pitch organised by CISPA’s outreach program.

Firstly we were grouped based upon our interests which are as follows:

We have started to research our charities with questions based upon the concepts. These should be finished over the weekend.


What is it like?


Why is it like it is?

What is the purpose of the charity?
What is their story? (Why are they doing what they do?)
Why was this organisation created?  
What is its mission?
Who was it created for?
What community need does it provide for?



How does it work?  

How does the organisation work to meet the goals of its mission?
How do the parts and people of the organisation meet the needs of individuals or communities?
How will your donation dollars help the charity?


Please discuss these at home to help us to synthesise and understand the information we have discovered.


Following the Charity Challenge we will be making digital products for TwoPresents to use on their website. In order for this to be as efficient as possible we are asking for parent volunteers who are able to act as quality checkers. In order to volunteer you need to be available on Wednesday 21st November at 1:10-2:00pm to come to the presentation from TwoPresents who will be explaining their full requirements. You will then also need to be available a single afternoon (more if you can) between 6th and 11th December to meet with the groups individually and advise them on their products and what is missing. If you are interested in the please email me.


Also if you are interested in Habitat for Humanity’s “paint your house” project please collect a permission slip or print out the photo above and fill in.


This week we have been celebrating Halloween. Today we had a great Halloween party so thank you for everyone that brought in food to share.

Earlier this week we planned and carried out Halloween themed activities with our Grade 1 buddies.


Next week on Wednesday  we are visting Ashbury Social Service Centre. The students need to remember the following

  • A packed lunch
  • a small snack
  • a bottle of water
  • a 20$ donation in order to buy a gift for a family
  • a pen/pencil

All these should be in a small rucsack.

Students also need to bring their P.E kits to school on Wednesday as (Traffic permitting) we should have P.E during the last lesson

This week we created a persuasive letter that we would later be assessed on. Mrs.Goodwin would look at it and give us suggestions so we can edit it next week. 

Our letter could be to anyone we liked a few people did ms.Goodwin a few people did there favourite fictional character (or real), It could also be to your best friend. In the letter we would explain why the problem we researched on was the most important.

We had researched on many different  sustainable goals such as:

1)Gender equality

2) Poverty

3) Hunger

4) Peace and justice

5) Education

6) Economic growth…

We did all of those and explained why they are the most important, with the information we found while researching.


BOO! The season is here already! With ghost vampires and monsters it’s the season of halloween! 5A has been planning for their next buddy class by picking spookytastic activities to do with our young grade 1 friends. Here are some spooktastic activities we planned with our little buddies. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

By: ANdre Jia

Hello all parents and students reading this blog post. My name is Summer. During the last week before midterm break, Mr. Baird was sent into the G5 classrooms to deliver some important news. Mr. Baird said that because there was so many urgent demands for wifi, the server couldn’t keep up. He then informed us that unfortunately Grade 1-5 could no longer have access to the wifi. The school was shutting off our wifi completely. 5A thought that that proclamation was outrageous. Ms. Goodwin thought so too, we  therefore stopped doing the language work that we had been doing and planned a protest.


We put together a mind-map about all the different things we could do for our protests. Some suggestions were a actual protest with signs, making a persuasive writing piece for Mr. Baird, and even going on a hunger strike! Ms. Goodwin suggested the only one that we could do right now was a persuasive writing piece. So we all got to work making our plans for the piece of writing.


We started writing and most of us finished in forty minutes. After we went to lunch we came back to the classroom and the people who didn’t finish their writing had fifteen more minutes to write. Ms.Goodwin told us to sit down on the carpet. She told us something very surprising. Apparently, the whole “no wifi” problem was just a scheme to get us to write a piece of writing  that we would be assessed on. Luckily we were all so passionate about wifi that our writing was fantastic.

It’s finally the holidays and I know that the students are looking forward to a relaxing holiday.

There are a couple of home learning items that need to be finished over the holidays:

Reading: Please read the relevant book up to the correct section. If you do not have these books (some of you left them in the classroom) they are available on overdrive or you can purchase them on the kindle.

Secret Garden: Read up to chapter 14 “A Young Rajah”

Once: Read up to the chapter that begins “Once I lay in the street in tears.”

Rules: Read up to the chapter titled “At someone else’s house, you have to follow their rules.”

Maths: Please practice the 4 operations and complete tasks on Mathletics and Khan academy.

UOI: Please complete your research on your chosen UN Sustainable Goal

Most importantly: Have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing all about it on Tuesday 23rd October


This week we have been learning more techniques in Sketchnoting  and finding new ways to improve our work. This week we learned how to add colour to our sketchnotes.

The video taught us to give each colour a role and to balance out the colours on each page. Each of us chose three different colours and we each gave them a role(text, image and helper). It really helped us because we have been using pencil or a black pen to sketchnote.  It was kind of hard for us to adapt to the colour code – even when we made up the colour code ourselves – because we  had to keep changing the colours we needed to use in order to follow the colour code. To begin with it was kind of slow to do since we kept changing the colours we used. Ms.Goodwin told us that we would all get used to it and would be much faster with practice.


Wow! What a day! Pancake and pyjama day was filled with students running as fast as their legs can carry them to get one single pancake with a side of sausages! As i sat down with my pancake and sausage, I watched as people streamed through the cafeteria and run to the chefs to get pancakes! It was like the California gold rush all over again(except much faster)! The pyjamas that i have seen today were all amazing! From bathrobes, to funny shirts, to regular school uniform?! Ok, sadly some teachers and students did not join in on the pyjamatastic fun!

Though my Chinese teacher wearing cube pyjamas was still hilarious! Well I think that’s enough information on the glorious pancake and pyjama day and of course: Get rich Get famous goodbye everyone.