Grade 1 Puppet Spotlights A Success!

Woweeee! What an awesome two days of sharing our learning in Performing and Visual Arts for Grade 1!!! Congratulations to all of our performers. Below you can find a video of each Spotlight as well as each “Why Save the Trees” video.

1A/1C Spotlight

1A/1C Why Save the Trees

1B/1D/1E Spotlight

1B/1D/1E Why Save the Trees

Grade 2 Improvises in Music

Grade 2 students have been working on a music-focused in the past 5 weeks examining how we can create and organize sound by giving attention to different elements of music. They have studied beat and rhythm by unpacking the patterns in lyrics of nursery rhymes. They have studied pitch and melody by engaging in explorations on the barred instruments.

Now Grade 2 is putting all of the elements together to look at improvisation, or “creating on the spot.” Below is a Grade 2 class performing “Ask a Question” which uses call and response, an entryway into improvisation.

How to Support Your Grade 1 Child in Their Spotlight Performance


Grade 1 Spotlights are coming up in the LLAC Theatre on May 8 at 12:30 for 1A and 1C and May 9 at 12:30 for 1B/1D/1E. We’re very excited to be designing an event that highlights the work we’ve been doing in our “Sharing the Planet” and “How We Express Ourselves” units in the classroom as well as the work we’ve been doing in visual arts with puppets and performing arts with singing, dancing and bringing the puppets to life! In this culminating event for our year together we will be performing a reader’s theater of the Rajasthani folk tale “Amrita’s Tree.”

Many parents have asked how they can help to support their student’s upcoming performance at home. Here are some ideas below:

1. Practice parading puppets! Everyone will be a part of the opening puppet parade to some vibrant Rajasthani music. Get a feel for this beautiful culture’s music by listening to the track below:

2. Singing our opening and closing numbers with your child:
You can find lyrics for both songs here

Opener – “Turn the World Around”

Closer – “Let it Grow:

3. Have your child teach you the closing folk dance, “Sasha!”

4. Ask your child what their special job is and talk through how they can be successful doing that job. Some examples of jobs are:

  • Narrator – if your child is a narrator they should have received a script, please practice their lines with them and help them to memorize their part. You can find the script for 1A and 1C here. The script for 1B/1D/1E is here.
  • Jungle or Maharajah Dancer – these dancers will interpret parts of our reader’s theater with creative moves to improvised music. Help them generate some of the movements they can perform
  • Maharajah puppeteer or Shadow puppeteer – have students practice being a puppeteer by bringing every day objects to life!
  • Musician – talk to your child about what instrument they have been assigned. What things do they need to think about when they’re playing the instrument? What part of the story will they help to tell with their music making?
  • Main character – these characters will mime parts of the plot (you can see the specific parts in the script linked above). Talk to your child about how they can use their body and their facial expressions to take on their role. What gestures can they use to contribute to the action?

5. Why bother? – Talk to your child about why this story is important to share? Why do they think it was important that Amrita used her bravery to save the trees? How do we know that our performance is successful? What do we need to think about as a performer?

As always, if you have any questions, email Ms. Benusa! Have a great break!

Congratulations Student Showcase Performers

We had an awesome three days of student showcases this week! Check out the pictures from our twitter feed below!

Grade 1 Spotlight Update

Grade 1 students are wrapping up their work on their movement unit over the next week and moving on to drama. With this drama unit we will be exploring the transdisciplinary themes of “Sharing the Planet” and “How We Express Ourselves” with our G1 Spotlight. The Spotlight will have rich connections to both the work students are doing in the classroom and the work they are doing in their visual arts classroom with puppets!

Because of all the connections we are making we have changed the focus of the Spotlight to incorporate all of our learning. Due to this new design, we are also changing the times of the G1 Spotlights (the dates for each class will stay the same, but they will be combined). Please check the new times below:

1A and 1C – May 8 – 12:20-1:00pm
1B, 1D, 1E – May 9 – 12:20-1:00pm

As part of their work on the Spotlight we have started learning a new community song, which we sang in 1C’s assembly today. Check it out below:

Grade 2 Character Studies the “Fourth Little Pig”

2E Clear Group Starting Pose

2E Students in their starting pose for “Fourth Little Pig”

2E blue group canoe

2E blue group workshops the line “Go and build a canoe”

Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Grade 2 students will perform three renditions of “The Fourth Little Pig” by Teresa Celsi for their peers in PA class. In preparation for this performance, students have been thinking about how a character is developed through using voice, body and gesture. We’ll post the videos of their performances on their classroom blogs after their performance next week!We’ve also been using the song “Flight Mode” by Mr. Sanka to warm up in the last week. It’s one of Ms. Benusa’s latest “jams”. We find it’s a great tune to get our bodies moving, the blood flowing and to even practice the gestures we use in our play! Take a listen below!

ps. Thank you to all of the Grade 2 students who signed up for Student Showcases! Audition sign-ups are now closed. More information will be sent about auditions to the students who have completed our online form.

Happy New Year!

Gong hay fat choy!

It’s been such a great week of learning about Chinese New Year throughout our Lower School! Students today enjoyed breaking down the form and creating movements to respond to this awesome medley from the a cappella group Colour of Voices:

A member of our recorder club also helped to put together a Chinese folksong for a PA holiday greeting tweet! Have a great break everyone!