Grade 1 Spotlight Update

Grade 1 students are wrapping up their work on their movement unit over the next week and moving on to drama. With this drama unit we will be exploring the transdisciplinary themes of “Sharing the Planet” and “How We Express Ourselves” with our G1 Spotlight. The Spotlight will have rich connections to both the work students are doing in the classroom and the work they are doing in their visual arts classroom with puppets!

Because of all the connections we are making we have changed the focus of the Spotlight to incorporate all of our learning. Due to this new design, we are also changing the times of the G1 Spotlights (the dates for each class will stay the same, but they will be combined). Please check the new times below:

1A and 1C – May 8 – 12:20-1:00pm
1B, 1D, 1E – May 9 – 12:20-1:00pm

As part of their work on the Spotlight we have started learning a new community song, which we sang in 1C’s assembly today. Check it out below:

Grade 2 Character Studies the “Fourth Little Pig”

2E Clear Group Starting Pose

2E Students in their starting pose for “Fourth Little Pig”

2E blue group canoe

2E blue group workshops the line “Go and build a canoe”

Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Grade 2 students will perform three renditions of “The Fourth Little Pig” by Teresa Celsi for their peers in PA class. In preparation for this performance, students have been thinking about how a character is developed through using voice, body and gesture. We’ll post the videos of their performances on their classroom blogs after their performance next week!We’ve also been using the song “Flight Mode” by Mr. Sanka to warm up in the last week. It’s one of Ms. Benusa’s latest “jams”. We find it’s a great tune to get our bodies moving, the blood flowing and to even practice the gestures we use in our play! Take a listen below!

ps. Thank you to all of the Grade 2 students who signed up for Student Showcases! Audition sign-ups are now closed. More information will be sent about auditions to the students who have completed our online form.

Happy New Year!

Gong hay fat choy!

It’s been such a great week of learning about Chinese New Year throughout our Lower School! Students today enjoyed breaking down the form and creating movements to respond to this awesome medley from the a cappella group Colour of Voices:

A member of our recorder club also helped to put together a Chinese folksong for a PA holiday greeting tweet! Have a great break everyone!

Grade 2 Explores Fairy Tale Characters

Grade 2 has been hard at work exploring how actors take on the role of a character through changing their body and voice as well as making thoughtful gestures to communicate to the audience. These students have been unpacking the characters found in Fairy Tales through a variety of drama games. Ask your student about:

Pass the Gesture, the Martha Game, Hot Seating, Good Evening Your Majesty, Yes! Let’s! and Rubber Chicken. Each of these games gives students a chance to explore using their voice and body in an expressive way. Ask your child which one is their favorite and why!

An activity that some of the classes engaged in was “Fairy Tale in a Second.” Students in 2C, 2D and 2E selected a fairy tale from a list and then in a small group use a single tableau (a frozen scene where actors represent different characters and objects) to represent the entire plot. It was interesting to see what they came up with! See if you can guess what the fairy tales are below:

Created with flickr slideshow.

Grade 1 Reaches for the Stars!

IMG_92861A is preparing for their assembly next week on January 20. They will share some of the work Grade 1 has been doing in their “Who We Are In Place and Time” unit. They’ve been working through the central idea: Exploration creates change and leads to new opportunities. To support this awesome work, all Grade 1 students have been learning the community song “Reach for the Stars” by S Club 7 in Performing Arts. Check it out below:

Since we’ve returned to school from Winter Break, students in Grade 1 have been turning their focus in Performing Arts to dancing. They’ve been inquiring into the following Central Idea:

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.43.57 AMWe’ll look at all the tools that dancers use to create movements alone or with others. Ask your Grade 1 student about the dances we’ve already learned: “Na Bahia Tem” from Brazil and “Going to Kentucky” from the USA. We’re excited to share more of the dancing we’ll be doing over the coming weeks!

G1 Loves Their Hip Hop Moves

G1 students will be giving a special performance of “Hip Hop Reindeer” on Thursday’s Winter Sing-A-Long! They’ve been preparing special hip hop moves to wow the students of the Lower School. G1 Parents, please note that students are asked to bring a pair of sunglasses for their performance on Thursday. Also, we do not have room in the LLAC Theater to accommodate parents but information will be forthcoming from LS administration regarding how you can watch the live streaming of the event! Some G1 students have been requesting resources with which to practice the song, so take a look below!